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118% Ghibu Onisifor Ghibu High School Newsletter

Issue No. 3, March 2014


ISSN 2285 – 2948

ISSN–L = 2285 – 2948


Editors in Chief:

Laura Pitariu

Victoria Hlenschi


Managerial Team:

Head Teacher: Ana Avram

Deputy Head Teacher: Dorina Cismaș

Graphic Designers Alvaro Tellez! Hahn Robert!


Cover Photography Alvaro Tellez! Hahn Robert!



118% Ghibu ISSN 2285 – 2948 ISSN–L = 2285 – 2948

Contributing Editors Teachers Constantin Dincă ! Elena Păun

Ursula Mărginean! Ianos Raduly

Students Nathalie Hallmen, XII G! Stefana Isarie, XII G! Andra Marciuc, XI N! Eveline Holtzinger, XI G! Teodora Negu, X G! Andra Grecu, X G! Paula Prie XI N! Adina Loloiu XI N! Alexandra Turcu, XI I! Paul Achim, XI G! Diana Jugastru, XI N! Alex Cozma, XII F! Vlad Isarie, X G! Alexandru Iancu, X G! Maria Grigorescu, X G! Corina Blendea, XII F! Monica Silaghi, IX F! Denis Dinu, X G! Christopher Sifft, X G! Vanessa Tenghea, X G! Amalia Droc, X G! Andreas Zlatea, X G! Johanna Contiu, X G! Adina Popescu, XI N! Madalina Musat, XI N! Beni Pâșu X G! Andreea Datcu X G! Andreea Eftimie XII F!

Eduard Tatu, X G! Adriana Georgescu, IX G! Andrei Macaveiu, IX G! Patrizia Irhazi, X G! Janette Bărbușiu, X G! Antonia Szekely, IX G! Ramona Rau, IX G! Lavinia Antonescu, XII T! Sima Mihai, IX F! Alexandra Cretu, XI F! Eliza Ungureanu, XI F! Paul Unchesel, X G! George Cotu, X G! Iulia Dragoi, IX F! Teona Prie, IX F! Marcus Adam, IX G! Ciprian Baete, X G! Tudor Calinoiu, X G! Maria Solomon, IX G! Iulia Balint, IX G! Victor Ionut Gellert, IX F! Mihai Smaranda, IX F! Andrada Tanea X G! Raul Muresan IX G! Agnes Fodor IX F! Mihaela Mihanciu XI N! Matthias Schneider X G! Ana Basaraba XII G!




The Editor’s Note !


Goodbye High School!


We and Europe: A trip to Vienna!


Mother’s & Father’s Day!


Hello from our Student’s Council!


Teenagers facing the Challenges of the Modern World!


Live Positive!


The Giant Panda!


Let’s have some fun!!


Happy Friday!!


Junior Prom!


Dance Art!


Top 6: Games!


The Champions of our School!


It’s more than just a game!


eTwinning Projects!


Object and Story Shadow Theatre at the Astra Museum!


Bored? Try Grand Theft Auto 5!


The Advisor Behind The Curtain!


Long Breaks!


Say no to drugs!!




World of Dreams!


Ghibu Students Participating in “Speak Out! “Monologue Contest!


The Theatre Class!


Music in Our Lives!


School Trips!


Top 5: Break Activities!


Addicted to Technology!


How to have a healthy lifestyle in High School!


Top 8: Films!


Being a Student: Pro’s and Con’s!


The History of Ghibu High School!


Teenage Thoughts!


Top 10: Music!


Say no to smoking!!


How to Study!


Sibiu County: Ethno-Cultural Diversity!


Let’s Learn some proverbs!


The School Offer!


The Editor’s Note ! ! Hello, people in “Onisifor Ghibu” High School! The first semester has gone by very quickly and we have survived even the first part of the second semester. We are in a jam-packed with action period, but as the spring comes we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel! ! ! In this issue of our newsletter you can read about our students’ and teachers’ adventures up to this point of this school year, find out their preferences, their prizes and projects, learn about our community involvement activities, and even find out some tips on how to save you time playing only the best online games.! ! As usual, please feel free to email us at, if you want to submit any upcoming event announcements or wish to submit an article for the newsletter. Hope you enjoy this edition of 118 % GHIBU! and good luck with the rest of the semester! !

! Thank you!! 
 Laura Pitariu, teacher of English.!


Victoria Hlenschi, teacher of English.!



“No matter how our lives will change we will always have the memories from our high school” Our class, 12 G, had a shooting at the open air Astra National Museum in November 2013. We took pictures for the final class album, the most valuable memory of your high school in a few months. It was a sunny day and the photographer was a nice professional one. We were all dressed up and excited about the moment. I hope one day we will remember this day and other memories from the high school and be proud we were part of Onisifor Ghibu High School of Sibiu. Anyway, once you turn 18 and you graduate high school, you enter a very awkward phase of your life. We say awkward because the law says you are an adult, your parents say

you aren’t, you want to be independent but you still ask for money from your parents. However, a positive aspect would be that you can create a new you: no high school nick names, no smoking just to be like the others, etc. Awkward enough we’d say… No matter how our lives will change we will always have the memories from our high school with good and bad moments. This photo shooting will become one of those “I hope one day memories… we will remember

this day” By Nathalie Hallmen & Stefana Isarie (XII-G)


WE AND EUROPE: A TRIP TO VIENNA by Andra Marciuc (XI-N) & Eveline Holtzinger (XI-G)


Vienna is by far the most beautiful city we have ever seen. It has lots of great places, museums and fun parks. We were immediately captured by the kindness of the people and the cleanness in the streets. We went there as part of an international project called WE and EUROPE. The project took place between 12th and 15th of December 2013, being coordinated by teacher Daniela Mihai. We were around 15 students of Onisifor Ghibu High School , but also students from the Brukenthal College of Sibiu.

The main reason why we visited Vienna was to see how other students learn. We visited a high school in the middle of Vienna. They have a different educational system as they have a laboratory/room for each class, and they learn

by practicing rather than by learning by heart. Doing sports is essential there, therefore they have big different fields where they play football, baseball, etc.

During our trip we also visited Saint Stephen Cathedral and the Schonbrun Palace which are ones of the most extraordinary tourist attractions in the world. Not to mention that Vienna has the prettiest Christmas Fairs where everything transforms into magic. The aroma of Christmas bakery items and hot punch created a real preChristmas atmosphere. You could find anything you want, from tree decorations to sweets and warm drinks. People around us were excited and loved their Christmas market.

