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Technology in the Classroom

1940’s: Radio Communication

Amy Wolff October 28, 2009

1959: Radio Telephone for Motorists

1972: Communication Becomes Portable

1988 Olympics

1999: Barbie Carries a Cell



2007: Texting Championship

Now and in the Future….

1946-1947: The ENIAC

Apple THEN and NOW 1976 vs. 2009

Objectives: Day 1 

Differentiate between a wiki and a blog

Explain how a wiki can be useful in a class

Create an online collaborative environment

Navigate the interface of iTunes

Define “podcast” and

Locate online resources to incorporate into your lessons


What is a Blog? 

A blog is a website in the form of an online journal.

Typically one main “blogger” - the person controlling when posts appear – you see their opinion mainly followed by comments.

A Piece of Software

Like an On-line Microsoft Word Document

A Page that Multiple Users Can Edit

A collaborative website which can be edited by individuals with access to it.

Timelines are more important in blogs than in Wikis... where contribution is more important.

Blog vs. Wiki: Common Misconceptions 

What is a Wiki?

Has many authors and knowledge can come from any of them.

Can grow rapidly with interest

Typically have one author and that sole person provides all the knowledge Grows one post at a time

What is the Big Deal about Wikis? 

Collaboration!  

Creates a Great Group Atmosphere! 

Collaborative Writing Collaborative Brainstorming

Helps make some students feel more comfortable working in a group where they may not have before.

Helps with Reading/Writing Skills 

We all have seen their typing skills.... 

What is the Big Deal about Wikis? 

Helps students prepare for the “REAL WORLD”  

OMG, LOL, IDK, LMAO, Let alone normal spelling

Additional Source for Information

Sample Wikis 


anatowiki.wetpaint. com

Help to learn to value the opinions/criticisms of others While formulating their own opinions/ideas

Equal Access  

While some may not have access to the Internet at home, they can all access it in schools All have access to the same tools  

Same Docs, Images, etc. to write/revise/store/publish Editing looks like the Microsoft Word Interface so it should be familiar to all students


How can YOU use a Wiki in your classroom? 

Wiki activities could be used a Bellringer.

Can be used over a long period of time – lengthy research projects.

Sample Wiki Ideas: 

Study Guides

Research Projects

Can be used for shorter activities as well.

Vocabulary Lists

Mine is used as a weekly independent

Additional Class Discussions

Field Trip Logs

assignment as opposed to actual homework.

Visual Communications Wiki 

Discussion areas set up to emulate a blog.

File Cabinet for accessing important documents

They are THAT Easy... 

If you can operate Microsoft Word, you can create a basic Wiki in no time!

Set aside about an hour with an organized idea and you will have a good start!

I will walk you through the setup of a Wiki using Zoho Notebook – one of the many FREE sources for creation!

Weekly Discussions

What is Animoto? 

You may remember this on-line photo software from Mr. Mooney showing us at the end of last year....

There was a lot of interest expressed

Could be used on Wikis or

I used mine during Open House as well

Zoho, PBWorks, You can even use SchoolWires

What is a Podcast? 

Kind of like a broadcast on TV or Radio except: Portable/Personal On Demand CAST

An audio or video file available on demand on the Internet for you to view or listen to.

Can also be a “series” of these.


What can be found in a Podcast? 


Where can YOU get Podcasts? 

The Education Podcast Network 

Podcasts can be made with the simple click of a button:     

Your neighbor making a gardening Podcast Teacher making an Instructional Podcast TV Shows being re-run Audio Books Just about any subject matter can be turned into a Podcast!!!

Podcast Alley 

  

Then sent to your MP3 Player, iPod, etc.

Free Application available from Apple. 

Creates an entire media library within one program.

You can use your own files you import or download new ones from the iTunes store.

Free Download to any computer Does NOT need to own a Mac SYNCS w/ and iPod

How can YOU use iTunes? 

Have Craig download it for you or make it available to you on your computer

Import your existing media files

Search the iTunes store for new media:

Organizes and plays all of your audio and video files on your computer.

Apple iTunes

What is iTunes? 

YouTube 

 

Itunes Podcasting (tons are free)‫‏‬ ItunesU (access to many texts via audio for free)‫‏‬


Technology Workshop  

Using Technology in the Classroom

Technology Workshop  

Using Technology in the Classroom