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Aarons Place Appetizers Cheeses bread


Four slices of are fresh home made bread, with cheddar cheese, mozzarella, and garlic then toasted to perfection.

Pizza rolls


12 Golden brown pockets of pizza fresh from the famous totinos bag.

Jalapeno poppers


Eaight pieces of dough filled with cream cheese and jalapenos cooked to a golden brown.

Chips and salsa


Crisp tortilla chips, served with are one of a kind spicy salsa.

Dinners All dinners are served with two sides of your choice

Spicy dog


Two signature franks hotdogs, in between soft buns, topped with spicy ketchup, spicy mustered, jalapenos and cheddar cheese.

Home made pizza


Three slices of are home made pizza topped with peperoni, sausage, and three cheeses, served with a special garlic sauce.

Deli mix


Six crispy taquitos smothered in enchilada sauce topped with cheddar cheese .



Noodles drowned in double the sauce, lightly topped with parmesan cheese served with two slices of garlic bread

Our rockin burgers All burgers served with fries and one side

The flame thrower


A all American beef burger, topped with jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, and a spicy mayo sause.

Baconlishes burger


A all American burger topped with four slices of bacon and your choice of chedder or pepper jack cheese

Desserts Chocolate cake


Chocolate cake with chocolate icing, in a bowl with white milk.

Cookie dough ice cream 3.99 creamy vanilla ice cream filled with chocolate chip cookie dough

Sides Apple sauce ~ fries ~ baked potato ~ green beans ~ chips

Drinks Coke products ~ Pepsi products ~ milk ~ chocolate milk

Aarons menu  
Aarons menu  

Appetizers Cheeses bread 5.99 Chips and salsa 4.99 Jalapeno poppers 6.99 Home made pizza 8.99 Six crispy taquitos smothered in enchilada sau...