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Hearing is one of the most important senses, and you should always look after it. Other than cleaning your ears regularly, you should make it a point to visit a specialist for regular checkups. Schedule checkups immediately if you feel you are having trouble with your hearing. Most of all make sure that your medical partner is reputable and offers a wide range of solutions. Pacific Specialists, a leading healthcare provider, has some of the most renowned ear doctors in Los Angeles. They offer a variety of treatments for different types of ear and hearing problems, making sure that each patient who comes into their clinic goes out with healthier ears and clearer hearing. What They Offer Pacific Specialists offers assessments and management of tinnitus and other types of balance disorders like dizziness and vertigo. In-house specialists have expertise across different medical techniques like videonystagmography (VNG), balance therapy, and rotational chair. Tinnitus Those who experience tinnitus hear whistling and buzzing sounds although actual sounds are not present. Patients may easily recover through Pacific Specialists’ evaluation and treatment. The doctors primarily check the patient’s condition and then prescribe or recommend treatments like maskers, a device that cancels the noise a patient usually hears because of the disorder. Balance Disorders A balance disorder is a bodily disturbance that may cause a person to feel unstable when standing or in motion. This is relevant to a person’s vestibular system that concerns some parts of the ear. Among the most usual balance disorders include dizziness and vertigo.

Pacific Specialists has an advanced system of treating these disorders. One of their treatment options is videonystagmography or VNG. This is the technology the clinic’s specialists use in testing the patient’s inner ear and central motor function. Other Services Pacific Specialists can also help those struggling with hearing problems by providing hearing aids. They provide hearing devices that use analog through digital technology. They also offer bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA) and other types of assistive listening devices (ALDs). Hearing is as important as your other senses. It is great to know a clinic like Pacific Specialists has the most reliable audiologists in Los Angeles.

Hear Well and Be Well with Pacific Specialist