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Rendition of Air Products, Tees Valley Project, Teesside, UK

Air Products, Tees Valley Project 1 & 2 Updates Wuhan Kaidi Demo Plant in Wuhan, China GTS Demo Plant in Shanghai, China Westinghouse Plasma Torches

Air Products: Tees Valley 2 Second Renewable Energy Plant in Tees Valley, UK

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Clean Syngas Model______ 3 Tees Valley Projects, UK__4-5 • Tees Valley 1: Air Products - Renewable Energy Facility • Tees Valley 2: Air Products Outlines Plans for a Second Facility in Tees Valley

Site Licence to PGPT______ 6

For our 6th edition of NRG Focus we

PGP Terminal a.s. for Czech and Slovakia

will continue to bring clarity to the


experiences and activities that help

Open House________________ 7

optimize our Westinghouse Plasma

June 2012

WPC Torches_____________8-9 •

New Developments

Project Updates___________ 10 •

Wuhan Kaidi, Wuhan, China

GTS, Shanghai, China

Conference Updates_____ 11 •

GTC, Washington, DC

ICWMT, Beijing, China

Energy from Waste, UK

gasification technology. In this issue, we will provide updates on Tees Valley 1 and 2 projects, Site license for PGPT, WPC Torches among others. Please read on and we hope you enjoy this latest edition of NRG Focus.

Warm Wishes for the Holiday Season to all our Readers! From the team at Alter NRG

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Clean Syngas Model The clean syngas produced by Westinghouse Plasma Gasification solutions can be converted into a wide variety of energy products. ●●


Electricity, through gas turbines, reciprocating engines and in the future, fuel cells Liquid fuel including: ●● Ethanol ●● Jet fuel ●● Diesel etc.

Westinghouse Plasma Corp.: Clean Syngas Model

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Project Update

Tees Valley 1 Air Products has begun construction of a $500 million waste-to-energy plant in Tees Valley, UK. The Renewable Energy Facility will convert 950 tonnes per day of household waste into 49 MW of electricity, enough to power 50,000 homes. The formal announcement of the Tees Valley project was made public in August 2012, and the unveiling of the details was presented at the SMI’s energy from waste event in September 2012 by Alter NRG’s Westinghouse Plasma Corporation President, Richard Fish & Air Products’ Bio-energy Europe Business Manager, Lisa Jordan. The Waste to Energy project in Tees Valley UK is continuing to progress on time and on budget, Alter NRG executed approximately 37% of the first purchase order from Air Products and the gasifier fabrication is in advanced stages set for operation in 2014.

Gasifier fabrication in progress in advanced stages for the Tees Valley 1 Project.



Spotlight On


Tees Valley 2 Air products announced it is advancing their second proposed facility on adjacent lands in Tees Valley on October 23, 2012.

Lisa Jordan, Business Manager for Bio Energy at Air Products said

As with our first renewable energy

plant, the availability of skilled labour, industrial land, good access to electrical infrastructure, and excellent road links were important factors in our decision to pursue an

On October 23rd, 2012, Air Products announced plans for a second renewable energy plant in Tees Valley, UK. Presently the company

additional renewable energy plant in Teesside. Over the

is constructing its first renewable energy plant on the reclamation

next three years, we would create up to 100 permanent

pond site (next to the North Tees Chemical Complex) near

jobs and work with local and national firms during

Billingham. It is proposed that this second, separate plant will be located on adjacent land. Using the latest advanced gasification technology provided by Alter NRG, the proposed scheme will convert industrial and commercial waste into 50MW of

renewable energy. A facility of this size would have the ability to

construction. We estimate that over 1400 people would be employed during the construction of both plants.

