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Alvaro Gomez-Selles / Architect / Designer

Álvaro Gómez-Sellés, born on 8/8/88 in Madrid. Licensed architect by Madrid School of Architecture (ETSAM - Madrid,ES) In the past years enjoyed the International mobility scholarship at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD - Providence, US), the European mobility scholarship at The Barttlet School (UCL - London,UK) and the european placement scholarship at Uberbau Architecture & Urbanism (Berlin,DE) Worked in different fields as architecture, research and urbanism for OMA-AMO (Rotterdam,NL) ODA (New York, US) and Uberbau (Berlin,DE); Branding and visual merchandising for The Camden eye -The pub company and co. (London,UK) and Art merchandising and graphic design for Emma Fernandez Art studio (Madrid,ES) Here I present a compilation of work systems over the last eight years. Projects published here are meant to be read as a mixture of all the attitudes that interfere in my architectural design process. Each one of them, as the ingredients of a receipt, define a way of thinking and a mode of doing.


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Las Vegas Palazuelo Erfurt horizontal skycraper Greendwich 70 tower Home intervention Improbabilities research Agrarian energetic land regeneration Biomass power plant and research center

LAS VEGAS Presentation of the design principles developed in the book ‘’Learning from Las Vegas’’ and its specific application to the development of a proposed project of regeneration of the urban space around Euston Station (London, UK). University: The Bartlett School, University College of London (UCL) Professor / Course: Stephen Marshall / Design studio Date / Year: 2009 / 4th year

PALAZUELO Generation through the work systems of the spanish artist Pablo Palazuelo, new geometric compositions introducing new personal variants and tecnichs. 3m x 1m , Printed on canvas. University: School of Art and Architecture, Universidad Europea de Madrid (uem) Professor / course: MarĂ­a Fullaondo / Spatial and digital drawing studio. Date / year: 2008 / 2nd year.

ABSTRACT SPATIALITY RESEARCH. Abstract spatial situations that decontextualizes the creative process generated by 3D softwares (3D studio) through the repetiton of modular systems . University: School of Art and Architecture, Universidad Europea de Madrid (uem) Professor / course: MarĂ­a Fullaondo / Computer-aided design Date / year: 2007 / 1st year

ERFURT HORIZONTAL SKYSCRAPER Project developed during the Tall building workshop organized by Parsons the new school of design (New York, US), RISD (Providence, US) and Erfurt universität (Erfurt, Germany) . The target was to design a new tall building in Erfurt (Germany) that reactivate the train station area and become an icon of the city. The proposal is based on a horizontal skyscraper structure that unifies the urban fabric gaps cause by the existing physical barries wich divides the city in two, the highway and the train tracks. The project is meant to be a new way of urban growth that gets over the old urban barriers and set free the ground level. University: Parsons the New School of Design Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Erfurt Technishë Universität Professor / course: Jonathan Knowles / advanced studio 6 Date / year: 2011 / 5th year

New urban ele Areas to ocuppy, s

eveted fabric : sample of growth

G70 TOWER NYC Due to the ISOVER 011 competition, the goal of this project is to design a sustainable tower in Manhattan with zero carbon emission. The tower shapes itself in order to absorve the weather forces, capturing and redriving the wind flows and minimizing the solar expousure. Also provides a new vertical public graden for the urban fabric, located in the ‘’courtyard’’ of the tower, conecting the ground level ‘’the city’’ with the roof top ‘’the tower’’, mixing the private and the public use. University: Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Professor / course: Johnathan Knowles / Advanced studio 8 Date / year: 2011 / 5th year

IMPROBABILITIES RESARCH Research about the different types of mechanisms and design tools that produce and controls an architectural decission. The design process was based on the interpretation of graphic information from two jpeg compositions and its conversion into architectural codes of information that could shape a building. The information was selected and transformed regarding the phollowing parameters: graphic desviation, programatic desviation, materiality desviation, technical desviation & presential desviation. University: Madrid School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Madrid (etsam) Professor / Course: Eduardo Arroyo / Advanced studio 6 Date / Year: 2009 / 4th year. * Check out fisuras magazine nยบ15 desviations

