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Euroroof Rapid Single Layer Torch-Applied Bituminous Overlay When to Specify Euroroof Rapid is a single layer torch-applied overlay for the re-establishment of the long-term waterproof integrity of roofs in need of refurbishment, eliminating the need to strip off the existing roof covering and minimising disruption – affording both short and long-term cost benefits.

Key Features Lifespan The Euroroof Rapid membrane has a typical life expectancy in excess of 20 years (under normal UK climatic conditions) and has been tested for resistance to ultraviolet (UV) degradation, in accordance with EN 1297.

Durability Euroroof Rapid membranes are reinforced with a non-woven, single strand composite polyester fabric to ensure excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability. Euroroof Rapid Cap Sheet

Performance The Euroroof Rapid membrane has an extra thick dual bitumen compound that saturates the existing roof membrane; minimising the risk of blistering due to trapped moisture between the layers, providing a high strength bond to the prepared substrate.

Existing Asphalt Existing Sheathing Felt

Cost-effective The quick installation method of Euroroof Rapid single layer overlay and the avoidance of the need to strip off the existing roof for disposal provides excellent time and cost efficiencies.

Quality Euroroof Rapid is manufactured and independently assessed against the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard, ensuring a consistently high performance product.

Environment Manufactured in accordance with the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standard, Euroroof Rapid can benefit BREEAM ratings (e.g. Section MAT5 for the responsible sourcing of materials) and contribute to a ‘very good’ rating in the BRE’s Green Guide to Specification (an ‘A+’ rating is achievable when installed on timber or metal decks).

Screed Concrete Deck

Warranties Alumasc offers a comprehensive range of warranty options. The typical warranty period for Euroroof Rapid is 20 years. Installed exclusively by Euroroof Approved Contractors and underpinned by Alumasc’s extensive project support service, Alumasc warranties cover both product and installation. Independent insurance backed latent product defect warranties are also available through FSA licensed brokers.



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Euroroof Rapid Single Layer Torch-Applied Bituminous Overlay System Components Application 1. Clean the application surface and apply Alumasc Bitumen Primer where required at a rate of 6-8m2/litre. 2. Starting at the lowest point of the roof, position the Euroroof Rapid Cap Sheet such that all overlaps are with the slope. 3. Apply and position the Euroroof Rapid Cap Sheet in a staggered pattern to avoid creating areas where the membrane overlap is against the slope, and so that the overlaps are in the direction of the outlets. 4. Note: Pre-cut the lower corner of the end of each roll at 45º where it will be overlapped by the end lap of the next roll. 5. Roll out and position each roll before re-rolling half of its length and beginning application. 6. Using a propane gas torch, heat the entire surface of the Euroroof Rapid Cap Sheet, making sure that the compound forms a liquid mass in front of the roll and fully bonds to the underlay. A small (approx 5-10mm) continuous bead of compound must always visible at the joint.

n Euroroof Rapid Cap Sheet is a 5.5 kg/m² polyester-reinforced composite membrane, supplied in 1 x 8m rolls, intended for torch-application as a single layer overlay. The underside of distilled bitumen and polymers has been specifically developed to achieve the requisite workability and adhesion to the existing waterproofing membrane. The mineral protective surface reduces heat absorption and improves the durability of the membrane, whilst the integral nonwoven polyester reinforcement provides excellent mechanical strength and dimensional resistance. n Alumasc Bitumen Primer is a low viscosity, solvent-based bitumen primer intended to maximise the adhesion of bituminous membranes to metal and porous substrates.

7. Re-roll the remaining half and repeat the operation above. 8. Side laps must be 100mm and head laps 150mm. 9. At upstands, ensure that the waterproofing extends at least 150mm above the finished roof surface and laps onto the adjoining roof membrane by at least 100mm. Complete the detail with two layers: Fully bonded Euroroof Mastergold Underlay and Euroroof Mastergold Mineral Cap Sheet by torching. The head of the detail must be terminated with a suitable mechanical termination. NB: Euroroof Rapid waterproofing is exclusively installed by a nationwide network of Euroroof Approved Contractors.

Technical Support Alumasc Technical Services provide an extensive project support service that includes site surveys, project specifications, performance calculations (e.g. U-values, condensation risk analysis), CAD detail drawings and general technical advice. Contact Alumasc Technical Services via:  +44 (0) 1744 648400  Online resources are available on our website or via the embedded links below: Web Links  Brochures & Datasheets  NBS Specifications

The company pursues a policy of constant product development and information contained in this publication is therefore subject to change without notice. The customer is responsible for ensuring that each product is fit for its intended purpose and that the conditions for use are suitable. All quoted data is nominal and subject to production tolerances.



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 CAD Drawings for typical details


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