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Address: Ain Shams, Cairo, Egypt Home : 02-24951553. Mobile : 010-67718074. . E-mail :

Islam Mohamed Al-Wakeel Personal Data:  Date Of Birth : 21/12 /1992  Nationality: Egyptian.  Military Service: Postpone

Education:  University Name: Helwan University.  Bachelor degree : third year  Secondary school Name: Tabary Roxy School

Objective:  ……………………………………………………..

Experience and qualifications:  Pharmacy training in (Sanaa salama pharmacy) 2009-2010.  Summer training in Novartis Pharma Company as Medical Rep during summer 2010.  Summer training in Nasr Company in (Q.C, Q.A, R&D, and production) during (13/7/2010-12/8/2010).  Pharmacy training in (Dr: Manar pharmacy) during summer 2011.

Skills:  Ability to work with any one.  Ability to work in team.  Ability to do my best under stress.  Can take my right and give any one his right.

Activities:  Member in Ressala Heliopolis 2007-2008.  Participated in COT project (Come On Track) in Faculty of Commerce, Helwan University 2009-2010.  Contact person in EPSF-Helwan under supervision of (Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students` Federation) and (Egyptian Pharmacists’ Syndicate) 2009-2011.  Participated in many awareness campaigns in Faculty of Pharmacy, Helwan University for the public by EPSFHelwan 2009 to present. (Smoking, Diabetes, Pneumonia, etc).  Attended (Patient Counseling session) prepared by EPSFHelwan and El-Ezaby pharmacies group that held in Faculty of pharmacy, Helwan University introduced by (Dr: Yehia Zakria) 2009-2010.  Attended session for (Dr: Ibrahim EL-Feky) in faculty of engineering, Ain shams University 2009.  Attended sessions that prepared by maan team under supervision (Eng: Ossama Elgwady) 2010.  Attended interview skills session that held in Helwan University by (Raya company and yes we can team) 2009.  Share in medical caravan in Tadawoo in (Ain Shams University) in awareness and analysis team 2009-2010.  Member in team 15(the best team in market chair) in MOST project (Model of Sales Team) in Faculty of Pharmacy Cairo University. (I Lead, Hekma, and Novartis companies.) 20092010.  Participated in medical caravan in analysis team in Faculty of Pharmacy, Helwan University and ((Egyptian Pharmacists’ Syndicate) 2009-2010.  Member in Helwan generation in academic team 2010-2011.  Member in 4P in Helwan University 2010-2011.  Member of organization team of EPSF-Helwan for (CV writing and interview skills session) at Faculty of Pharmacy, Helwan University.  Attended 21st GA which held in Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University (26 March .2011).  Coordinator (Protection is their right) Epsf-Helwan 20102011.

 One of the official delegates from Faculty of Pharmacy, Helwan University. To make evaluation for the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy in 57357 Hospital to make protocol in clinical pharmacy with the Faculty of Pharmacy, Helwan University 2010-2011.  Attended session of pharmacovigilance in 57357 Hospital under supervision of Ministry of Health (Dr: Amr Saad) 2010-2011and I contact with the Pharmacovigilance Center in the Ministry of Health to present by E-mail and Newsletter.  President of EPSF-Helwan (Scientific Association in Faculty of Pharmacy. Helwan University) under supervision of “Egyptian Pharmaceutical Student's Federation” and (Egyptian Pharmacists’ Syndicate) and IPSF (International Pharmaceutical students` Federation) 2011-2012.  Leader of analysis team in medical caravan 2011 under supervision of (Egyptian Pharmacists’ Syndicate) 2011.  Attended sessions of (Phanouce Alaloum project) were held in AUC (American University in Cairo) during Ramadan 2011.  Attended 23rd GA which held in Faculty of Pharmacy Al-Azhar University from (16-17-18 September 2011).  Leader of CQAP in Faculty of Pharmacy Helwan University 2011-2012.  Dealing with Samsung Company (medical branch- New Jersey, USA.) for sponsor EPSF-Helwan Association in (Check now2011-2012 Campaign) 2011-2012.  Member of organizing team in (Breast Cancer event at Gezira club) under supervision of BCFE (Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt) 2011-2012.  Official coordinator in Continuous Education committee in EPSF (Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students` Federation) 20112012.  Participated in the 16th EPSF annual conference for Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students` Federation (EPSF) Hosed by Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharos University in Alex.2011-2012.  Attended 24rd GA which held in Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharos University.2011-2012.

 Participated in National Campaign for pneumonia (protection is their rights) sponsored by (EPSF, Vacsera, Pfizer Company and alashanek ya baldy foundation) in Alex 2011-2012.  Participated in National Campaign for awareness about Diabetes which prepared by (EPSF and Roche Company) 2011-2012.  Participated in work shop to teach us how to be president for association under supervision of EPSF (Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students` Federation) 2011-2012.

Summer courses: 1. "Step on the way 2010" Provided by EPSF: 1- Selling Skills (provided by PFIZER Company). 2- Pharmaceutical Marketing (provided by NEW HORIZONE). 1- Entrepreneurship (provided by EJB Company). 2- Consumer Behavior 3- C.V writing, interviewing skills, pharmaceutical career path (provided by DAWAA Company). 2. "MOST: Model of sales team" Provided by Shabab Misr: 1- I-Lead: o Presentation skills o Team building & Teamwork o Communication skills 2- Selling skills by Hikma Company. 3. 4 Sessions course provided by FM and 57357 Hospital: 1- Pharmacovigilance introduction and its duties introduce by manager of Egyptian Pharmacovigillance center in Ministry of Health (Dr: Amr Saad). 2- Patient Counseling introduced by manager of the pharmacy in 57357 Hospital (Dr: Sherif Kamal). 3- IV administration introduced by (Dr: Naglaa Adel). 4-Nuclear pharmacy introduced by (Dr: Mohamed Nagy).

4. First Aid course in Dar EL-Hekma Feb2011. Emergency First Aid Courses from (14/2/2011-20/2/2011) Prepared by CCHR (Cultural Center for Human Resource) With the co-operation of (Helwan Pharmacists` Syndicate). 5.8Sessions during the 16th EPSF annual conference hosted by Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharos University in Alex under supervision of (Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students` Federation) and( Alexandria Pharmacists` Syndicate) from 10-12 /11/2011. 1-New Hope: intranasal drug delivery system for brain targeting introduced by (Prof: Ming Ming Wen). 2-Leadership and influencing introduced by (Dr: Khairy ElSalakawy). 3-Diabetes by AADP introduced by (Dr: Shima Khamis). 4-New trends in insulin delivery introduced by (Dr: Ramy Rashwan). 5-Cross Culture business communication. 6-Nanotechnology: Future perspective introduced by (Dr: Mohamed Mehana). 7-New trends in vaccine delivery introduced by (Prof: Sally Galal). 8-Generation gaps.

About me: Loves my work very much, and always looking forward to the best, very active in social life and practical work, very good Communication skills and have a lot of friends in all over the world with many culture and I have the ability to deal with them and have experience in a travel abroad such as to (Florida, USA and to Taaez, Yemen).

Computer Skills:  ICDL certificate: Available

Languages:  Arabic: native language.  English: very good.  Deutch: good reading.