AGRARIAN-ENERGETIC LAND REGENERATION The project stems from the conception of architecture as a tool for social and economic regeneration, seeking the renewal of a society in crisis by reviving unprofitable means of production. Spain with 6.000.000 unemployed workers in 2013 reached 3.000.000 hectares of abandoned agricultural profitable land. In addition to this socio-economic crisis there is a negative energy balance, 77% of the energy consumed in Spain in 2013 was imported. Regarding the EU energy politics the lands set aside for food production, should be used for energy crops (BIOMASS) Spain with 3M Ha of abandoned lands could produce approximately 20% of the energy that was imported in 2013. Therefore, the strategy focuses on the location of the regi贸n in Spain with more abandoned lands. >> REGION OF CARBALLEDA Area =1,216 km2 Abandoned agricultural area = 83% Potential biomass level= 1,250,000 ton/year Population Density = 2.33hab/km2 Population = 2,835 Municipalities = 12 >> STRATEGIES 1.Interpretation of the territory, according to energetic parameters related with the biomass transportation. 2. Establishment of three routes of biomass transportation conected by a central node. 3. Search for an optimal location for the energy transformation. 4. Establishment of a biomass power plant in the central node. >> SOCIO-ECONOMIC EFFECTS - Re-activation of the economy - Generation of employment - Increase of population - Self-sufficient energy system

BIOMASS TRANSPORTATION MAP Interpretation of the territory, according to energetic parameters related with the biomass transportation in order to stablish three routes of biomass transportation conected by a central node where the biomass will be transformed into electric energy.


Sample of land distribution and road deformation of the East route Total biomass production R.A= 4787 ton/year Total lenght R.A= 6798,25 km Total agrarian regions R.A= 10 Each agrarian region will grow the biomass products independently and store it in the region biomass storage unit. The biomass will be gathered up by a general transportation system for the whole route that will transport it to the central node.



RESEARCH CENTER The biomass produced by the energy grid ,developed in the previous research, must be transformed into electricity by a power plant. The biomass in order to be produced need new workers and new techniches. Therefore this power plant will also host a Research and training center. This architectural device work as an extension of the local energy grid. The biomass through a process of combustion will be converted in steam and hot water. The steam through a turbine will become electricity and the hot water through a heat exchanger will become a radiant floor that will heat the human spaces passively. The architectural device becomes the hub of regional energy resources. For this reason has two programs with very specific and different physical demands, these space requirements are merged into a single architectural system in which both coexist symbiotically. As a central node in a network of smooth transport the building is positioned above the road, not occupying land that are considered productive means. Freight traffic flows under it and the conversion of goods in different physical states articulated therein.

West elevation

Floor plan Learning and training use

Cross section

South elevation

ÁLVARO GÓMEZ - SELLÉS Born on 8/8/88 in Spain Lived between: Statenweg 140 3039 Rotterdam NL 503 Clinton Ave Brooklyn 11238, New York US 9 Wiener strasse 10999 Berlin DE 3 Regency St Providence 01903, Rhode Island US 2 Kentish Town Road NW1 9NX London UK Minas 15 28004 Madrid ES

Professional experience: O M A / Office for Metropolitan Architecture (Rotterdam, NL) Intern architect - Sept 2012, December 2012.

Participated in the reconversion of the Small Hermitage into the New Kunsthalle of the Hermitage Museum, St.Petersburg. Collaborated in all project phases from the design development to the construction documents. ODA / Office for Design and Architecture (New York, US) Intern architect - June, Sept 2012.

Worked in two high rise projects at different design phases, as concept design for 93 Worth st tower, a 170 000 GSF residential development in Manhattan, NY; and design development for 241 5th Avenue tower, a 20 story mixed use development in Manhattan, NY. Uberbau / Architecture & Urbanism (Berlin, DE) Intern architect - June, Sept 2011. / European placement scholar.

Collaborated in the international competition for the urban development of Al-Dhamiya, one of Baghdad’s central neighbourhoods, supporting tasks in the domains of: Conceptual design, urban research, architectural drawing, model making and project management. The Camden eye / The pub company & co. (London, UK) Freelance graphic designer - September 2009, January 2010.

Designed The Camden eye visual merchandising and branding management. Emma Fernandez / Art studio (Madrid, ES) Freelance artist / graphic designer - June 2008, currently working.

Participated in different projects as the artist’s catalogues (Emma Fernandez, Junta de Andalucía) and worked in the pattern making for the artwork background for the Bienal de Panamá 2012 exhibition. Education: Madrid School of Architecture / Polythecnic University of Madrid (ETSAM) Master of Architecture, Licensed architect - 2014 Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Bachelor of Architecture, International mobility scholar - Spring semester 2011 The Barttlet School / University College of London (UCL) Bachelor of Urban Design, European mobility scholar - Fall semester 2009 School of Art and Architecture / European University of Madrid (UEM) Bachelor of Architecture - 2006-2008 Computer skills: 2D : Adobe Photoshop, Ilustrator, Premiere, InDesign and Autocad. 3D : Autocad, Rhino, hand model making and laser cut. Officce management : Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. Exhibitions and publications: RISD - Façade film festival 2010 RISD - Arch Summer show 2010 Parsons - RISD - Erfurt University - Tall building workshop, springbreak 2011 The Barttlet School (UCL) - Urban design department show 2009 UEM - Projects year book 2006-2007-2008



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