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How to Score That Hog A Quick Guide from Hunting Leases in Texas Hog hunting is very popular in Texas mainly because it's usually seen as a favor. Hogs reproduce fast and can be a menace if their population is left unchecked. For this reason, hunting leases in Texas for hogs are easy to acquire. While it's different from more traditional hunting targets like moose, deer or ducks, if you want an exotic experience without the hassle, hogs are the way to go with hunting leases in Texas. Getting hunting leases in Texas for this sport isn't that hard because as mentioned, hogs can become pests. Not only would the hunting leases be simple to acquire, it's also likely that they'll be more affordable. Once you secure your lease from a local, take into consideration that hogs require slightly different tactics compared to more typical game. The first thing you have to do is remember that hogs are a lot more aggressive than deer or moose. They are also larger and more powerful so be prepared. Most hunting leases in Texas specifically indicate that if something happens to your hunting party, the landowner cannot be held responsible. In this light, you should really take the time to train and prepare for this particular hunt. Regardless of this, many hunters appreciate the additional challenge that hogs offer. As an example: a number of hunters prefer to use bows over guns for the added challenge. It should be noted, however, that if this is your first time attempting this, you're free to use whatever you like as long as it abides by state hunting laws. The advantage of using a bow is mainly stealth, at the expense of power. You really need to hit the right spot for a guaranteed kill. Many archery hunting enthusiasts also think that a bow is more accurate because it has no backlash, but others find it hard to adapt to the muscle coordination required for archery hunting. In the end however, it is up to you. Again, if this is your first time acquiring hunting leases in Texas for hogs, go with the weapon you're most comfortable with, as hogs can be dangerous as they are likely to attack. The next thing you should consider is that hogs are available for hunting all year round, regardless of the season. They reproduce at a rate of six to ten young per litter so many private landowners actually encourage hunting them. In big numbers, they can damage flora and worse, spread diseases. That being said, note that hogs are most active during the late afternoon to early evening. This is your timeframe when hogs are most active and will require the least amount of dumb luck in spotting one. As previously stated, hogs are prone to attacking compared to other game so it may be a good idea to take your time for a sure kill shot. Angering a hog can be a very dangerous thing to do.


Further preparation can include scouting for a nearby tree to climb if you somehow miss. It's also advantageous to shoot from a treetop angle so your safety is even more assured, but of course if the hog decides to bolt, it would be harder to catch. Hog hunting leases in Texas are easy to come by for a reason: people want to be rid of them. They represent a danger that actually inspires hunters to go for them over more docile game. If you have a lot of confidence in your skill, give hog hunting a try. Interested in learning what other game you can find in the state? Ready to get hog hunting leases in Texas for you and your hunting party? Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned hunter, if you’re looking for that one-stop resource for hunting in the great State of Texas, visit us at; made for hunters, by hunters.

Hunting Leases in Texas: How to Score that Hog  

Ever wondered what makes hog hunting leases in Texas so affordable? In this quick tutorial you'll learn why and how to use it to your advant...

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