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The Different Types of Laser Skin Treatment Laser skin treatment is an innovative technology that surgeons use to address blemishes and other flaws, in an effort to improve the appearance of patients. Surgeons use lasers containing carbon dioxide to vaporize the outer layer of the skin, allowing a new layer to form. This procedure reduces wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the areas near the eyes and mouth. It also removes unwanted hair, veins, scars and burns, and age spots using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy. The following is a brief discussion on some of the common types of laser skin treatment: Laser Hair Removal This procedure removes unwanted hair through an intense beam of light. The laser will pass through every hair follicle on the skin for complete removal. The heat of the laser will prevent the follicle from growing, allowing patients to experience its long-term effects. This procedure, however, doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal. The patient needs to undergo multiple sessions of hair removal and maintenance treatment to enjoy its benefits.

Laser Vein Removal This procedure treats spider veins and unwanted vascular wounds, such as rosacea and port wine stains. The veins usually disappear after two or three laser removal treatments with up to four weeks interval. For long-term effects, additional treatments might be necessary. Photo Facial Also called as a “foto facial,� this procedure uses a light-based technology that removes age spots, unwanted freckles, and other pigmented spots on the body. Cosmetic specialists use two types of technology for this kind of treatment:

- LED (light-emitting diode) –This uses a narrow spectrum light that boosts collagen. It creates younger-looking skin and kills bacteria that cause acne. - IPL (intense-pulsed light) – This is a painless and more natural treatment, which involves multiple sessions to get effective results. It’s also less costly compared to LED. Laser skin treatments bring out the best in every patient. By simply visiting a professional surgeon, anyone can have younger and brighter-looking skin. Sources:

The Different Types of Laser Skin Treatment