We strongly believe that Vienna is one of our favorite cities and it is the best place to visit during winter. We are looking forward to visiting Vienna when we get the chance again.

MOTHER’S AND FATHER’S DAY!! The spring brings about the most beautiful and dear celebrations of our soul – the Mother’s and also the Father’s Day. Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers. It is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world, most commonly in March or May. This celebration began in Ancient Greece, as a celebration for Rhea, the mother of the gods. Today most countries have it.In Romania the M o t h e r ’s D a y i s celebrated on 8 March, as part of International Women’s Day. As a tradition, the presents received by the mothers are handmade with love by their children. The United Kingdom celebrates the Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of March. The traditions of this holiday and the International Women's Day are now mixed together and celebrated on the same d a y, a l t h o u g h m a n y people don’t know that the holidays have quite separate origins.


By Teodora Negu and Andra Grecu (X-G)



STUDENT’S COUNCIL! Hello, my name is Maria Alexandra Turcu and I was reelected President of the Students’ Council in our High School, "Onisifor Ghibu" Sibiu.

F o r m a n y, t h e s t u d e n t s council is still something they do not know very much about. It may sound very sophisticated and it may be of no interest. On the contrary, this council is a friendly union made up of the head students of the classes and some volunteers, too.

What exactly does the council do?

Council members meet regularly in a few sessions. They discuss problems our colleagues encounter in our school and try to come up with the best solutions. We also have the support of a teacher, Mrs. Elena Paun who is in charge with the Students’ Council and guides us but also helps us to create a bond between students and teachers. During our meetings, we also plan different extracurricular activities for our high school students. Our first initiative during this school year was to help some people in need, that is why we dealt with an humanitarian activity encouraging students to donate food, clothes, toys for the orphans at the “Speranta” Center Sibiu. We took the gifts to those children making them laugh and be happy for Christmas, while our colleagues from the Theatre specialization sang to them a lot of beautiful carols. This is only one activity that will remain in our hearts forever but the story goes on and we keep in touch for our future activities!

by Alexandra Turcu (XI-I)



by Paula Prie and Adina Loloiu (XI-N)

!As Michael Houellebecq said

“Adolescence is not just an important period of life, but the only one in which we can talk about living the life for real”. The real problems teenagers are facing these days are school, bad marks, teachers and lovers. But what if this partnership project will improve the way we see our problems? Maybe our problems will turn out to be just adolescence crisis. Firstly, the present project involves two high schools: “ Antipa” Science College from Brasov represented by prof. Dana Alexandrescu as headmaster and prof. Rodica Obreja as coordinator of the partnership and “Onisifor Ghibu” High School represented by prof. Ana Avram, the headmaster, and coordinated by teacher Laura Pitariu . The project will involve more teachers from each school and takes place during this school year. Its p u r p o s e i s t o c re a t e a n educational frame which will improve the relationships between people by accepting their different interest and will of collaboration. The children involved in the project are students from 9th grade and 11th grade. They will be asked

to plan activities with e x t r a c u r r i c u l a r c h a r a c t e r, develop their ways to express their own thoughts and feelings and develop linguistic and digital competencies. Also, the teachers will try to make the children collaborate and they will be encouraged to talk about the problems of their age and to develop the competencies to see and understand that this activity of partnership is a way of improving their cultural knowledge. The aim of the project is to improve their social abilities, to improve the confidence and gratitude, to improve the abilities of using ICT, to improve the linguistic a b i l i t i e s , t o i m p ro v e t h e motivation for studying, to develop a critical mind and to improve the motivation for the extracurricular activities.All of these leads me to the firm conclusion that our partnership with “Grigore Antipa” College will improve the way we see and understand the world. Moreover, I personally think that only worthy things can come out from a project that helps the teenagers to see the adolescence clearly. You can visit our workgroup on Facebook: Adolescentii si provocarile lumii contemporane.


the science teacher Horotan Aura. The project implies the

an existence of a team made up inter national educational of twenty pupils who have to program that intends to organize the project events This is the title of

promote the true social values and competitions. We have and artistic talents, sports and even a Facebook page where other positive skills. The those who are interested can program includes 29 projects find all the news and photos (activities and contests for about this project.

Between 7th-14th January young people aged between 6-35 years) which will take 2014 our high school will host place during November 7, an exhibition of paintings and 2013 2014.

and September 15, photography. All our students are expected to participate

The “Onisifor Ghibu� High with their artworks for the two School of Sibiu is one of the above-mentioned sections.

participating high schools in this program and all project activities are coordinated by

by Paul Achim (XI-G) Diana Jugastru (XI-N)


The Giant Panda


By Alex Cozma (XII-F)

• In the past, pandas were tough to be nobel creatures

In our school many students and the biology teachers have shown interest in the subject regarding the great panda. Statistics in our high school reveal that a huge number of students are not only interested in cars and parties, but also in biology and animals who are in danger to become extinct. The giant panda, which only lives in China outside of captivity, has captured the attention of people of all ages across the globe. From their furry black and white bodies to their shy and docile nature, they are considered one of the world's most loved animals.

! Small Bear or Large Raccoon? !

Giant pandas are generally referred to as bears and are typically called panda bears rather than giant pandas. Though we may think they look like bears, there has been a great deal of discussion for decades about where giant pandas actually fit in the animal kingdom.


! Quick Facts/Mysteries: !

• The estimated number of giant pandas in the wild varies between 1,500 and 3,000.

• Though it belongs to the order CARNIVORIA, the panda's diet is over 99%bamboo

• Though the panda is often assumed to be docile, it has know to attack humans


Much of the debate has been whether they are more closely related to the red panda, once thought to be a member of the raccoon family, than the bear family.While a giant panda has a body that resembles a small bear and climbs trees l i k e a b e a r, i t a l s o h a s s e v e r a l characteristics in common with the red panda. For example, both giant pandas and red pandas eat bamboo and have the same pseudo thumb. The table below lists the main characteristics the giant panda shares with bears and red pandas.

LET’S HAVE SOME FUN! By Vlad Isarie & Alexandru Iancu (X-G)





Last semester I didn't have a clue what I was doing on the final exam. There were 80 multiple choice questions. For some reason I decided to play the game of probability and choose the letter "A" for everything. In that game, the only thing probable was that I failed.

