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Edward R. Sauer Emergency Manager (716) 652-7635 MEETINGS - 7:00 PM 2nd Wednesday of the Month • July 10th - Town Hall • August 14th - Town Hall • September 11th Training and meetings are held at the Elma Senior Center unless noted. Elma Senior Center 3007 Bowen Rd. Elma, NY 14059

* Town Hall 1600 Bowen Rd. Elma, NY 14059

UPCOMING ACTIVITIES • National Night Out - Aug 6th • Pumpkin Festival Check here for updates

WEST SENECA John Gullo Emergency Manager (716) 558-3238 MEETINGS - 7:00 PM 3rd Monday of the month • JULY - No Meeting • August 6th - National Night Out • September 16 th Unless noted Training and Meetings are Held :

Vigilant Fire Hall 666 Main Street West Seneca, NY

ACTIVITIES • National Night Out - Aug 6th • Critical Infrastructure Survey • CPR Class coming Check here for updates

The West Seneca Office of Disaster Preparedness, organized by Michael Kerl and John Gullo, who both felt that empowering community members in emergency training would benefit individuals and the community as a whole. Training began in 2006 on a small scale, as a test to see if there was interest in the community. The program was very well received by the public. The concern was how the emergency service providers in town would embrace the team. The program continued to grow and has been accepted by emergency personnel as a valuable resource for the community. The West Seneca CERT Team was officially organized on January 1, 2007.

There is no dedicated funding for the CERT team; we operate on donations or grants. Two years ago we raised funds for a trailer to carry shelter supplies. Most notably in 2012, the West Seneca Chamber of Commerce recognized the West Seneca CERT team as Community Service Organization of the Year. This honor was bestowed upon us for the service we provide to the West Seneca Community.

The West Seneca CERT team has conducted various emergency and non-emergency drills over the years. It has been a valuable experience meeting individuals that want to assist their community. We have facilitated 25 classes with hundreds of people being trained by the program. Beyond the basic training, a large effort has been underway to have half of the team obtain their Amateur Radio License for communications. Communications is a huge component that is used on a weekly basis now. Most of the team has a current CPR card and the continuing training is done monthly. The team boasts 87 members which is a great number of volunteers. We have two team leaders and 6 unit leaders along with a few other critical leaders as the scribe, social media and communications. John Morrow and Howard Marien have been instrumental as leaders in this organization, along with other valuable leaders.

Look for The West Seneca CERT Team at other community outreach events. We encourage you to see if CERT is something that you would like to participate in.

You will find the West Seneca CERT team represented at the Civic & Patriotic events, The Ride for Roswell & National Night Out. Our Team was utilized during the December 2010 snow storm & the H1N1 Point of Distribution center management.

IN THIS ISSUE • About West Seneca CERT • Water Hydration • Free Basic Fishing Clinic • HAM Radio Exam • Elma CERT Events • About Rabies • Move Over Law • Training and Events



