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10 Most Powerful Networking Solution Provider For Your Business

Networking Solution Provider Organization : 1. A10 Networks 2. Amazon 3. Apple 4. Arista 5. Avaya

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Altura CS Google Cisco Dell Microsoft

1.A10 Networks In 2010, IPO helped A10 Networks more than $187 million, enabling the application delivery controller company to continue making inroads into U.S. markets. A10 Networks has begun to focus heavily on security in recent months, and added a new aGalaxy 3.0 version in August 2014, that customers can use to manage A10’s enterprise DDoS protection gear in addition to its ADCs.

2. Amazon Inc. You know that whole cloud thing that all the cool kids – and non-cool kids – are talking about? Yeah, Amazon is something of a big deal there. Your connection to all the workloads you’ve got running on AWS is likely a central concern, so like it or not, Amazon is a massive influence on your network.

3. Altura Communication Solutions Many enterprise customers are realizing using a single vendor for all of your data networking needs locks you into 30% or more higher costs over the life of your data network. Altura supports a “best of breed� solutions approach, offering the best data networking solutions from Avaya, HP Networks, Extreme Networks, Cisco, and Aruba Networks.

4. Apple Inc. With heightened interest in IoT, and more and more objects such as apps, cloud services, and databases gaining the ability to communicate with existing system other IoT devices. IoT will drive a huge amount of new interconnections between new and existing systems and solutions. And the resulting information networks will reduce costs and risks, and improve business processes.

5. Arista Networks Aggressively targeting both high-end data center infrastructure and more limited deployments, Arista is competing – successfully, no less – with Cisco itself, in the wake of a 2014 IPO. The company is the standard-bearer of the platformagnostic, whitebox hardware revolution sweeping through the networking sector, and should continue to see its 9.3% share of the software-driven cloud market expand, according to analysts’ estimates provided to Barron’s.

6. Avaya Inc. Avaya, which claims to work with 95% of the Fortune 500, has come a long way since the days when you probably knew it primarily as the company that makes your desk phone. It’s a major player in the unified communications marketplace, battling with Cisco and Microsoft for supremacy, and has evolved to embrace SDN, with products that extend software-defined networking from the data center to the edge and branches.

7. Google Inc. Even though Google creates its own hardware and software for internal use, you’re probably not going to be using its boxes or running its code anytime soon. However, as the de facto gateway to the Internet for vast numbers of users, and increasingly enthusiastic provider of a growing range of cloud services, you’re definitely going to be dealing with their data. Google Drive now boasts a million paying organizational clients, the company said this month.

8. Cisco Systems Inc. There’s really not that much to say here, is there? The 800pound gorilla of networking hasn’t been without its crosses to bear of late – malware problems, construction issues and so on – but it’s inarguably the single most powerful company in enterprise networking, hands-down, boasting massive install bases across several major product categories. This summer saw the company appoint new CEO Chuck Robbins, who talked up Cisco’s plans for distributed infrastructure, analytics and security improvements.

9. Dell Inc. Since going private in 2013, the outlook for Dell Inc. has been largely positive – the company has shifted its focus from the loss-making PC business toward services, networking and software. Dell’s been among those at the forefront of the whitebox hardware movement, and its latest offerings have been well-reviewed by the experts.

10. Microsoft Corporation While the growth in endpoints is mostly elsewhere, a huge proportion of the world’s end-user computing is still done on Microsoft machines. Couple that with growth in major cloud services like Office365 – according to identity management service Okta, O365 is the most-used cloud app to date, surpassing even Salesforce – and Microsoft still has some serious network effects.

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10 Most Powerful Networking Solution Provider for Your Business  
10 Most Powerful Networking Solution Provider for Your Business  

Many enterprise customers are realizing using a single vendor for all of your data networking needs locks you into 30% or more higher costs...