The following day, the professor asked to see me after class. "Is everything okay?" "Sure," I said, "why? "Well, here's your test," he said and handed me a piece of paper that was covered with red ink. "Can you explain why you chose an 'A' for everything?”

Knowing that there was nothing I could do at this point, I said, "Well, I've always wanted to be an 'A' student.”


EXAM A student is taking his final exams. He takes his seat in the exam hall, stares at the questions and then in a fit for inspiration takes his shoes off and throws them out of the window. He then removes his shirt, pants and socks. The teacher, alarmed, approached him and asked what is going on? `I am only following the instructions -- the test paper states, answer the questions in brief.`


LATE FOR SCHOOL Mother: "Come on, Victor, you have to get out of bed or you'll be late for school."

Victor: "Mom, do I have to? All the teachers hate me, and all the students hate me, too."

Mother: "Yes, you do."

Victor: "Give me one good reason."

Mother: "Because you're 34 years old, and you're the principal.”



by Maria Grigorescu (X-G)

!Friday is my second favorite

”F” word.The first one is food. Have you ever woken up on a Monday morning and felt incredibly happy and relaxed? I doubt. Because it’s Monday, not Friday. But this is what Friday is: the most relaxing day because you know the weekend is coming. It is not just a day, it is the most wonderful day of the whole week.

Friday is THE day when ”you can leave for tomorrow what you don’t necessarily need to do today” for us students, or at least for me... It's that day when you can literally do whatever you want: have fun, play games, sleep, watch movies, be lazy, stay late. And I'm sure that all of you love Fridays, exactly as Rebecca Black in her song, ”Friday”:


“It’s Friday, Friday
 Gotta get down on Friday
 Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
 Friday, Friday
 Gettin’ down on Friday
 Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend” Then Saturday comes.... and it goes without many events, without doing many things and we wake up on Sunday morning feeling desperate about going to school the next day and having a lot of things to do.




by Corina Blendea (XII-F)

by Silaghi Monica (IX-F)

Every year students from 9th and 12 grades organize the Junior prom. This is a great way to make new friends and to discover new talents. This year Junior Prom took place at The House of Culture on 4th November 2013. The theme was Street Art. The Miss and Mister contest is a very important part of the show. The stages of this year competition were: a culture quiz, imitation of an idol,

dancing and singing.The show was really artistic, the students from 12 grade helped the 9th grade students. Thy had wonderful moments. Both students and teachers had a great time. There were some special guests, too: Sergiu Bolota, Razor Grenade and The Glutinous. In the end, Stefania Barbat, (IX S) and Mihai Sima (IX G) were declared Miss and Mister 2013. Everybody said that it was a unique experience.


Every year, our high school organizes “The Prom“, where students from the 9th grade must demonstrate competence in some fields. So, at every prom, students who know the dance art, need to show it and each year we find children who know how to impress through dancing. Onisifor Ghibu High school has a sports profile . For this reason, students practice sports like handball, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, etc, and I think it would be good to have another sports profile, dedicated to dances of any type. Students competing in the dancing probe at the Prom in November 2013 Students studying in Onisifor Ghibu High school have demonstrated over the years, that they are very talented and dedicated to what they do. I think that the students who succeed in practicing a sport and keep up with school as well have to be appreciated.A sportive life involves many sacrifices. You have to be always prepared, because you never know what can happen. In our high school, there are many activities that can help you to excel as a sportsman, almost in every field. For example, we have Alexandra Giurgiu, who is champion in dancing, because she won a lot of great prizes like 1st place in the most important competitions. In Onisifor Ghibu High school there are many children, from the 5th to 12th grade, who practice dancing, and who succeed in achieving great results, worthy of all praise.

THE TOP 6 GAMES by Denis Dinu & Christopher Sit (X-G) Nowadays more and more children are using the vast area of information and entertainment. he computer instead of going out and interacting drawbacks consist of the fact that using the with other children. However, the computer has computer a lot we can have some serious health its negative and positive eects. A big problems, such as headache, insomnia or eyes advantage is that by using the computer we have access to a problems. We have conducted a survey in our school and about 100 were asked to say what their favorite computer games are. The results show that more than 50% of children between 15 and 18 years are playing on computer more than 3 hours per day.

1. League of Legends

2. Dota 2

3. Call of Duty Black Ops 2

4. GTA:V

5. World of Warcraft

6. Minecraft


THE CHAMPIONS OF OUR SCHOOL We are going to give you some information on the performances that the students in our school have reached in team and individual sports. Our high school can boast of our extraordinary results in sporting events of 2013.The high school football team, trained by professor Leicu Gelu, won the first place in the county phase of the National Sports Olympics.

The award ceremony rewarding the best athletes took place on 18.12.2013, at the Gong Theatre. We were represented by Necsoiu Andreea and Constantin Elena which came in the 10th and 5th place in the Spear Throwing National Competition.

In extracurricular sports, we were represented by Neagu Dorian (X S), which came in the first place in the Tae-kwon-Do National Competition. Other outstanding results had been obtained by the students of our high school:• Halmaghi MagdaJudo national competition, 3rd place • Olariu Andreea- Swimming national competition, 3rd place• Roman OanaSwimming national competition, 3rd place•

Lubanski Denis- Ski national competition, 3rd placeThe other sporting events are still in progress.

We will provide more details related to their outcomes in the future numbers of our magazine. However we should be proud of the amazing results that we, as a school have achieved, and we hope that the future will bring results as bright as the ones we have had this year.

Tenghea Vanessa (X-G) Droc Amalia (X-G)


IT’S MORE THAN JUST A GAME ! I am particularly keen on League of Legends (LoL) which is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, inspired by the mod Defense of the Ancients for the video game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. It is a free-to-play game, supported by micro-transactions. !


General ! ! Players are formed into two even teams of three or five players on each team. Each team starts at opposing sides of a map, near what is called a "Nexus". To win a match, a team must destroy the opposing team's Nexus. To do so, each team must work through a series of towers called "turrets". Turrets are often placed along a path to each base often referred to as a "lane". Along the way, each player gains levels by killing the opposing team's "minions" (small NPCs that constantly spawn and attack the other team), and buy "items" to advance their character. !