October 29th, 2012

generate the same amount of power that is consumed in 50,000 homes each year. They held an exhibition about its plans at the Low Grange Community Centre on October 29th and at the Port Clarence

Community Centre on October 30, 2012. The exhibition was

Alex Cunningham, MP for Stockton North, welcomed Air Products’ latest plans:

I was delighted to play a small

part in bringing the first Air Products plant, now under

open to members of the public, as an opportunity for local people to learn more about the proposed project and meet the

construction, to Teesside but to learn of this huge vote of

Air Products’ team in advance of a planning application being

confidence by the company in our area by confirming a

submitted in a few months’ time to Stockton-on-Tees Borough

potential second plant is quite stunning and will sustain


hundreds of construction jobs over several years. It

The proposed scheme has also been welcomed by local

shows that Teesside is successful at attracting world class

business organizations including NEPIC, North East Chamber of

technologies and corporations that create jobs and support

Commerce, CPI and Tees Valley Unlimited.

the country’s renewable energy agenda. By diverting

The renewable energy plant requires planning consent from

waste from landfill the plant offers an environmentally-

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council and an environmental permitting consent from the Environment Agency. As part of this process, Air Products will be consulting over the coming months a range of local and national organizations such as Natural England and Northumbrian Water.

friendly solution for the production of renewable energy in the North East.

October 29th, 2012

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Alter NRG issues Site License to PGPT PGP Terminal (PGPT) is a company formed specifically to develop waste to energy projects in the Czech and Slovak Republics. PGPT is focusing on projects with capacities between 50,000 and 100,000 tonnes per annum and producing between 5 and 18 MW of electricity.

PGP Terminal, a.s.

Further, most projects in the Czech and Slovak Republics will be combined heat and power projects with heat being provided to local district heat systems. PGPT has a close relationship with BKB Metal a.s., a longstanding Czech engineering firm based in Ostrava. PGPT has contractual relationships in place with funding partners for development and project capital requirements. Both the Czech and Slovak Republics are under pressure and scrutiny from the EU to reduce their reliance on landfill for waste. The picture shown... is an example of the numerous smaller landfills that dot the Czech and Slovak landscape and which will be closed down as plasma gasification plants are built. The Slovak Republic is providing incentives for plasma gasification projects through a Feed-In-Tariff of €115/MWh (~$148/MWh) for eligible projects. The

Country Licensees & Representatives

Czech Republic currently considers energy from waste projects on a case by case basis and can provide power rates necessary for the projects to achieve economics returns. Earlier this year, PGPT purchased five site licenses from Alter NRG as part of their business plan to construct five combined heat and power projects over the next five years. The relationship between Alter and PGPT provides Alter an option to invest in PGPT’s projects.

In the words of Petr Brenek

PGPT chose Alter’s

Westinghouse Plasma technology after conducting a thorough due diligence and determining Alter’s

Independent Representatives

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technology has superior ecological and technological parameters and positive project economics.

Open House Alter NRG and Westinghouse Plasma have completed its 4th Open House held at our Pilot Plant in Pittsburgh, PA on June 19, 2012. We welcomed more than 45 visitors, including project

We would like to sincerely thank our guest speakers who provided their

developers, EPC developers, financial institutions, government

invaluable time during the Open House, including:

officials and customers who visited our world class

●● Eric Darmstaedter, President, ClearFuels Technology Inc., Rentech

Westinghouse Plasma Gasification demonstration facility in

●● John D. Howard III, Chief Technical Officer, Coronal

Waltz Mill, PA for a unique networking event. A site tour and

●● Torsten Granberg, Chief Executive Officer, Plagazi

live torch demonstration took place while learning from our

We would also like to thank all participants for taking the time to

industry experts.

explore the Westinghouse Plasma Technology, demonstrations at the Plasma Center and enjoy the Pirates Game in the evening!

Photos below are for the Open House Reception, Presentations, followed by Westinghouse Plasma Technology and Torches Demonstration at the Plasma Center.

The entire staff was fantastic, I feel the message was presented loud and clear, the foundation for the rewards is fantastic, my hats off to Walt Howard and Richard

Fish,Yousef Abassi, Mark Wright and the entire team, my partners and I look forward to a fruitful relationship.

This was one of the most organized and well thought out events I have attended. The diversity of attendees and projects was refreshing and informative. but I gained valuable insights into the challenges and great benefits, both monetarily and environmental, of these state of the art projects. The venues were wonderful and convenient, and the city of Pittsburgh was showcased through the excellent Pirates game entertainment to cap off a great day of learning. Thank you so much for the

hard work in planning and executing this event. The networking during this time will be beneficial as our team seeks out opportunities for gasification projects.

