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Wireless Coding & Marking

Pallet Inverters

Al Thika was founded by Managing Director Ian Barker in 1994. Ian’s experience in the Middle East dates back to 1981, when he was appointed to manage the forklift sales operation of Saudi Arabian Markets. Returning to the UK in 1986, he joined a coding and marking manufacturer to manage their Northern European distributor network, before setting up their Middle East headquarters in Dubai in 1991. He left to set up Al Thika Packaging Materials Trading in 1994, which became Al Thika Packaging LLC in 2003.

Ian was joined in 1999 by Sales Director Tim Ansell, the two of them having previously worked together during the period 1992 – 94. Tim’s own experience includes almost 25 years in the Gulf, plus 18 months in the USA and a similar period in Australia, establishing distribution and service networks for UK based packaging and printing equipment manufacturers.

In 2016 Craig Russell was appointed General Manager of our company. A resident of the U.A.E for more than 15 years, Craig has 20+ years experience in the snack and food processing industries. Before joining Al Thika Packaging, Craig had managed the operations of three multi-national packaging / process equipment manufacturers throughout Europe, S. Africa and the G.C.C,

What we offer

Thermal Transfer, Laser printer, High resolution printer & print and apply system Solution for coding & marking SmartDate series deliver high quality printing on flexible packaging films, foils and labels for continuous and intermittent operations.

Flexible coding & marking solution for plastics, glass, painted metal and cardboard etc.

What we offer

Safeline Metal Detector & X-Ray inspection Solution for inspection Detect smaller metal contaminants when inspecting products that are wet, hot, chilled, cooling or packed in metallised film.

Safeline X-ray is a leading provider of contamination detection and quality control inspection equipment.

What we offer

Garvens – Checkweighing System Solution for weighing & product inspection In-motion weighing and 100 per cent control for food industry, pharmaceutical packaging and transport & logistics.

Protect customers protect brand reputation comply with legal regulations keep fillers in tune increase equipment efficiency save labor and costs.

What we offer

Sorting, Processing and Conveying Solution for sorting Increased yields, improved quality and enhanced productivity.

Key sorters provide superior sorting results as they detect and remove defects and foreign material (FM) based on color, structure, shape, size or biochemical characteristic differences in a single sorting pass.

What we offer

Wrapping and Sealing Solution for packaging FLOW WRAP MACHINE Flow Pack (HFFS). Automatic machines for high productions. This type of machine is aimed at food and non - food markets.

TRAY SEALING MACHINE Tray automatic sealing machines with facilities for vacuum and/or gas injected packages. This type of machine is exclusively aimed at the food market.

VERTICAL PACKAGING MACHINE (VFFS) Its main field of application includes loose products, granulated products, doughy products or products difficult to handle. This type of machine is aimed at both food and non food markets.

What we offer

Pallet stretch wrapping & Case sealer Solution for wrapping & palletising Robopac’s line of semi-automatic And automatic pallet stretch wrapping equipment combines technology, innovation and experience into products that deliver results you can depend on.

Systems and automatic machines (wrapping machines with stretch film), customised according to the specific requirements of the customer, for stabilisation of palletised loads.

What we offer

Shrink wrappers with sealing bars packaging Solution for shrink-wrapping, handle applicator

Smipack machines are suitable for several market segments: food (bakery, confectionery, pizza, fruit and vegetable, dairy products, drinks and preserved food), non food (products for graphic, electronic, mechanical and computer industry, laundry, toys, detergents, perfumes and pharmaceutical products), packaging for third parties and super market chains.

What we offer

Giro net packaging Solution for packaging & consumables Net packaging Giro net packaging systems to coddle your fruits and vegetables.

Giro consumables We have all types of consumables for labeling & wrapping your packages.

What we offer

End of line packaging Solution for case erecting and sealing Case erectors Endoline’s extensive range of case erecting machinery is unrivalled in terms of quality, performance, reliability and usability.

Case sealers Endoline design and manufacture a range of high specification case sealers to increase the productivity and efficiency of any case sealing operation.

What we offer

Banding machine & applications Solution for economical banding we are meeting the demand and can offer you the optimal banding solution so feel free to contact us.

The product pallet extends from the table model via the free standing unit up to the fully automatic banding system. This allows us to service all branches of industry (such as graphic art, banking, food, mail order, etc.) in line with the market).

What we offer

Gemini data loggers Robust environmental monitoring solutions Tinytag data loggers accurately and reliably monitor temperature, humidity, power usage, CO2 and other environmental parameters.

They include basic loggers designed to record temperature in product shipments or within buildings, and robust, waterproof devices that can be used for outdoor environmental monitoring including underwater, and in industrial applications.

What we offer

Air bag & Paper packaging Solution for protective packaging AIRplus air pillow machines create a variety of air bag packaging for void fill, block & brace, and wrapping. Our air cushion machines ensure fast, reliable inflatable packaging.

Paper packaging machines provide exceptionally flexible and lightweight paper void fill for your shipments. The on-demand systems are easy to operate and generate kraft paper packaging that is perfect for packing products.

What we offer

Premier pallet system Solution for palletisation

Premier pallet ideal for all types of palletised load, Fast, simple and reliable.

Al Thika is providing pallet Inverters, pallet chargers, pallet dispensers and freezer spacer.

What we offer

Niverplast packaging Solution for innovative film packaging Niverplast develops innovative film packaging solutions to protect and transport a wide range of products. bread, meat, fish, liquids and non-food products that have to be packed in a bag and box are our core-business.

The CombiPlast is a high quality packaging solution for integrated case erecting and bag placing in one.

What we offer

Geppert Band

Conveyors - Endless Solutions Geppert-Band produces belt conveyors in aluminium, steel and stainless steel for indoor use.

Curved belt conveyors and inclined belt conveyors, as well as the corresponding webbing and conveyor belts, naturally fulfil the highest quality standards.

What we offer

Forklift truck attachments Handling solutions Meijer Handling Solutions logistics products increase the ease of deployment and application of logistics/transportation resources.

Forklift trucks and their variants. Ideally, these products are unique to the market.

What we offer

Horizontal & vertical strapping Solution for strapping We offer our customers with the most comprehensive product line of strapping equipment in the industry.

Transpak is offering better equipment with better service level. side-seal strapping machine is able to protect itself from dust and water.

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Al thika packaging profile  

We are the Gulf's leading supplier of packaging machinery and materials, end of line quality inspection equipment and materials handling sol...

Al thika packaging profile  

We are the Gulf's leading supplier of packaging machinery and materials, end of line quality inspection equipment and materials handling sol...