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VOCABULARY: Translate: o El tiempo vuela cuando te lo estás pasando muy bien ____________________________________________________________________________ o Cuanto más la miro, más me gusta esa chica. _____________________________________________________________________________ o ¿En que has estado metido estos días? Han sido unas vacaciones enormemente aburridas. _____________________________________________________________________________ o Quiero mantenerte informado sobre las últimas noticias, así que te enviaré un mail por semana. ______________________________________________________________________________ o Hoy es más frecuente que la genta envíe mails a que escriban cartas. ______________________________________________________________________________ o Los ciudadanos corrientes está sufriendo la crisis más que los bancos. ______________________________________________________________________________ o El terremoto causó una ola gigante y mató a muchas personas. ______________________________________________________________________________ o Los psicólogos dicen que la edad media de los pacientes que los visitan es de cincuenta y tres. ______________________________________________________________________________

GRAMMAR: PRESENT SIMPLE / PRESENT CONTINUOUS / PRESENT PERFECT: o He usually ___________________ (watch) TV on Sundays. o I never ___________________ (go) out on Friday evening. o They usually ___________________ (have) dinner at 7 o'clock. o We ___________________ (rebuild) our house; now it looks much beautiful. o The waiter ___________________ (bring) the dessert. It seems to be delicious o She ___________________ (look) for a new house to live in. o He ___________________ (always/have) fun and never studies. It’s annoying. o She ___________________ (not work) very hard. He has improved a lot. o At present Lucy ___________________ (work) on her project. o It ___________________ (always/rain) in the south of England. You can never go t the beach, even in summer PARTICLES. Put a tick where the particle should go o We have suffered an earthquake in our village (just) o The musician practices during the evening (seldom) o They are using the telephone. You’ve got to wait. (still) o We have finished 4th ESO (already) o They have to take a rest after their work (usually) o The king and the queen are in the palace most of their free time (generally)

Extra exercises

Teacher: Álvaro Leis

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ADJECTIVES: -ED / -ING. Rewrite the sentences again so both have the same meaning: Trying to walk in the wind frustrates me. It’s _______________________________________________________________ I felt really tired after running the marathon in New York. Running the marathon in New York is___________________________________ The findings of the survey are really annoying. I felt ______________________________________________________________ I always worry about my studies. My studies are ______________________________________________________ I was shocked when I heard the latest news about the racer The news about _____________________________________________________

COMPARATIVES : complete the sentences: o She’s much __________ her husband. (young) o It’s a __________ day _____ yesterday. (warm) o The vegetables in the shop are _______________ the one ones in the supermarket. (fresh) o The train is __________ _____ the bus (expensive) o The new TV programme is _______________ the old one. (funny) o Mrs. Jones is a __________ teacher ____ Mr. Andrews. (good) o My office is _______________ Helen’s. (near) o The traffic is _______________ it was last year. (noisy) o You have a __________ life _____ I have. (busy) o Drivers in this country are ___________________________ drivers in my country. (dangerous) COMPARATIVES: the ...., the ....: o The food is salty / you are thirsty The saltier the food is, the thirstier you’ll be o The air conditioning you use / The place is cold. The more air conditioning you use, __________________________________________________ o You help her / She will be happy The more you help her, ___________________________________________________________ o The waves are high / They are dangerous The higher the waves are, _________________________________________________________ o If you are relaxed you will be successful The more relaxed you are _________________________________________________________ o If you dress elegantly, you will look pretty. The more elegantly you dress, _____________________________________________________ QUESTION TAGS. Complete the sentences o You won’t go, ________________________? o You would tell me, ________________________? o She can’t come, ________________________? o They aren’t working, ________________________? o She likes the Beatles, ________________________? o They should be there now, ________________________? o She isn’t angry, ________________________? o You are very motivated, ________________________?

Extra exercises

Teacher: Álvaro Leis

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