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Effective Knowledge Capture for a Productive Organization The wealth of most organizations lies in the knowledge that is locked in the minds and the desktop of their employees. The ever changing business environment is dependent on the people for the capturing and sharing of that knowledge. In today’s competitive markets, it is no longer possible for companies to have rely on traditional methods like centralized creation, publications etc to get the knowledge to their people. Companies need to take proactive steps to share the requisite knowledge with their employees effectively. Companies can be in a better position to increase revenue and productivity by enabling users across the organization to add to the corporate knowledge base. There are a large number of organizations who are looking at various decentralized approaches for collecting and circulating corporate knowledge. To ensure that any specific piece of knowledge can be immediately available when and where it is needed, companies must effectively capture, share and make easily available the unending flow of wisdom. Main Challenges in Sharing Information ●

In a globally diverse environment, direct in-person sharing of knowledge is impractical and not cost effective. Travel costs and lost productivity often can outweigh the benefits that are achieved from physically bringing people together.

When the transfer of information is formalized, the essence and richness of knowledge is always found in the verbal interactions, and people forget what they learn very quickly.

People have to have the knowledge when they need it and no when it is imparted to them. The average spends ten weeks per year per looking for information they need and five of those weeks are totally wasted because they never find what they’re looking for.

The Solution Much like the circulatory system, knowledge needs to have the ability to circulate efficiently. Effective knowledge capture and sharing takes advantage of new tools that capture and transform knowledge into searchable, accessible information that can be handed to front-line users in specific bite-sized portions to support meeting immediate action-oriented objectives.

It is therefore necessary to: ● ● ● ●

Transparently Capture Knowledge Transform that Knowledge into Data Make the data Searchable and Accessible Maximize the Reusability and Repurposing of the Knowledge

Organizations spend a huge amount on content management, CRM and other knowledge management systems set out to make build a culture of collaboration and sharing of knowledge. And even the best content management systems in the world simply do not capture verbally conveyed knowledge. By using an enterprise video or audio recording, verbal knowledge irrespective of how it is shared, it can easily be captured and made available to everyone in the organization. By investing in a video search software in the organization, there are immediate payoffs in terms of productivity and profitability. There are also long-term dividends for both the enterprise and its employees as there is a higher level of knowledge, the ability achieve new heights of success.

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Effective Knowledge Capture for a Productive Organization  

The wealth of most organizations lies in the knowledge that is locked in the minds and the desktop of their employees

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