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UNIT 1 (II) The Media

2nd Bach

GRAMMAR: PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE / PRESENT PERFECT CONT. Complete the sentences: o This evening I __________________________ (write) two letters to my parents o My daughter__________________________ (write) letters to her friends for hours o This morning I__________________________ (prepare) breakfast for my wife o Today Lucy__________________________ (phone)her boyfriend three times o My friends__________________________ (travel) around Italy for five months o I __________________________ (rehearse) for the musical all evening o I __________________________ (learn)English since I was a child o We are coming from the beach where my kids __________________________ (make)a sandcastle o Why are you so dirty? I __________________________ (work) in the garden o I __________________________ (be) to Malaga for three days with my in-laws o I__________________________ (finish) my homework. Now I am going to rest o My brother __________________________ (watch) TV for three hours o John__________________________ (study) since 3 o'clock o The fatal accident just __________________________ (happen). The police haven't arrived yet. o __________________________ (you / see) my watch? I have just lost it PAST PERFECT (SIMPLE OR CONTINUOUS) / SIMPLE PAST. Complete the sentences: o o o o o o o o o o

It __________________________ (be) a cold and rainy Sunday, so I (decide) to finish the essay that I __________________________ (start) writing a few days before. I __________________________ (switch) on the computer and __________________________ (open) the document. Then I __________________________ (begin) looking for my notes that I ___________________ _______ (handwrite) on a sheet of paper. But the notes __________________________ (be) not on my desk and I _______________ ___________ (can / not) remember where I (put) them. I __________________________ (turn) the whole house upside down. And where__________________________ (find / I) my notes? I __________________________ (leave) them in the sitting room, under a huge staple of papers and magazines. Now that I __________________________ (find) my notes, I __________________________ (want) to continue writing my essay. First I __________________________ (know / not) what to write but then I _______________ ___________ (have) lots of ideas. After I __________________________ (reboot) my computer, I __________________________ (see) that at least 5 of the pages I __________________________ (type) __________ ________________ (be) missing. So I __________________________ (have) to start all over again

Colexio PlurilingĂźe Divina Pastora (Ourense)

Teacher: Ă lvaro Leis

UNIT 1 (II) The Media TRANSFORMATIONS. Rewrite the sentences so both of them have similar meaning: o The last time I took part in a play was in 1998 I haven’t _________________________________________________________________________ o They started rehearsing at 7.30 and itis 10.30 now and the havent finished (been) They __________ _________ ______________________________________________________ o I arrived at the stadium five minutes before the game started. After I__________________________________________________________________________ o The editor checked all the news and then he agreed to publish them all. After the editor_______ ____________________________________________________________ o Soon after the press conference all the tabloid ran the story. (just) The celebrity_____________________________________________________________________ o The journalist was writing the article for more than an hour and then he corrected it. Before the journalist ________________________________________________________________ o The newsreader went through all the news before he read them (already) The newsreader ___________________________________________________________________ o Did I really do that when I was 4. I don’t remember it. I don’t remember ____________________________________________________________ o I’m sorry but I won’t be able to publish your article in tomorrow’s paper I regret ______________________________________________________________________ o Oh, no! I didn’t buy the broadsheet you asked me. I forgot _____________________________________________________________________ o If you accept that job you’ll have to work at night. That job means ____________________________________________________________________ o The newsreader kept silent for a while and had some water. The newsreader ______________________________________________________________ o I looked into her eyes. I knew she was about to tell me the bad news. As soon as ____________________________________________________________________ VOCABULARY: Translate into English: o Los testigos extendieron el rumor de la boda secreta de la famosa. _________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ o El presentador de informativos ojeó los titulares del periódico (serio). _________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ o El presentador leyó primero las noticias de última hora sobre un incendio en una gran discoteca _________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ o Me han dado un buen papel en la próxima obra de teatro y llevamos ensayando dos semanas _________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Colexio Plurilingüe Divina Pastora (Ourense)

Teacher: Álvaro Leis

2 UNIT 1 - II  

Review of Unit 1: Grammar and Vocabulary

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