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site B line of sculpture alignment Individual sculpture positioning

WYNDHAM GATEWAY_PROJECT The City of Wyndham, in historical context was seen to be a ‘natural and cultural treasure’. The city has since developed, now boasting thriving farming, industrial, technological and educational precincts and a population in excess of 145,000. This diverse change should be considered as a key focal point for the community of Wyndham and for people who pass by this city. A strong design concept of integrating the city’s past physical environment, to its present built environment is the proposal for the new Wyndham Gateway Project. The use of seven individual ‘pipe’ structures laid on Site B, made from Corten alloy metal, deliver the design of perforated patterns, which change from organic shapes to geometric. This process in change of the patterns on the surface of pipes delivers to the audience Wyndham’s past natural environment, towards its prosperous built environment. By also acknowledging Wyndham’s natural environment it can still regard it as very present along with its developed environment.


1. pure organic perforations

2. organic forms begin to merge

3. organic forms now change to more uniform compositions

4. geometric compositions emerge from the once organic forms

5. geometric shapes are formed

6. formed geometric shapes begin to align

7. geometric composition is completely formed and aligned




Fire Within Two



4M 3M 2M

2. during the early morning or dusk, the pipes exude a rustic character that engages with passers-by section_A

3. when the sun is high, the Wyndham_Gateway captures attention through its detailed exterior


The audience is told the story of the WYNDHAM GATEWAY_PROJECT through an experiential approach as the pipe heights alter representing the stages of development of Wyndham City. The spacing between pipes provides that the landscape not to be hindered but in serenity with the installation. The double layer skin creates an abstract design, which most particularly is fundamental to the viewing of the structures during the night when light up by individual spotlights. The precedents of sculptures of ‘The seeds of Change’, and ‘Fire Within Two’, present iconic and successful contributes towards the Wyndham City's image; which will be furthered by this new and exciting installation at the Wyndham Gateway.



Seeds of Change

1. at night the structures are illuminated at their core

week 12 final presentation  

ADS air week 12 melbourne university

week 12 final presentation  

ADS air week 12 melbourne university