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Enterprise Video: Making Of A Tech-Savvy Organization The advent of technology has seen the entry of the Internet into the business environment. The World Wide Web has paved way for the expansion of the business across geographical boundaries. With offices and manufacturing units and workforce spread across the globe, every globalized organisation looks for methods to keep all these units working in unison. This means the communication networks of these organisations should be strong enough with an easy access to the corporate network from any location across the globe. This has led to the innovation of the videos being used as a part of communication in an organization and has been termed as enterprise video. Before the Internet, the videos were used only through television in the form of commercial or recorded training programs stored in VHS or DVD’s. The Internet has created a powerful new medium for video and this market is expected to showcase a growth of around 26% in the future. Brand commercial video has become a must for most corporate websites and poses a new challenge for marketing. However, Online Video Platforms (OVPs) have made organising the videos a fairly simpler task. Further, most Corporates have now stared investing in enterprise video solutions not just as a marketing tools for creating brand advertisement commercials but also for communications within the corporate network, in the form of video conferencing and training sessions across global divisions. The future of enterprise videos is very promising. Integrating technological innovations into the methods of utilizing the videos have resulted in corporate sectors incorporating streaming of product demos, customer testimonials, Webinars, and announcements on their websites. However, this process also requires tracking by the sales team to ensure that the prospective clients view these collaterals. The management of the video database should also integrate effective video search tools to make it accessible to all prospective customers. The advent of cloud technology has facilitated the cloud-based searchable media platform for the enterprise videos. This rich media platform paved way for the Corporates to set new standards in enterprise videos search, capture. This platform also acts as a great tool for streamlining and accelerating the delivery of corporate training, enabling sales and partnerships conducting corporate video on demand training, and other events spanning over larger demographics. An enterprise video enabled organization will enable its employees and customers with tech savvy and innovative methods to achieve desired goals. This would also facilitate to raise the level of productivity, increase revenue, and enhance the bottom line of the organization. Also read on - Enable marketing, Sales enablement software

Enterprise Video: Making Of A Tech-Savvy Organization