Game Types and Maps ! There are currently two game modes: Classic and Dominion. The Classic game mode is a base defense in which one attempts to

gradually battle their way to the opponents' Nexus with the help of minions, through turrets and inhibitors. The Dominion game mode is a capture and hold game in which players battle over strategic map areas. Capturing these areas, and killing enemies will damage the opponents' nexus instead of directly damaging it. ! Champions ! ! Each player controls a single champion. There are currently 117 different champions available in the game, each with unique characteristics. At the start of each battle, every player must choose a champion to fight for him/her in battle. The choice of champions is limited by what the player has unlocked. Each week, 10 champions are made temporarily free so that players can try them out without unlocking them, a service known as the free champion rotation. ! Try it and you will never leave it, but make sure you still have time for your friends, family and the school!!

by Andreas Zlatea (X-G)

ETWINNING PROJECTS by Johanna Contiu (X-G)

Greetings from Romania… Greetings from Macedonia….

Description: The project will create an educational framework to foster the Romanian and Macedonian students' cooperation and enable them to send greetings on different celebrations.

Topic: Cross-curricular, Foreign languages: English

Language: EN

Age of the students: 13 – 16

To o l s : Tw i n S p a c e , e - m a i l , PowerPoint, Movie Maker, Audacity, etc.

Aims: •The use of the English language through activities that help students value the cultural wealth, traditions, similarities and differences between European Countries.

• To use the New Technologies of Information and Communication

• To motivate and encourage our pupils to meet other realities.


• The Contents/Activities: The working process will be divided into three stages: 1. Christmas Greetings- students prepare some powerpoint presentations or films about the Christmas traditions in their countries. 2. Easter Greetings students prepare some powerpoint presentations or films about the Easter traditions in their countries. 3- Europe-s Day- students prepare some powerpoint presentations or films about the Europe.


Results: Powerpoint presentations, pictures and films that will be posted on the eTwinning website and on our school sites.




By Adina Popescu and Madalina Musat, (XI-N) "Object and Story. Shadow Theatre at the ASTRA Museum", won the Sibiu Youth Gala Awards for Best Youth Project of 2013, being praised for "making important use of our national patrimony and the students’ imagination for non-formal educational reasons." The event, held on Friday, December 13, 2013, at the Gong Theatre for

Children and Youth.The project was part of the Cultural Smart Agenda - 2013 Sibiu and it was approved by the County Council of Sibiu. It was one of the reasons students were very enthusiastic about starting this project, coordinated by the teacher Laura Pitariu, helped by a team of other teachers: students knew they


could feel part of our and their beloved town of Sibiu. Our high school had three partners in this project: the Astra National Museum Complex (the project coordinator), the County School Inspectorate and the County Council of Sibiu. On Friday, November 1st, 2013, at The House of Arts, it was released the brochure and the DVD of the project ”Object and story. Shadow theater at ASTRA Museum”, the final stage of this educational project with the same title. A lot of Sibiu authorities have participated in the event. The project has great impact on the life of Sibiu and the students were definitely proud of their plays using he theatre of shadows.This publication presents the stages of the project, impressions of the teachers who have contributed to the scenarios and a detailed description of the entire project made by Raluca Andrei, representative of the Astra Museum. At the event, the General Manager of CNM A S T R A , Va l e r i u I o n

Olaru, spoke about the importance of promoting traditional culture, tangible and intangible patrimony through such projects.Last but not least, "Object and Story.Shadow theater ASTRA Museum ", won the Youth Gala of Sibiu 2013 award for Best Youth Project of 2013, being praised for "valorization quality patrimony and imagination used in non-formal education methods " The event, held on Friday, December 13, 2013, at the Theatre for Children and Youth Gong, was organized by the Directorate for Sport and Youth Sibiu.

BORED? TRY GRAND THEFT AUTO V By Pâșu Beni & Datcu Andreea (X-G) Grand Theft Auto V is an awesome actionadventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on 17 September 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. It is the fifteenth title in the Grand Theft Auto series.Grand Theft Auto V is played from a third-person perspective in an open world environment.

The game is set mainly within the fictional state of San Andreas and affords the player the ability to freely roam the world's countryside and the fictional city of Los Santos. The single-player story is told through three player-controlled protagonists whom the player switches between, and it follows their efforts to plan and execute six large heists to accrue wealth for themselves. The online multiplayer mode is included with the game, allowing up to 16 players to engage.Upon its release, the game was acclaimed by many reviewers who praised its story missions, presentation, and open-ended gameplay. A commercial success, Grand Theft Auto V broke industry sales records by earning US$800 million in the first 24 hours of its release, and US$1 billion within its first three days, making it the fastest selling entertainment product in history.

THE ADVISOR BEHIND THE CURTAIN We were taught to believe that we can touch perfection in any field, as long as we “work” to achieve this thing. We were taught to believe that everything is possible, as long as we really want it and fight to make it possible.

Facing career opportunities, young boys and girls are sometimes confused and now the main enigma is to make the right choice between material earnings and professional prospects. “I am what I am today due to my teachers”- this is the phrase which we I have in my mind when I think about my school teachers, who helped me to understand the mysteries of life and to acquire different skills.

The kindergarten, the primary school, the high school, and in future, the university and post university studies: almost a quarter of life means school, education, study. In all these life stages, there are some important people who stand besides to a child, then a teen and finally to a young man/girl who grows mature.

Those people are teachers and parents. Teachers are those who mark the young people’s training. No profession asks his professor so much competence, devotion and humanism like this one, because the teachers are working with a precious material, more complicated and more sensitive: people, anchored in present, seeing the future and knowing everyone’s personality.

The teachers teach, train, leads, cultivate and organize, correct and evaluate all the qualities necessary in the future. I want to sincerely thank them!

by Tatu Eduard (X-G)



In our school all the students spend

Unfortunately, teachers can’t sacrifice

their breaks in different ways because they

another ten minutes from their class, because

are divided in classes from zero to twelve.

they don’t have enough time to teach the

The students from the primary classes can

whole lesson in forty minutes.

play basketball or football because

they play these games in a

The students say that they are exhausted after sitting fifty

nonaggressive way. Those who

minutes on a chair and writing.

don’t practice these sports

They say they need time to

can stay in the class or also

relax and ten minutes is not

walk around the schoolyard..

enough for them. They would

like to have longer breaks but

But not all of us feel the

pleasure of spending our

it’ll never help them in the

b re a k s o u t s i d e b y p l a y i n g

future; the studying does.

different games. We can find an

amusing way to spend them in our classes

But if the students want longer

breaks, why do they even bother to come

though it isn’t so healthy. In the breaks most

to school? They can stay at home and have

of the students use their mobile phones by

an endless break, but then they won’t have

playing games or watching videos or looking

any general knowledge.

at photos.

