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Product Data Sheet Inspection Chamber KS5/KS5-GR Technical Data Inspection Chamber KS 5

Order No. 4266

Made of galvanized, plastic-coated steel with lateral slots for water passage. Detachable and walkable cover, with thermally insulating expanded polystyrene inlay and drainage slots according to German FLL-Green Roofing Guideline.

Inspection chambers for protection and inspection of roof outlets for shallow extensive green roofs and gravel roofs.

Height: Aperture: Flange: Slot width: Weight: Colour:

ca. 50 mm ca. 250 x 250 mm ca. 500 x 500 mm ca. 3 mm ca. 2.9 kg old silver-antique

Inspection Chamber KS 5-GR

Order No. 4264

as above, but with detachable galvanized grill. Mesh width: Weight:

alternatively available with

KSA 20

KSA 10

Features  fits all outlets, up to a 250 mm di-

ca. 33 x 11 mm ca. 3.7 kg

Accessories: Extension Piece KSA 10 Order No. 4249 Extension Piece KSA 20 Order No. 4250 for elevation of KS 5 / KS 5-GR in segments of 100 or 200 mm.

Application Example System “Sedum Carpet”


 frost proof due to insulated cover

galvanized grill

 walkable, corrosion-resistant  lateral slots ensure for installation within the gravel drainage layer and the connection of the System Gutter SR 50

 overflow function via the cover, in case of flooding

 elevation with additional extension pieces

Specification Suggestion Inspection chamber of galvanized and plastic-coated steel; colour: old silverantique, with wide support flange and lateral drainage slots, walkable thermally insulating cover or alternatively with galvanized grill, mesh width ca. 33 x 11 mm, height ca. 50 mm, load bearing capacity, Class H, according to German Standard

ALUMASC EXTERIOR BUILDING PRODUCTS LTD Tel: +44 (0)1744 648400 Fax: +44 (0)1744 648401 Email:

according to German Standard DIN 1986, lid slots according to German FLL-Guidelines, delivery and installation according to manufacturer´s instructions. Make: ZinCo Inspection Chamber KS 5 / KS 5-GR Enquiries: ZinCo GmbH,

Subject to technical alterations and printing errors • First edition 08/1994; Revised 01/2012

 alternatively available with


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