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LMD 2500

LMD Long belt finishing Long belt finishing machine available from 2500mm table wide. Works flat surfaces with big dimensions. The flexible belt grinds and finishes joints and corners. Ideal for welding removal and surfaces cleaning. Different grinding tools available to match each finishing application. Table adjustable by motor.


Round pipe

Flat surfaces


MBL - Pipe notching Pipe notcher available in versions: MBL70 and MBL120. The strongest press for the most accurate jobs.. Easy and fast operation. Perfect results. Notching by angle. Wide range of rollers for every diameter.

LB - Workbench grinder Workbench grinding machine for performing the most diverse jobs. Available in LB50 and LB75 versions. Ideal for small parts weld or burr removing. Pedestal supplied as optional.

LHV 200 - Flexible grinder Belt grinder with rotative abrasive unit from vertical to horizontal working position. Flexible machine: enacles flat finishing of small parts as well as burr removing and grinding. Contact wheel for higher grinding capacity.

LV 200 - Vertical grinder Vertical belt grinder with adjustable table in height and per angle. Great freedom of work to match a wide range of jobs. Ideal for angle grinding to enable perfect joints.

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