For all of them it is a nice way to spend

do during breaks you’ll forget after some

this time. Although there are only a few

years, but what you learn will be useful for

minutes if you enjoy yourself, they can do

your future.

wonders. The children go to school five days

a week. They usually have six classes a day

breaks, but now they won’t get them. Maybe

and every fifty minutes they have a ten-minute

in the future things will be different but for

break. But apparently that’s not enough. The

now the break lasts for ten minutes.

The life in high school The things you

Well, anyway, the students want longer

students want longer breaks, like twenty


minutes every forty minutes.

by Georgescu Adriana & Macaveiu Andrei (IX-G)


SAY NO TO DRUGS Drugs usually turns into a habit and affect the brain and the nervous system, changing the image of the surrounding reality. There are different types of drugs,

such as: Alcohol, Tobacco, Cocaine, LSD, Marijuana, Meth, Heroin, Hallucinogens etc.!


W H Y P E O P L E TA K E DRUGS! They all have different excuses. Some of them take them, because they think drugs make you seem cool and rebellious or that it could help them getting out of depression. Most of them are teenagers. Usually, they take drugs because they want to change something in their lives.! !P eople think drugs are a solution but eventually they became a problem. Those who are sad might use drugs to get a feeling of happiness, but it doesn’t work. They lift people into a fake kind of cheerfulness, but when the drug wears off, he or she crashes even lower than before.!

by Irhazi Patrizia (X-G)

Whatever their excuses are, you must not let yourself influenced by them. Drugs will make you no good just bad. Most of them will recommend you to try just for fun and to see how it is .The first time will be pure curiosity, and then it will happen the second time and the third and so on. You will soon become addicted and if you don’t have a strong willpower to stop taking them, you will destroy yourself. ! Here are some of the reasons young people have given for taking drugs:!

! !

To fit in ! To escape or relax! To relieve boredom! To rebel! To experiment!

Have you ever taken any drug?! Unfortunately, ! 1 of 5 teenagers is taking drugs! 1 of 3 teenagers has tried at least once.!

JOKES by Jannette Barbusiu (X-G)

Pupil (on phone): ! My son has a bad cold and won't be able to come to school today.! School Secretary: ! Who is this?! Pupil: This is my father speaking! !


-Little Johnny’s father said, “let me see your report card.”
 Johnny replied, “I don’t have it.”
 “Why not?” His father asked.
 “My friend just borrowed it. He wants to scare his parents.”!


-Teacher: Class, we will have only half a day of school this morning.
 Class: Hooray
 Teacher: We will have the other half this afternoon!Son: I can’t go to school today.
 Father: Why not?
 Son: I don’t feel well
 Father: Where don’t you feel well?
 Son: In school!



WORLD OF DREAMS by Szekely Antonia (IX-G) Have you ever been interested in art? Have you ever admired a painting like a real view?

If not, you should start to feel art and colors.

When I was a little child, about 9, I didn’t pay attention to exhibitions. When I went on a trip and every teacher was impressed by the pictures and drawings on the walls, me and other children didn’t understand what they could find so interesting in those pieces of papers.

As time went on, I discovered that these trivial sheets of paper can calm you and if you have a creative mind, you can build your own land, your own world even if it’s only in your mind.

Now, I study at “Onisifor Ghibu“ High school from Sibiu. We have 2 floors and on each floor there are some interesting pictures, drawings and paintings done by students from Ghibu. If you really love art, you’ll find them very attractive and if you look very carefully, you’ll find another world in them. You can create your own life, characters and dreams about distant realms.

It’s really nice how people interpret all these images. Believe me! You could also take a closer look and create your own idea of a beautiful painting.





by Rau Ramona (IX-G) Theater is an art that develops creativity, helps free speaking and it's very fun to do.

Maybe this is the reason why the English monologue contest "Speak out" is so popular among children and teenagers.

This competition is open only to students and the work has to be done integrally by them. The rules are simple: one student has to present a 5-minute monologue about a phrase given by the "Speak out" committee. Every year another phrase is given to the students, this year it is a quote

by R. W. Emerson "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Four our school, "Speak out" has become a tradition. Encouraged by our wonderful teachers students accept the challenge and work hard for success.

This contest helps student in the academic life as well. They exercise English by writing their own lines, their creativity by making their costumes and increase their charisma by playing the piece on a stage in front of a friendly audience.

This month our students prepare for another "Speak out" edition that will start with the school phase on 21 February in the "Onisifor Ghibu" theater hall.

The event is open to the public, if you are not already a contestant you are invited to watch the show, you may even bring some friends to support your colleagues and have a good time.

The Theatre Class: Thoughts on Our Senior Year by Lavinia Antonescu (XII-T)

It’s the last year of high school and probably one of the best years. This year made us closer and nicer to each other and besides the fact that we’ve started to think about our future a lot, we also had time to do what we like and what we are the best at and that’s theater.

I think our biggest project was the Freshman Prom. I remember we were so excited and anxious about it, we all came up with ideas for that. We were divided in teams and we all had to do something. For example, I was in the scenery team along with other classmates and had to draw and paint the décor for the “show”. There was laughter, sadness, anger and happiness along the way, but we had a great time trying to put on an amazing show.

We are currently working on a project called “Almost Maine” with Alexandra Podu, our acting teacher. This is a play containing four different stories and different people. We are all taking part in it and we are working a lot in the hope that it will be a good play.

With the help of Alexandra we’ve been able to create some beautiful moments for the play. When we met Alexandra Podu, we also met Constantin Podu, an actor who gave us the chance to take part in one of his shows called “Un actor destul de fad”. This show is all about poems and it takes place every Tuesday at Humanitas Bookshop. This show has different themes every week; for example – Marin Sorescu’s poems or Mihai Eminescu’s poems. It was a great opportunity to be on stage and it brought us more experience.

Some of my classmates were involved in a festival thanks to the Podu family. This festival is called “Alt teatru. Alt festival” and it included a pantomime workshop with Dan Handurean. I asked my classmates about their experience and they said they would do it again anytime. After this workshop, they created a show about what they learned during those days.

