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ODE LASl WORD It is very easy to ignore racism. When we ignore racism for fear of being judged, ridiculed or even harmed, it will only spread. We in Hamilton are growing a community - be it music and art or social programs and revolution. We have worked hard to achieve trust, co-operation and respect, and while we still have lots and lots of work to do, we c i mot let these hate-fuelled people dismantle what we are building. This is why we need to stand up to not only racism but sexism, homophobia; transphobia, and any other divisive belief which threatens our community. The organizers firmly believe iri-fri sd'pn oi ipeejh and expression; however that freedom ends when it infringes on another's. Therefore, we must support others wnr, are fighting against oppression, and may be putting their lives or freedom on the line while doing it. Virtually every white person could relate mure with their racialized neighbour thon they could vvit.h Bur white government, white police, and white hillici iiri PEG s Therefore, we call on everyone to look inside ourselves and see how we might perpetuate divisions between each othci nnd work on this. We;need to realize the common needs all hiimans share. We must then talk with our co-workers, classmates Afctt^^V and neighbours about these issues and do what we con to heal our relationships with each other. ffl / Only once we can match the solidarity displayed by the Fascists can we fight them We will be ready for Biood and Honour. We will be ready for the Golden Dawn. We will show the Fascists .

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there is no space for them in our communities. SOUOflRIIV! -HRmiUQfl Him-FRsasis



THE GOlOEfl DRUJn The Golden Dawn is a Greek paramilitary Fascist organization. The Golden Dawn currently hold several powerful seats in Greek parliament, and work alongside the police on the street cracking down on immigrants and local social movements alike. Greek police have even gone so far as issuing radios and weapons to these thugs. Within the last year the Golden Dawn has opened offices in Melbourne, New York and Montreal. The group is on the of opening offices in Chicago, Stamford, and Toronto. We will likely see these offices established within the year, if not sooner, with more offices bound to come. In North America, the Golden Dawn masquerades as a charity, accepting food and clothing donation however these donations will only ever reach Greece-born nationals. Giving one child food and toy; while another starves is not political opinion. It's just fucked. If you still need convincing, we can see the Golden Dawn's true-self in Greece. The group is known for terrorizing local lower-class and immigrant communities. They are infamous for their intimidating marches through immigrant neighbourhoods, distributing racist and fascist propaganda to schoolchildren, and murder. Let's be ready for when they are in our town.

BLOOD! Unlike the Golden Dawn which, for the time being in North America, attempts to be publicly palatable, Blood and Honour makes no such attempt. Blood and Honour is a toxic neo-Nazi white supremacist organization. The group has a large following in Western Canada; specifically Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, each of which holds an annual "White Pride" march. Blood and Honour is known for regularly committing a wide range baseless attacks on people, homes and businesses they seem to think promotes their cause of "race health." Currently, three members of Blood and Honour are on trial for three separate attacks on people of colour. One case involves the spur-of-the-moment murder fa black "man walking through a parking lot late at night The man was attacked without notice and kicked to death. In another case, a homeless Filipino man was sleeping on a couch in "Fthe night when he was doused in gasoline and set on fire.


20Ti=*saw the opening of a Blood and Honour branch in London, Ontario. Members of this branch have been known to frequent Hamilton. Hamilton is also currently home to multiple racist "bone-heads" which have strong connections with Blood and Honour. If you live in a neighbourhood where Blood & Honour members or similar "bone-heads" live and/or organise, people should consider them a serious threat, take precautions, and organise for community safety and security.

The Spread Of Racism + Fascism in Southern Ontario (And What We Can Do About It)  

The Spread Of Racism And Fascism In Southern Ontario (And What We Can Do About It)