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Online Meeting Software for Enhancing Knowledge Sharing Process The traditional pattern of hosting business meetings and training employees within the confines of a room are no longer valid. Nowadays any communication has to be conducted on a large scale as there are several people involved such as partners, stakeholders, suppliers, customers, employees etc. Hosting conferences and seminars in small batches is impractical and a waste of time and resources. There is a need for novel methods that induce healthy practices without any adverse effects.

Businesses can now address a large audience located in any geographical area at the same time with the help of the online meeting software. This tool facilitates live interactions between the participants and issues can be resolved effectively without delays. The possibility of going overboard with the cost is nil as there is no travel involved and the attendees can easily communicate live through the video conferencing mediums.

The online meeting tool records and documents the information shared in the live events. This information is stored in a structured manner for easy access when need arises. The tool provides the user on-demand content easily and without delays by deploying intelligent search capabilities. The user can access live information through video webcasts or web conferencing tools. This tool delivers exceptional video search results by allowing the user to download video as mp3 audio or mp4 video or as powerpoint with embedded transcripts.

The video and slides can be searched and accessed as text documents as the video is synchronized with slides and scrolling transcripts. The user is provided with live updates and feedback. This tool is extremely beneficial for sharing the knowledge with others in future. An electrifying, educational and interactive environment is created with group chats. These virtual events foster collaboration within the enterprise and effective policies can be administered without incurring any costs.

A business that is up to date with the latest happenings in the market and takes action on time will emerge stronger and resilient. In a dynamically changing environment information is a crucial aspect and the success of a business is largely dependent on how effectively this information is shared and utilized for progressing in the right direction. Often the corporate world fails to foresee the repercussions of staid methods for effective business communication. The online meeting tools are an eye-opener for businesses as tactful and diligent actions can yield rich harvests. It provides a universal platform for addressing all business needs and enforcing a cohesive policy for regulating and enhancing performances.

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Online Meeting Software for Enhancing Knowledge Sharing Process