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Press Release: November 22, 2011

A Call for Equality

There has been close followings and analysis of the National Transitional Council’s behavior in dealing with the Amazigh entity of the Libyan society. The Amazigh people are one of the authentic indigenous components of the Libyan identity and have had a pivotal role and scarified much before and during the February 17th revolution. The Amazigh have suffered systemic cruel persecution, prejudice, and sustained racial discrimination. There has been long historical injustice resulting from the influence of erroneous understanding based on the unilateral component of national identity, and the classification of Tamazight as an extinct culture. This oppression occurred throughout the 42 years of Gadhafi’s dictatorships. We pray it does not continue.

The Libyan Tamazight Congress has noticed an inappropriate NTC response to meet the Amazigh legitimate demands. The NTC has exhibited a lack of recognition of the Amazigh identity as a component of the Libyan provisional constitution. There has been a need for open national dialogues that addresses and demonstrates the Amazigh case. The push toward “folklorization” of the Amazigh demands is a major concern. There has also been significant marginalization of Tamazight speakers without fair representation in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government. This is not proportional with their presence, aptitude, degree of suffering, and size of contribution to the revolution. These deficiencies existed in Gadhafi’s rule. The assumption was equal opportunity would transpire after commitment and sacrifice during the revolution. There has been a lack of appointment for an Amazigh in any significant position of influence. Finally, there has been influence by foreign and local political agendas at the expense of Libyan national unity and harmony. Accordingly, and for the interest of unity and national cohesion, the commitment to the

principles and objectives of the revolution of February 17, lessons from history, and as a continuation to the role of the Libyan Tamazight Congress in promoting constitutional democracy in Libya, The Libyan Tamazight Congress calls for a national boycott to the NTC. This is to be made by Tamazight speakers specifically and all Libyans in general to protest against injustice and inequality. The temporary boycott will be effective until NTC works with the Amazigh Libyans.

Libyan Tamazight Congress The Executive Committee Tripoli, Libya Cc: President and members of the Transitional National Council, Chairman of the Transitional government. Â


Libyan Tamazight Congress Official statement

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