I think this last year of school is a great one, full of projects, new friendships and maybe a brighter future.


MUSIC IN OUR LIVES by Mihai Sima (IX-F) Even from ancient times, people have tried to express themselves through music, from hitting some rocks to developing much more sophisticated instruments.

There have been made vast number of experiments on how music can influence somebody’s personality and the results were quite impressive. Music can develop you as a person and change the way you think and act. Some studies were made on plants that acted differently if the type of music was changed.

T Voice performing live in Sighisoara

Playing an instrument since they were little can have a big impact on a child’s personality. It gives them a way to express themselves and to release their emotions. Parents should support their children if they see they have potential. Music also has healing potential. There is much research out there that shows its healing benefits. Music therapy is an entire area of alternative medicine. Music is also soothing and useful in other applications. For example, it helps calm a frantic mind. It can even be used to calm other species. Music, as they say, soothes the savage beast.

Here at "Onisifor Ghibu" we have a band called “T Voice”, T from XII T as all the members of this group belong to this class. It’s composed of young, talented students. The teacher who is responsible for their performance and makes sure that everyone knows what to do is Mr. Cosmin Diaconescu. Before they sing, they have to warm up their voices by making various vocal exercises. T Voice took part in many contests in Sibiu, Sighişoara and Mediaş, and they came back with many prizes and diplomas. They sing many genres of music, from rock to indie and even traditional Romanian songs.

Right now, they are preparing for an international music contest, which takes place in Italy. As a group, they will be singing "You Raise Me Up" and "Sara Perche Ti Amo". Also, almost every student sings his own cover of a wellknown song.

Two of my friends are part of this band and I can see the effect of music on them. They are kind hearted people, who will make you feel good almost every time.

Music has a big impact on our lives. It just depends how we embrace it. Some sing for success, some sing for they own pleasure, and this can only bring them joy.


SCHOOL TRIPS - A CHANCE TO VISIT A LOT OF PLACES by Alexandra Cretu & Eliza Ungureanu (XI-F) This semester our high school Onisifor Ghibu organizes 3 trips in 2 different locations in Romania and one in Venice. One will be in the capital of Romania and will last for 2 days. The second one will be in Baile Herculane. And the third will be in Venice.

Going on a trip means exploring new things, socializing with other teenagers, making new friends, and trying different habits in that country.

The trips in this high school are very safe.

Every trip is organized by one or two teachers who take care of the students. The transportation is commonly with the bus or the plane.

Most trips are not very expensive, which means that everyone can afford them.

Commonly the time to leave is in the morning and a trip lasts from one to five days. at night the students are accommodated in great hotels of usually 3 stars.


By George Cotu (X-G) Have ever said one of these things?! “I can’t live without my SmartPhone.”! “I would be lost without my Computer and/or Television”!

One thing is for sure: students from Onisifor Ghibu High School are very talented and spontaneous. They do things one would never believe. I asked some of my colleagues what they usually do during the breaks. The answers they gave surprised me because they can do various things during 10-minute breaks.



If you are you have said these things at least once, this would be important for you to read:! We have stepped into a new technological era and the world has given us some unbelievable technology that sometimes it seems to be a dream. But when we look at the backside of the latest technology, we find that we have made these technologies for our destruction if wrongly used by the wrong people.!

NUMBER 5 Around 10% of the questioned students told me that they liked to go to the school yard to eat their sandwiches there and talk about the latest news in tabloids. They considered that: “The fresh air makes us feel released from the pressure that school brings upon us”.



Technological disadvantages:! For example:
 1. People are spending more time playing computer games, using social networks for fun and knowledge, chatting and interacting with unknown people and making friends online. They don't think of going out and making real friends. At a later stage, this may lead them to loneliness, frustration when betrayed by unknown people besides social isolation.!

NUMBER 4 Music comes at number four. To be honest I wasn’t surprised at all because I love the same thing they love. Music is the best way to forget about your problems.


NUMBER 3 I remember that one day I met a group of girls. I approached them and asked them: ”What do you girls love to do during summer breaks”. At the beginning they didn’t know what to answer but after a few minutes they answered: ”We love to speak about boys and who is the most attractive one.” Speaking about boys and girls is a hot topic!!

2. Modern technology has replaced humans as the robots are doing the most of the jobs on production lines which was to be done by humans. Of course, this has increased the production in different field of business, but also increased the unemployment of youths. !



3. People are nowadays remaining dependent on modern tools like a calculator, counting of currency notes etc., as a result people don't use their brain that reduces the creativity of a human being.!

Football is another important part of our students’ lives. A lot of boys can’t imagine themselves doing something else during the breaks. I found that funny and this is the main reason why football is goes on the second place of my top.


NUMBER 1 Trans agape Store is probably the best option for the students in our high school. In fact, it used to be, because right now students are not allowed to go out the school during classes and breaks. But, however, Trans agape deserves the first in this top as all students used to gather there and talk, eat laugh, etc.

 4. Modern technology has provided us many modern war weapons ranging from Missiles, Rockets and nuclear bombs. If these weapons get into the hands of criminals, they can use them for their selfish reasons which may yield into mass destruction of innocent people as a whole.!


HOW TO HAVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE IN HIGH SCHOOL by Iulia Dragoi, Teona Prie (IX-F) & Marcus Adam (IX-G)


Lately we can see many teenagers that do not have a healthy lifestyle. They eat everything without thinking if it’s healthy or not, they just eat it. Most teenagers have a sedentary lifestyle. They eat bad food, they don’t exercise, many of the teenagers drink coke or juice instead of water and they smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and do drugs. The situation is very bad, because they aren’t aware of how bad it will be for them after some years. The most frequent diseases this unhealthy lifestyle leads to are ulcer, gastritis and even cancer. Here are some tips to have a better and a healthy lifestyle.


1. Learn how to eat healthily Cafeteria food is very tempting, but eating greasy pizza and fries every day during high school is definitely not going to help you be healthy. Instead, pack your own lunch because this gives you total control of what you eat. Instead of eating a burger, try eating a chicken wrap. Have a special day once a month when you buy your l u n c h from the cafeteria. Everything in moderation.


2. Exercise outside of the PE class Many teens think that exercising in the gym class is sufficient when it comes to keeping them healthy, but in reality, that's not true. In fact, teens need 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Try aerobics, biking, running, jogging, walking, a team sport, dance, swimming, or walking the dog.

