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It’s all about people Looking to begin or advance in a career? Dr. Nevel has some advice, drawing on both her career experience and the lessons she passed along to her daughter and son. ■ Career and life plans sometimes get derailed. If an idea or life pathway isn’t working out, take some time to rethink your goals and then try again. ■ Don’t be afraid to learn something new. ■ Appreciate the work and ideas of others. ■ Take advantage of internship programs and work-study programs. ■ Volunteer, both when you’re working and during any periods in which your career has stalled. In addition to helping others, volunteering can help you to build a network and make connections. And, perhaps most importantly, Nevel said, always try to pay attention to every person you meet, recognizing the value and seeking the potential of each individual. “It’s all about people,” she said.

Before earning her Ph.D. from Alvernia, Kathleen Nevel had to learn hard-fought lessons during a 32-year career in the once male-dominated steel industry.


athleen Nevel knows a big idea when she sees it. After spending a career successfully leading teams to develop innovative solutions for international specialty metals manufacturer Carpenter Technology, it’s practically second nature for her. But her success didn’t come without struggles, risks and the drive to excel. Nevel began her Carpenter career in 1981 after earning a master’s degree in industrial engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. It was a period when the plant’s manufacturing operations were very much male dominated, a trend that was commonplace throughout the manufacturing and steel sectors everywhere. “I pretty much stood out as a female industrial engineer in that setting,” Nevel said. “I think I was the first woman manufacturing supervisor at Carpenter.” While she occasionally met with some resistance from male

Alvernia Magazine Summer 2014  

Alvernia Magazine Summer 2014