duce more urine, which in turn can lead to dehydration. Since the process of drinkStaying hydrated is especially necessary ing has been shown to alleviate the feeling in the summer heat. Water makes up of thirst, consumption of caffeine can also about 70% of a human’s body weight. Wa- reduce the desire to drink. ter makes up 83% of our blood, 70% of our As the summer season approaches be brain, and 90% of our lungs sure to stay hydrated. Drink more water. An interesting fact is that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated because TACKL’N THE BASICS: they simply don’t drink enough water. FREE BASIC FISHING Drinking enough water is especially important for the health of children and older CLINIC people. In hot weather, water needs can Come learn to fish for free – No license, double. Under no circumstances should a gear or experience required person drink less than one quart of water EMPact America, with help from NYS Deeach day. partment of Environmental Conservation A mere 2% drop in body water can trig- (DEC), is hosting its 1st Annual “Tackl’nger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with the-basics”, free fishing event on Saturbasic math, and difficulty focusing on the day, August 10th, at Chestnut Ridge Park computer screen or on a printed page. Pond, Pavilion #10, 6121 Chestnut Ridge Mental performance deteriorates progres- Rd., Orchard Park, NY. sively as the degree of dehydration increases. A lack of water is the #1 trigger Come catch our free fishing demonstration clinics, and you’ll be hooked for life. This of daytime fatigue. event is open to the public, but space is There is strong evidence that drinking limited. Anyone (age 3 and up) may regenough water is important for your health. ister. All children under 16 must be acPeople who maintain good levels of hydra- companied by an adult. A limited amount tion had reduced levels of certain cancers of fishing gear and supplies (rods, reels, such as colorectal, urinary tract or breast tackle & bait) will be available courtesy of cancer. One theory linking mild dehy- NYS DEC (available on a first come, first dration to obesity suggests that low fluid serve basis, and subject to time limits as intake may stimulate a preference for a needed to help ensure everyone gets a high fat diet. Replacing water for sugary chance to fish). You are free to bring your drinks can help with weight control. Obe- own gear (rod, reel, tackle & bait). All fishsity in childhood is a risk factor for other ing will be from the shore / dock – no boats serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, will be used. This will be a “catch and reheart disease and increases the chance lease” event. of being overweight or obese as an adult. Dehydration can also contribute to health This free event is designed to teach beginproblems such as urine infections, consti- ners of all ages how to fish, and encourage them to put their new skills to work. pation, and dental disease. The beautiful Chestnut Ridge Park Pond Being well hydrated can even help your has been stocked and features a large looks. Water keeps your skin healthy and fishing deck with guard rails, making it young looking. The skin acts as a water easy for children to catch fish. So, first reservoir and participates in fluid regula- time anglers, as well as those who have tion for the entire body. Mild dehydration drifted away from the sport, should take causes skin to appear flushed, dry and advantage of this opportunity to see how loose, with a loss of elasticity which makes much fun fishing can be in WNY. it look older than it is. Event activities include: Drinking water is essential to good hydration. Carbonated beverages do not meet Come meet Jeff ‘Right-Tackle’ Maxon, dedrinking water requirements. Caffeinated signer of the ‘Wingman’ fishing lure drinks and alcohol dehydrate the body Fishing clinic demonstrations on: casting which increases the need for drinking wa- instruction and practice, knot tying and bater. Coffee and caffeinated drinks act as sic tackle techniques, baiting hooks, fish a stimulant to the nervous system, and identification, fish ethics and handling, and while its mild action may help to prevent a basic information on cleaning and cooking. feeling of fatigue, it also is a weak diuretic. There will be hours of FREE fishing (Since This means that it makes the body pro-

JULY -AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013 this is a DEC sponsored “Free Fishing Event” where no fishing license is required, it is the perfect time to take a friend or relative fishing.) ‘First fish’ photos - Prizes - Refreshments will be provided by Steuben Foods Incorporated Participants will go home with simple recipes for frying, baking or grilling their future catches (no fish may be taken from the event).


WHEN TO LET THEM GO • Only after you have contacted the erie county department of health’s rabies specialist and been advised to do so.

This event is free but registration is reFACTS quired at www.FishWNY. com HOW CAN I SAFELY CAPTURE A BAT • BATS, raccoons, skunks & foxes are IN MY HOME? For more information, call Michelle Mcthe 4 warm blooded animals that are Culloch, Special Events Administrator with presumed to have rabies and must be • You will need a coffee can or similar EMPact America at (716) 435-7873. hard- sided container, a piece of cardavoided. Other warm-blooded mamboard and tape. mals can carry rabies. EMPACT • When the bat lands on a flat surface, • About 4% of all BATS submitted for AMERICA move toward it slowly. Ideally while testing have RABIES. & STARS wearing thick gloves, put the contain• RABIES is nearly 100% fatal once er or coffee can over the bat HOSTING symptoms occur & 100% preventable • Then, slide the cardboard under the with rabies shots. HAM RADIO EXAM container to trap the bat inside EMPact America and South Towns Ama- • Laboratory testing of the suspect ra• Tape the lid to the container, and bid animal can be done to determine teur Radio Society (STARS) is winding punch holes in the lid to allow the bat if the animal is infected with RABIES. down the current General Class session to breathe. and will be holding the final exam on • RABIES shots can be avoided if the Thursday, July 25th at 7:00 pm. Anyone • Do not attempt to kill or crush the bat. animal can be tested and tests neganeeding to take the Amateur Radio exam The skull of the bat must be intact for tive. on any level is invited to attend. Please testing. contact Michelle McCulloch at 716-435- WHEN TO CATCH THEM • If the bat was killed by trauma the bat • If you or your pet are bitten by a BAT, 7873 for more information. should be placed in the freezer in a or if infectious material (saliva, “brain sealed plastic bag or a small plastic 2ND ANNUAL ZOMBIE tissue”) from a BAT gets into your container. eyes, nose, mouth or a wound. PREPAREDNESS & FAMILY • Do not use towels or blankets to cap• If you wake up and find a BAT in your SAFETY FAIR ture bats individuals have been bitten room. through the fabric doing this. EMPact America is organizing its 2nd Annual Zombie Preparedness and Safety • If you see a BAT in the room of a child Contact the Erie County Department of or near a mentally impaired or intoxiFair. They are now accepting vendor regHealth at: 961-6800 during business hours cated person. istrations. to register contact Michelle Mcor 961-7898 after hours. A rabies specialist Culloch, Special Events Administrator with • If you are not sure if there has been will determine if the bat should be tested. EMPact America at (716) 435-7873. contact with a person or pet. Visit for details.

