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" Form follow perspective "

ABOUT HsinHung Chou is an explorative designer born and raised in Taiwan. He focuses on exploring the possibilities of form through unique perspective and expects to tell stories via his design. During the process, there'll be other voices from the other side of him which keep questioning himself until he refine the essence of his design.





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Art Deco

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Flying Hat Family


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#MaterialExplore #Experiement #Crafts Year 2015 Material Ceramic, Refraction Award Young Pin Design Award 2015 - Winner (Craft Design) Young Pin Design Award 2015 - Finalist (Product Design) Youth Innovative Design Festival 2015 - Winner (Product Design) New Taipei City Creative Award 2015 - Silver Prize Exhibition Taiwan Designers' Week 2015 - Rising Star, Taipei YODEX ( Young Designers' Exhibition) 2015, Taipei 2015 Youth Innovative Design Festival 2015, Kaohsiung New Taipei City Cultural and Creative Exhibition 2015, Taipei

" Could the refracting illusion be touchable ? "

“ Refratcableware �is a project which is developed base on the refract experiment. And devote to find out the perfect balance between the limit of material nature and elegance. This project tries to break through the impression of traditional porcelain crafts and bring a new aspect to static wares.

Through the refraction, the objects underwater change its shape. This is the precise moment between false and actual that ” Refractableware ” wants to present - a series of touchable illusion. There is a slight folding line on each object, and there will be a visually “ invisible surface ” when “ Refractableware ” lays together. That is exactly the original water surface.

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#SenseExplore #Scenery

Year 2015 Material Steel, Cement Designer HsinHung Chou, YuHua Chen, ChinMing Lin Award Young Pin Design Award 2015 - Finalist ( Product Design ) Exhibition YODEX ( Young Designers' Exhibition ) 2015, Taipei

" How could it be if I zoom in the image of rainy day, or even transform the sound completely into visual feeling? "

" d!!da "is a furnishing project which is developed base on the memory and experience of rainy day. “ diida � is the sound of raindrops in Chinese. And using variety of containers to collect rain is our common life experiences. Our exploration led us to focus on the relationship between visual and sound in rainy day.In the end, We devoted to transfer the sound visually in our memory, and tried to let the objects have conversation themselves.

Extending the handle of original objects to become hanger. And transform the material into cement to prevent ponding. In the LOGO part, keeping the original material and color to hint the original object.

Children Are Us Foundation

Joyous Art Deco

#SocialDesign #Intellectually disabled children #Artist Year 2015 ( PiliWuDesign period ) Designer ChiaLing Chang, Yuchen Wu, HsinHung Chou Client LIN'S CERAMICS STUDIO Material Pattern, Ceramic

" The Joyous Art Deco " project enhances members of " Children Are Us Foundation " to observe the beauty of their surrounding, creating fun and original artworks with simple lines and shapes. The artworks are then paired with colourful tones, and carefully placed on classical items from " Lin’s Ceramics ", resulting in lively and warm pieces of the " Joyous Art Deco " series. Intellectually disabled kids are more creative than they’re perceived to be, their liveliness and creativity are presented through their work with " Lin’s Ceramics ", the focus and fun atmosphere seen during the creative process are the best examples of their positive attitude. For every piece of this series sold, 10% of the profit will be directed to " Children Are Us Foundation ", maximising our joint effort in making a better Society.

Flying Hat Family #MaterialExplore #Crafts

Year 2015 Client Taitung County Cultural Affairs Department, Cotton House Material Cotton, Linen " Cotton house " from Taitung can produce stylish cotton crafts, this project aim to expand cotton product line from accessories to furnishings. To offer customers various option to choose. Cotton house starts from producing one of it's iconic product - hats. This series base on cotton hats and extend it into home furnishing. Making cotton not only an accessories but also unique home life style.

Reconstructextile #ModernChinese #Pattern #Dimension Year 2015 Client ZHIDA - Macchiato " ZHIDA " is a furniture company produce high quality textile in China. And this is a textile collaboration project with its own brand – " MACCHIATO ". This project aim to rebuild the traditional Chinese pattern in modern way and put it into practice in contemporary orient furniture market and life style. To Deconstruction the traditional Chinese element and using the contemporary thinking and technique to form the textile by converting 2 dimensional into 3 dimensional.