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Pacific Ear and Eye Specialist: Taking Good Care of the Sense of Smell Olfaction, or the capacity of smelling, is often underrated among the human senses. Compared to sight or touch, through which humans instantly perceive stimulants, the sense of smell takes on a subtler function. The faculty engages with the unseen, the wafting smell of things. It is so ingrained with the human experience that it is almost impossible to live without it.Just like the other senses, when it is seriously compromised, it can alter a peson’slife permanently.

Nose Specialists Health professionals like Pacific Eye and Ear Specialists are devoted in treating, among other ailments, olfactory illnesses. Not too many people know the devastating effects of a damaged nasal organ. This is why their panel of health professionals is dedicated in enlightening and spreading the news about the different ways in curing them. One illness, sinusitis, has been such a widespread problem that statistics say it affects 29.6 million adult Americans, or 12.8% of the entire population.

Symptoms of sinusitis include:   

Chronic Headache Facial pain/pressure Difficulty breathing

  

Fatigue Inadequate sleep Duller sense of smell and touch

Image Guided Navigation

Sinusitis can be cured. With the years of experience of the physicians in the Pacific Eye and Ear Specialists, they mayeradicate the problem of damaged sinuses for good. Using a technology called Image Guided Navigation, they are able to conduct an Endoscopic sinus surgery.

This is how it works:  

Their team of doctors will assess the condition of the patient’s sinuses with their endoscopic equipment and an office-based CT scan machine. In theevent that sinuses must be opened, they will use the image-guided method, a form of GPS, and perform the surgery.

Good, Able Hands Endoscopic sinus surgery is adelicate operation, as it requires entry to the nose to get to the eye, pituitary, and the brain. Only trainedENT surgeons should do the process. The sense of smell is a gift. This is why morepeople should take care of the olfactory organ. Source:

Pacific ear and eye specialist taking good care of the sense of smell