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Full shade covers are weather resistant A design of a patio (a backyard structure that may or may not be attached to your house) can be a good indicator of architectural prowess as it creates the first impression on the visitor. Choosing the best design of lattice patio covers is essential but could be a nightmare with so many options available. The patios provide protection from rain and over exposure to sun rays. For those who love to enjoy the outdoors, it can be an ideal place for a number of daily activities like setting up barbeque on long summers, relaxing under the shade etc. It can also serve as a playing area for children.

The design of patio covers can be of three types – Partial shade or lattice patio covers and full shade or customized design. Each of the three designs has their own benefits. Full shade covers are weather resistant; they are strong and durable. They can protect outdoor furniture and can be converted into future room enclosure. Since they support lights and fans as well, they can also create a comfortable and a cozy retreat and they can be installed fast as well as they are easily maintainable. Lattice patio covers on the other hand are partial shade covers. The patio cover adds to the style quotient of the building and provides flexibility with regards to the amount of shade required. The set of advantages provided by patio cover is the same as full shade covers, but it looks more elegant. It also provides a good cover for sensitive plants. The first step for building a lattice patio covers are planning which involves deciding on the area where the patio has to be built, the distance between the beams in the lattice etc. Once planned, the color scheme of the paving is to be decided.

The patio cover could also be a freestanding patio cover which means that it is not attached to the main building. One can consider laying gravels in spaces or decorative chippings or incorporate a water feature or pond in the patio design. Then the slabs have to be laid to create patterns. The slabs need not be alongside each other – they can be laid as a path beside a border or as stepping stones across the lawn. Another decision to be taken is the material to be used- Wood or Aluminum. Obviously, when compared to wood, aluminum and lattice patio covers are much more durable and can be better resistant to damages caused by rain. The Aluminum patio is also less expensive to install. Also, the aluminum patios require much less maintenance. It is advisable to get find the patio cover contractor unless one completely knows what they are doing. One must go through reviews and contractors website for more information.

Full shade covers are weather resistant  

Lattic patio covers full shade covers are weather resistant .

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