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VOCABULARY: Translate: o Cuanto más tiempo libre tiene, más lo malgasta. ____________________________________________________________________________ o Este tipo de música es mucho más relajante que la de los 40 Principales. _____________________________________________________________________________ o Cuanto más practico este deporte, más sano me siento. _____________________________________________________________________________ o Si quieres jugar al baloncesto, cuanto más alto mejor. ______________________________________________________________________________ o Está malgastando más y más oportunidades cada día. ______________________________________________________________________________ o Este gráfico es mucho más complicado de entender de lo que pensaba. ______________________________________________________________________________ o Las olas causadas por los terremotos son más altas con diferencia que las del viento. ______________________________________________________________________________ o Esa chica es demasiado joven y aún no ha sentido la atracción (placer) de las fiestas nocturnas. ______________________________________________________________________________

GRAMMAR: PRESENT SIMPLE / PRESENT CONTINUOUS / PRESENT PERFECT: o I __________________________ (not/understand). What __________________________ (happen)? o Excuse me, __________________________ (you/know) the time? o This is a great party. I __________________________ (have) a lovely time. o We can’t use the lift because it __________________________ (not/work). o a: What __________________________ (you/do) here? B: Nothing. o a: __________________________ (Penny/like) cheese sandwiches? B: No, she __________________________ o We __________________________ (be) her for ages. We are really tired of waiting. o a: What time __________________________ (the sun/rise)? B: It __________________________ (rise) at7.30. o We__________________________ (not/watch) videos at school. o Look out of the window! It __________________________ (snow). o a: __________________________ (you/wear) a uniform at your school? B: Yes, __________________________ o I don’t want to read the paper again. I __________________________ (read) it yet o Look! Charles __________________________ (just/arrive). Let’s go and talk to him.

Extra exercises

Teacher: Álvaro Leis

PARTICLES: write the sentences again with the particle in the correct place: o Jack lost his job a year ago and he is unemployed (STILL) __________________________________________________________________ o Do you want me to tell Liz the news or does she know? (ALREADY) __________________________________________________________________ o I'm hungry. Is dinner ready? (YET) __________________________________________________________________ o Can we wait a few minutes? I don't want to go out (YET) __________________________________________________________________ o Jill used to work at the airport but she has changed her job. (JUST) __________________________________________________________________ o I used to live in Amsterdam. I have a lot of friends there (STILL) __________________________________________________________________ o "Shall I introduce you to Jim?" -"There's no need. We've met" (ALREADY) __________________________________________________________________ o Do you live in the same house or have you moved? (STILL) __________________________________________________________________ o Would you like to eat with us have you eaten? (ALREADY) __________________________________________________________________ FOR OR SINCE : complete the sentences: o It's a long time _____________ I had a good meal o I haven't had a good meal _____________ ages o I've been waiting for Tom _____________6.00; I wonder if he's lost his way. o Ever_____________ his accident he's been afraid of flying. o I haven't seen Tom _____________we left school. FOR , SINCE or AGO : rewrite the sentences using For, Since or Ago: o I got here an hour ago - You mean you've been waiting for an hour? o The last visitor called at four o'clock - So you've had no visitors_________________________________________ ? o I haven't been to the dentist for ten years - You mean that you last went______________________________________? o I saw Wendy on Tuesday, I think - You haven't seen her _____________________________________________? o We've had six weeks without rain. - You mean it last rained____________________________________________ ? o It's five years since our wedding - Oh, you've been married ___________________________________________? o It's eight months since Graham worked. - So he lost his job _________________________________________________? o Mrs Brooks was taken ill three weeks ago - So she's been ill __________________________________________________?

Extra exercises

Teacher: Ă lvaro Leis

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Translations and Grammar

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