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Unit 1 - II

GRAMMAR 1.- PRESENT SIMPLE OR PRESENT CONTINUOUS. Complete the text Next week, my friends and I ___________________ (go) camping in the woods. I ___________________ (organize) the food, because I ___________________ (like) cooking. Dave ___________________ (have) a big car with a trailer, so he ___________________ (plan) the transportation. Sam ___________________ (bring) the tent — he___________________ (go) camping every year, so he___________________ (have) a great tent and lots of other equipment. My wife ___________________ (think) we're crazy. She (like) ___________________holidays in comfortable hotels, so she ___________________ (take) a trip to Paris instead 2.- PAST SIMPLE / PAST CONTINUOUS. Complete the sentences Complete the sentences 1. While Tom ___________________ (read) , Amely ___________________ (watch) a documentary on TV. 2. Marvin ___________________ (come) home, ___________________ (switch) on the computer and ___________________ (check) his emails. 3. The thief ___________________ (sneak) into the house, ___________________ (steal) the jewels and ___________________ (leave) without a trace. 4. Nobody ___________________ (listen) while the teacher ___________________ (explain) the tenses. 5. While we ___________________ (do) a sight-seeing tour, our friends___________________ (lie) on the beach. 6. He ___________________ (wake) up and ___________________ (look) at his watch Complete the story Every day James Lullaby travels to London. Yesterday he ___________________ (drive) his car, when he___________________ (see) a dog in the middle of the road. The dog ___________________(watch) the car. James ___________________ (stop) and ___________________ (get) out of his car. As he ___________________ (get) out, the dog ___________________(run) away. James ___________________(go) back to his car. While he___________________(get) in the car, the dog ___________________ (appear) again and ___________________ (sit) down in the middle of the road. James ___________________ (start) the engine, but the dog___________________ (not move). James___________________ (jump) out of the car and ___________________(shout) at the dog. The dog ___________________(bark) at him and ___________________ (start) to run. James ___________________ (follow) the dog. Suddenly, he ___________________ (see) two girls lying on the grass. They ___________________(bleed). She ___________________(stop) to help them.

Teacher: Alvaro Leis

3.- FUTURE SIMPLE / <BE> GOING TO. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

verbs in brackets: I __________________ (get married) next year. We have everything planned I __________________ (take) the state exam next year. I am quite cold. - Ok, I __________________ (close) the window. I expect I __________________ (be) late. The piano player has a special plan for the weekend. He __________________ (learn) how to make a fruit cake. I must stay at home this afternoon because my father __________________ (call) me. I still don't have a present for Lucy. I think I __________________ (buy) her a CD. I'm sorry I must leave today. - No problem. I __________________ (take) you to the airport. If she helps you with your homework, the other students__________________ (tell) the teacher. If you don't leave, I __________________ (call) the police. It is getting late. I think I __________________ (go) home. She __________________ (have) a baby in five months. These exercises are very difficult. If you want I __________________ (explain) them to you. These shoes are very dirty. I __________________ (clean) them. This car is very old. I __________________ (buy) a new one. What __________________ (you do) with all the money?

VOCABULARY Complete the definitions: 1. ___________________ 2. ___________________ 3. ___________________ 4. ___________________ 5. ___________________

An instrument with white and black keys. A big instrument with four strings which you put on the floor A metal golden musical instrument that you blow into, used mainly in jazz A metal golden instrument with only three keys (valves) An electric instrument with six four strings.

Translate the sentences 1. ¿Te gustaría ir a jugar al tenis?. - Me temo que no puedo. Voy a ir a ayudar a mi padre _________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. No me apetece tocar la guitarra esta tarde _________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. ¿Que tal si vemos una peli esta noche? - Sí. Eso suena genial. _________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. La buena noticia es que almacén no se hundió __________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Las pinturas y los modelos viajaban en la maleta _________________________________________________________________________________________

Teacher: Alvaro Leis

4 UNIT 1 - II  
4 UNIT 1 - II  

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