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Text Message advertising-A two-sided companies who invest in this Strategy





With the invention of various channels for mass communication people have become exposed to various kinds of information which are necessary and unnecessary for them. They take in what they need and leave the rest. As a result many message senders use these channels to persuade people and make them use the message they send. Knowing this the traditional form of advertising has undergone transformation and advertisers have started using these multiple channels for the purpose of getting their ideas across to the targeted population. What is more interesting is that they choose the medium to which the targeted population is most exposed to so that they won’t miss the message. The new method of advertising: With the advent of the text messaging services people started using it as an important channel to pass on personal and also public messages. This was an excellent form of interpersonal communication. The advertisers found it more appealing as they could send the same message to a large number of people in such a way that each person is contacted and communicated to individually. This eventually gave birth to the concept of Text Message Advertising. Advertisements are passed on to people in the form of text messages such that, they cannot keep themselves away from getting exposed to it. They get these messages on their mobile phones during entire day. This benefits the advertisers and is effective in many ways. Why is it so popular? This form of advertising has many advantages. Firstly,it is cost effective. The companies need to invest very little on the text message, compared to the cost of print, video and other form of advertisements. This certainly means large coverage for very less money. Secondly, this form of advertisement is sure to reach the targeted group, as they are forced to read every text message they receive. These are the two major reasons for most companies for advertising through text messages. Threats and difficulties: More and more companies are focused on delivering the information to the people and this channel is receiving popularity among such companies to reach their clients. But there are some people disguised as advertisers whose relation is deceit which the biggest threat to the real advertisers. They lose the trust of the people. Along with the benefits this is the threat they receive making text message advertising a partially unreliable method of advertising.

Text Message advertising-A two-sided coin for advertisers and companies who invest in this Strategy  

With the invention of various channels for mass communication people have become exposed to various kinds of information which are necessary...

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