! 23

3. Get enough sleep Teens need about 8-9 hours of sleep every night. Getting enough sleep will help you get up easier, feel more awake and energized, and helps you focused at school. Make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.


4. Drink lots of water Water help keeps your brain sharp and eliminates toxins from your body, as well as keep you hydrated and your skin clear. Teens should drink 8-10 cups of water every day.


5. Avoid drugs alcohol and cigarettes These will do serious damage to you emotionally and physically, not to mention that they're illegal. In a few years, you'll look back and thank yourself for keeping your life on track. Stay healthy!


The conclusion is: We must take care of our bodies and ourselves. We must warn all the teenagers about the bad lifestyle they could have and to show them how to have a better and healthy one. We can see teenagers that eat bad food even in our school. They go to Trans Agape and buy potato chips and coke or other types of bad food instead of coming with a “homemade” sandwich.

Eat smart!


By Ciprian Baete & Tudor Calinoiu (X-G)

We have conducted a survey in our school and find out that some of the favorite movies of our students are old but still popular. Some others are new and exciting. They were awarded prizes such as the Oscars:


“Hell On Wheels” (2010-2013)


“Hatfields & McCoys” (2012)


“Prisoners” (2013)


“Fast and Furious 6” (2013)


“Se7en” (1995)


“Gran Torino” (2008)


“Defiance” (2008)


“The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” (2008)



student because it’s a part of my life; it’s freedom.” We, students, can even celebrate our status. On 17 of November it is the International Student’s Day, a day on which we should be proud of ourselves and the other students.

So we’ve seen the pros of being a student. Let’s see the cons:

What if that’s not all about being a student? What if not every student is a happy one who enjoys being a student? Think about all the theory you learn for nothing, all the hours spent in a place where you feel you don’t belong, all the people who are trying to bring you down just because they are afraid of you becoming a better person than them. The student doesn’t have a word to say to a teacher because teachers don’t think this is called point of view, they think it’s called defiance. There’s a reason why some


!About half of our life we are actually students. Spending six-seven hours in the school every day is technically a lot of time in one day.


In general kids don’t like school because of the busy schedule, the short breaks or just because they have to wake up early but those are not reasons to hate it! Being a student is an opportunity to have a future. What does being a student means to some people? Well, I think it means pride, pride to realize that every morning when they learn new things, they develop their skills and personality and they are a part of a great team. A student gets opportunities to develop knowledge and general culture but besides that, he can participate in trips, optional courses or other activities at school. Being a student is great. I was also curious what others think about that, so I asked some of my classmates.


Some of the answers were:

Students in Ghibu High School “I am a student, I exist; I am glad to be a 25

teenagers don’t like school, but either no one sees that or they don’t care about it. Students don’t see people trying to make things clear for them and that’s why they get scared about future. Also, there is a lot of pressure from parents.

All in all, there are pros and cons in being a student. There are good parts and bad parts, but that’s what life is about. You’ll never find something which has only good or bad parts. Maybe students who are unhappy should learn how to be the opposite and enjoy being a student, because this period will go away and change is better than regret. In the end I want to congratulate all the students for their involvement and support. They deserve our attention and good luck in the future.


by Maria Solomon (IX-G)




by Iulia Balint (IX-G) In terms of time, “Onisifor Ghibu” High school is We, the teenagers from Ghibu High school the newest school in Sibiu. Built in September dream of having a bright, even a famous 1994 under the name of “School No. 14”, it future, but unfortunately not all of us will became bigger by adding more specialties like the succeed.

I think it's all about luck, it's like a theoretical subjects, athletics and artistic (theater). It started as an elementary school and it Russian roulette and how you come around remained like this only for a year and then it in life.

I'm not saying we shouldn't learn, on became a high school keeping some classes also the contrary, I mean we should "learn for elementary school. Once becoming a high school, it changed the name from School No. 14 intelligently", not like those epic nerds that learn the lesson by heart. We should to “Onisifor Ghibu” High school.

In the year when the elementary school understand what the teacher explains in became a high school, it was established also a class, and if we don't, we should raise our German class to ensure that also the German hand and ask what we didn't understand so minorities residing in Sibiu for many years have that the teacher can explain again and again the chance to study in their own language.For the what we didn't get from the very beginning.

You need to have fun in this "teenage subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology, the high school provides modern and well equipped period" so you can tell your grandchildren Laboratories where the students have the chance what kind of awesome childhood you had, and what epic jokes you made. But do not to study and do all kind of experiments.

For the athletics subject, the high school forget why you're in school, to learn and be provides a big outdoor arena (divided for football the best, to find your "voice and calling" so you can become one day what you have and basketball) and an indoor sports hall.

Besides everything mentioned above, the dreamed and worked for and let nobody high school features a foreign languages lab, a distract you from what you really want and Romanian language lab, as well a First Aid office plan. In this case you will be your own hero; and a Psychology office.The high school takes the you will go for the crown.

I encourage all the children to learn name “Onisifor Ghibu” after Professor Onisifor but in the meantime to have fun and most Ghibu who was a great personality in the Romanian culture, a true Romanian intellectual importantly, they shouldn't mock the chance who dedicated his entire life to the well-being of they have, to go to school and learn, the people, to the country to which he gave all his because some kids don't have this chance... loyalty and belief.

He was and remains a true personality of the Romanian school, a worthy successor of Gheorghe Lazar.

Perhaps, when the high school took the name of Professor Onisifor Ghibu, it was meant to inspire the future students over the years. Some of them are not interested in what significance the name has to them. They are blinded by the popularity of the high school and they are also influenced by their friends. They forget the history of the high schools and of the people whose name they bear. by Victor Ionut Gellert (IX-F) Mihai Smaranda (IX-F)



by Mathias Schneider (X-G)

Music is something that every person has his or her own specific opinion about. Different people have different tastes, and various types of music have many ways of leaving an impact on someone. There are so many types of music out there today: Rap, pop, rock, country, indie, alternative, hardcore, etc. but all types of music send a message to the world.People use music to express themselves, Thus, you can usually tell how someone’s feeling by the type of music he or she is listening to at the time. Groups of people with similar tastes from around the world can come together at concerts, shows, and venues to express their interests. After a survey conducted in our high school, we are coming up with the top ten hits our colleagues are listening to these days:



J Balvin - Yo Te Lo Dije


Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty


John Newman - Love Me Again


Justin Timberlake - Mirrors


Kim Cesarion - Undressed


Lorde - Royals


Maitre Gims - Bella


Major Lazer ft. Amber - Get Free


Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Balls


Faydee - Can’t Let Go

SAY NO TO SMOKING! by Andrada Tanea (X-G)

10 steps to give up on smoking: 1. Outline a plan of action, considering what methods are available to you. 2. Keep busy to forget about the cigarettes. Throw away all your lighters and tobacco. 3. Drink plenty of fluids keep a glass of water or juice nearby you. 4. Get more active. Walk instead of traveling by the bus or by car. Moreover, exercise helps you relax. 5. Think positively. 6. Change your routine. Try to avoid the shop where you usually buy cigarettes. 7. No excuses. Don't use a crisis or even good news to be an excuse for “just one cigarette.”