ELMA CERT, INC. PARTICIPATES IN LOCAL EVENTS Team Members manned a informational table at the Elma Car Show the first weekend in June. The team also supported the annual American Cancer Relay for Life at the Iroquois High School in June. Members also donated a basket for the Relay Auction. The group also held a 50 / 50 Drawing to raise donations to the American Cancer Society. Pictured left: Mettie Wagner, Pat Jakubowski, Sharon Winkler, Treasurer Debbie Wannamacher, Roger Larkin, President Lisa Gee and Dan Thompson.


UPCOMING TRAINING & EVENTS CALENDAR July 17 SMART - Terrorism Awareness / Active Shooter Events 20 SMART - Terrorism Awareness / Active Shooter Events 20 Batavia HAMfest - 716-404-9256 August 6 National Night Out Elma Elma Town Park 6 National Night Out West Seneca Southgate Plaza 10 EMPact America - Tackl’n the Basics How to Fish - September 18 SMART Clinical Data Management System (CDMS) Training / Review 21 SMART Clinical Data Management System (CDMS) Training / Review

CERT Training Class - Coming Soon Check facebook pages for dates

CHANGES IN NEW YORK STATE’S MOVE OVER LAW Please stop being a “me” person on the road and think a little of others. As important as you may be, sometimes other people’s needs must come first. Protect those who protect you. Spring and summer are the seasons for most of the construction in Western New York. More people are on the roads due to the better weather and vacations, but many of us have lost our extra caution when driving that is required by our infamous winters and should be used year round. Speed limits and road signs are not optional.

Summer is the time for road and other construction projects. Drivers must use October due care when approaching law enforce2 SMART New Member Orientation ment officers, fire and emergency workers, tow and service vehicle operators 10 SMART Winter SkyWarn Training and other maintenance workers stopped 16 SMART’s Role in Mass Fatality along the roadways while performing their 19 SMART’s Role in Mass Fatality duties. The move over law states that on all roads and highways, drivers must re 2nd Annual Zombie Preparedness & duce speed. On roads with multiple lanes Safety Fair - Dates TBD when approaching a vehicle that displays Anone interested in training provided by red and/or white emergency lighting or a SMART must pre-register. SMART’s web- hazard vehicle displaying flashing amber site is: Some train- lighting, drivers MUST move from the lane immediately adjacent to the emergency or ings may have prerequisites. hazard unless traffic or other hazards ex-

ELMA CODE RED NOTIFICATION In Elma sign-up for Code Red to be notified by your local emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts. Signup for Code Red by visiting the town website at:

WEST SENECA NIXLE NOTIFICATION Sign up for emergency and non-emergency alerts for up-to-date information during an incident or anytime from the office of Disaster Preparedness. Nixle will provide the same EAS message to every one who signs up. To register visit

ist to prevent doing so safely. Remember these people are risking their lives to protect us. They are responding to an emergency or accident, repairing the roads or water lines, helping a broken down vehicle, directing traffic, or any other purpose for someone’s benefit. They deserve a measure of safety that your following of the law will allow. In the 17 year period from 1993-2009, an average of one police officer a month was struck and killed on the side of the road. From 1995 -2000, there were 509 fatalities of construction workers at road side with slightly more than 18% of these while directing or flagging traffic. New York’s Move over law has been in effect since January 1, 2012. Violations of this law are considered a moving violation.

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2013 - 3rd QTR Elma West Seneca CERT Newsletter  

Community Emergency Response Teams of Elma and West Seneca NY Quarterly Newsletter

2013 - 3rd QTR Elma West Seneca CERT Newsletter  

Community Emergency Response Teams of Elma and West Seneca NY Quarterly Newsletter

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