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Product Datasheet Hydrogard 30

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May 2012


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Description Hydrogard 30 is a glass/polyester reinforced TPO modified bitumen heavy duty protection sheet, with a smooth finished upper surface, and sanded underside. Use As a heavy duty protection sheet for Hydrotech Monolithic Membrane 6125. Application Laid directly into the second coat of Hydrotech, with 75mm Hydrotech sealed overlaps. Storage Store upright in a clean, dry location, away from heat sources. Fire Rating F.AA to BS476 pt 3:2004 – External fire exposure to roofs, when used as a ballasted or paved system. Product Data Thickness Width Length Weight Weight per roll

3.0mm 1.1m 12.73m 3.2 kg/m2 45 kg

Performance Data Tensile Strength – longitudinal Tensile Strength – transverse Elongation at break – longitudinal Softening point Cold Flex

>600 N/50mm >600 N/50mm 40% 150°C -20°C

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The company pursues a policy of constant product development and information contained in this publication is therefore subject to change without notice. The customer is responsible for ensuring that each product is fit for its intended purpose and that the conditions for use are suitable. All quoted data is nominal and subject to production tolerances.


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