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Music and Film

4th ESO

Unit 1 - I

GRAMMAR 1.- PRESENT SIMPLE OR PRESENT CONTINUOUS. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

My brother __________________________ (like) this CD very much. He __________________________ (travel) in China this summer. We __________________________ (go) to lunch now. Would you like to join us? We always __________________________ (visit) Grandma on Sundays. In this photo, we __________________________ (play) volleyball on the beach. I __________________________ (play) tennis every day. My father can’t come to the phone now. He __________________________ (take) a shower. My father __________________________ (work) as an accountant in a big company. I think this pen __________________________ (cost) $8. I can’t play online games now. My brother __________________________ (use) the computer to do his homework. A: ______________ you ___________________ (do) your homework now? B: Yes, I __________________________. This photo was taken when I was three. My father __________________________ (carry) me on his shoulders. People ______________ always ___________________ (buy) new mobile phones. Can you see Anna? She __________________________ (stand) at the bus stop. ______________ you still ___________________ (watch) TV?

2.- PRESENT SIMPLE OR PRESENT CONTINUOUS: Complete the gaps in the following text with the correct form of the verb in brackets John lives in a small village near the sea. He___________________ (work) at the local post office. He___________________ (not drive) to work because the office is near his home. He always ___________________ (walk) to work. In the afternoons, he__________________ (play) cricket with his friends. They ___________________ (not have) much to do in the evenings, but John ___________________ (love) his life in the village. This week everything is different. He ___________________ (stay) with his brother in London. He ___________________ (drive) everywhere, but he ___________________ (not like) it. He ___________________ (want) to go back to his village.

Teacher: Alvaro Leis

3.- PAST SIMPLE OR PAST CONTINUOUS: Complete the sentences with the correct form of the 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

verbs in brackets: When I _________________ (do) the washing-up, I __________________ (break) a plate. While Tom __________________ (play) the piano, his mother __________________(do) the washing-up. He __________________ (drink) some juice and then he __________________ (eat) a few chips. I __________________ (have) dinner when I suddenly __________________ (hear) a loud bang. When my father __________________ (work) in the garden, an old friend __________________ (pass) by to see him. She __________________ (go) to school, __________________ (take) out her textbook and __________________ (begin) to learn. When it __________________ (start) to rain, our dog __________________ (want) to come inside. When Jane __________________ (do) a language course in Ireland, she __________________ (visit) Blarney Castle. When I __________________ (be) on my way home, I __________________ (see) an accident. I __________________ (not / understand) what they __________________ (talk) about.

4.- FUTURE SIMPLE OR <BE> GOING TO. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets: 1. They have already decided. They __________________ (leave) for the USA next week. 2. Don't lift that heavy suitcase. You __________________ (hurt) your back. 3. __________________ (you/help) me with my homework, Dad? It is very difficult. 4. The sky is full of dark clouds. It __________________ (rain) heavily. 5. It is hot in here. - Oh, Ok. I __________________ (open) all the windows. 6. I promise that I __________________ (give) you a ring when I arrive in Athens. 7. Be careful! You __________________ (fall) off the bike. 8. The doorbell is ringing. Who __________________ (open) the door? 9. I am sure the teacher __________________ (understand) your problem. Don't worry. 10. No, I can't meet him this afternoon. I __________________ (visit) my friend in hospital. 11. I've got a terrible headache. - Have you? Wait there and I __________________ (get) an aspirin for you. 12. Why are you filling that bucket with water? - I __________________ (wash) the car. 13. I've decided to re-paint this room. - Oh, have you? What colour __________________ (you/paint) it? 14. Look ! There's smoke coming out of that house. It's on fire ! - My God! I__________________ (call) the fire-brigade immediately. 15. Where are you going? Are you going shopping? - Yes, I _________________ (buy) something for dinner. 16. I can't work out how to use this camera. - It's quite easy. I__________________ (show) you. 17. What would you like to drink - tea or coffee? - I __________________ (have) tea, please. 18. Has George decided on what to do when he leaves school? - Oh yes. Everything is planned. He_________________ (have) a holiday for a few weeks. 19. Did you post that letter for me? - Oh, I'm sorry. I completely forgot. I__________________(do) it now! 20. We need some bread for lunch. - Oh, do we? I __________________ (go) to the shop and get some. I feel like a walk.

Teacher: Alvaro Leis

4 UNIT 1 - I  
4 UNIT 1 - I  

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