Every day, more and more young people start smoking. Among those who smoke, nearly a quarter smoked their first cigarette at 10. Most of the teenagers start smoking because they are curious, their friends are smoking and they want to fit in and to look ‘’cool.”

Nicotine is a powerful mood-altering substance that is extremely toxic and addictive. Consequently, a total of 350,000 Romanians are diagnosed annually with cardiovascular disease and a leading cause is smoking.

However, it is not only about us but smoking can affect the others, too. This is called ‘’secondhand smoking.’’


When someone pressures to start smoking: • You can give them the cold shoulder.

• Just ignore them or walk away.

• Change the subject, Just start talking about something else.

• Make them feel bad about it: “I don’t want it and I cannot believe that you want to get into this kind of stuff.’’

8. Treat yourself. Use the cigarette money to buy yourself something special. 9. Be careful what you eat. Try not to snack on fatty foods. 10. Take one day at a time. Each day without a cigarette is good news for your health, your family and your pocket


HOW TO STUDY By Fodor Agnes (IX-F) Muresan Raul (IX-G) We all encounter this problem. How could we study something without forgetting what we studied or without learning it, word by word. There are lots of solutions for this problem.

The first thing you must do is not to panic. If you’re in a hurry to learn or you’re panicked that won’t help you. You must be in a really quiet place without other people or distractive things around you. You must be patient and think positive things, like: “I can do it” or something like that.Another technique would be to design a study plan. A study plan could be selecting from your lesson that you have to learn, just the significant and important things as main ideals. In fact a study plan is like a technique that helps you to learn the main ideas, in an easy and fast way.

But patience is the most important thing. You cannot learn for an exam in like 30 minutes and remember everything. You must organize your time. Of course you can take a break from time to time, after all we’re not machines.

Some of you have a really good visual memory others have a musical ear. For the ones with a good visual memory it is easier the words from a page. For the ones with a good musical ear they could make a song with the main ideas. It is important to be creative.



Make yourself comfortable in your room! If it's not quiet in your room, choose another place to study.

LISTEN TO MUSIC! Personally it helps me a lot to listen to some relaxing music while studying, probably because I feel more relaxed and it's like all the stress disappears.


Any word that you find difficult write it down so you can memorize it easier.


Highlighting is very important and personally it helps me a lot when I'm studying for an exam. I usually highlight the important information or some words that I must memorize!


Do not be afraid to ask for help when you don't understand something. I usually call my classmates because they help me a lot. You can also call your teacher for help, I'm sure she/he won't refuse you.


Take breaks every 30 minutes! It's really important, because we get tired and we need some break to relax a bit.

TAKE SNAKS!! That’s my favorite part of studying because it includes FOOD! Taking snacks is important while studying for an exam! I found out that eating healthy food is better than potato chips or any other junk food. Try some fruits, make a salad or yoghurt or any healthy food you like! ☺


SIBIU COUNTY - ETHNO-CULTURAL DIVERSITY The project "Ethno-cultural Diversity" wants to do a real and virtual tour of Sibiu with a number of 200 students from 7 schools and high schools in the county in order to enable these students get information about the past of the Sibiu county: Saxon Churches, German communities, Marginimea Sibiului etc.

Information technology is used in all stages of the project, teachers and students use the computer to store, organize, process, present and communicate information. Digital camera, projector, video camera, CD player, become the means used frequently during the project, as students are encouraged to develop skills on how to exploit new technologies.

By means of this project we want to find out more about Sibiu in terms of historical, geographical, cultural and tourist areas beyond financial barriers, time or space. The proposed activities lead to the transmission of interdisciplinary information regarding local geography, local traditions or civic behavior.


Types of activities: Excursions, theme visits

Regional meetings and virtual conferences

Team work and debates

Practical activities to protect the nature

Dissemination of results: exhibition of paintings and graphics, school boards, school publications in magazines, local newspapers, local TV broadcasts, website, etc.


Partner schools: Arts High School of Sibiu

"Onisifor Ghibu" High School Sibiu

Technical College "Mediensis" Medias

"National School of Gas" Medias

High Technology "Johannes Lebel" Slimnic Talmaciu

Elementary School of Slimnic

Elementary school number 8, Sibiu


Activities: The introductory Activity was held held at the Technical College Mediensis Medias

Our school involvement in the "Sibiu County - Ethno Cultural Diversity" began with a theme called, "A vanished world," proposed by the participating students. We chose the Village of Chesler as an example of a world where the tradition of the village is about to be lost forever.


By Mihaela Mihanciu (XI-N)


LET’S LEARN SOME PROVERBS Found the proverb : An apple a day keeps the doctor away.









































Choose the correct word to complete the proverb: cry, faithful, blames, indeed, appearances , late, glitters, beholder

1. A ……….friend is hard to find,remember man and keep in mind!

2. A friend in need is a friend……!

3. Don't ……. over spilled milk.

4. A bad workman always ……..his tools.

5. All that ………. is not gold.







by Andreea Eftimie (XII-F)




8. Better …….. than never.


7. Beauty is in the eye of the……… .


6. …….. can be deceiving.



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Ghibu 118% - Onisifor Ghibu High School Newsletter - March 2014  

Onisifor Ghibu High School Newsletter Issue No. 3, March 2014 ISSN 2285 – 2948 ISSN–L = 2285 – 2948

Ghibu 118% - Onisifor Ghibu High School Newsletter - March 2014  

Onisifor Ghibu High School Newsletter Issue No. 3, March 2014 ISSN 2285 – 2948 ISSN–L = 2285 – 2948