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Plasma Torches By Westinghouse Plasma Corp. Westinghouse Plasma Torches have been developed over 40 years with over $100M invested in research, development and commercialization. Plasma torches have the unique capability of increasing the energy of the process gas by 2 to 10 times when compared to combustion equipment. The torches are a rugged, high temperature process heating device designed to operate with high efficiency and minimal maintenance in difficult commercial environments. Westinghouse Plasma Corp is a leader in the development of plasma technology with years of experience in analytical, experimental and commercial aspects of high temperature chemical and material heating processes. Our continuous optimization progress work to reduce capital and operating costs while improving power output ranges.

Typical Plasma Applications include: ●● Energy

recovery from waste through plasma gasification

●● Hazardous

and medical waste destruction

●● Combustion ●● Boiler



●● Acetylene


●● Chemical


●● R

& D applications

●● High

temperature testing of ceramic and metallic materials.


●● Foundry


●● Ironmaking ●● Plasma ●● Non

●● Plasma

fired blast furnace

ferrous metals processing

●● Processing

Westinghouse Plasma Torches are manufactured in the USA and can be delivered anywhere in the world, providing aftermarket client support and warranties for the torch systems.

of metallurgical waste

Market Developments Currently in China, Alter NRG is continuing to build a relationship with an undisclosed client that is working with large steel companies on innovative solutions utilizing Westinghouse torch technologies. One negotiation has advanced to a signed agreement with delivery dates in 2012 & 2013. These applications will provide significant economic and environmental improvement from current processes. In addition, there are advanced negotiations on several torch orders in international markets. Alter NRG & Westinghouse Plasma Corp continues to expand its pipeline of opportunities with regard to specific uses of torches for metal melting and other high heat source applications. These applications span industries including steel, automotive, specialty metals and other industrial needs. These opportunities are presently aimed with clients in India, North America and Asia.



Westinghouse Plasma Torch Advantages: The Westinghouse Plasma Corporation plasma torch provides flexibility and allows control over temperature, independent of fuel or oxygen throughput in the process. Other benefits include:

●● Highly reliable – over 500,000 hours in commercial operation ●● Commercially proven & Industrial rugged design ●● Availability in a wide range of power inputs from 80 to 2400 kW ●● Power input can be quickly adjusted to match process requirements

MARC 3A Plasma Torch

●● Long electrode life ●● High thermal efficiency

WPC’s standard MARC 3A configuration operates in

●● Self-stabilized and non-transferred arc

a range from 80kW to approximately 300kW. The

●● Torch gas flexibility

current to the field coils in the MARC 3A is in series with the arc current. The MARC 3A does not feature independent control of the field coil current and

The MARC 3A or MARC 11 plasma torches operate over electrical ranges based on the configurations below:

Torch Type

arc current.

MARC 11 Plasma Torch




Rated Min Power (kW)




Rated Max Power (kW)




Air Flow (scfm)




torch operates in the range from approximately 350

Air Flow (kg/hr)




kW to approximately 800 kW.




Thermal Efficiency Maximum Operating Current

WPC has two standard MARC 11 configurations, a low power torch, the MARC 11L and a high power torch, MARC 11H. The low power MARC 11L plasma

The high power torch operates in the range from approximately 860 kW to 2400 kW. The maximum

400 ADC

1000 ADC

2000 ADC

arc current of the MARC 11 plasma torch is 2000A. The MARC 11 torch uses two separate power

Maximum Operating Arc Voltage

860 VDC

950 VDC

1200 VDC

supplies: one for the field coil and one for the arc. The arc current and the field coil current can be independently controlled.



Typical Length



















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Project Updates Wuhan Kaidi, Wuhan China Wuhan Kaidi’s demonstration facility is approximately 90% complete and has entered the commissioning phase. It will be operational in early 2013. Alter NRG is continuing to support the commissioning and start up process. Upon successful demonstration, Kaidi has more than 100 sites identified to take biomass and convert it into power and liquid fuels.

GTS Shanghai Alter NRG is currently supporting the construction of a hazardous waste demonstration facility in Shanghai China. The facility is being constructed by GTS Shanghai and is located at the Shanghai Environment Hazardous Waste Facility in Jianding. Shanghai Environment is a division of the state owned company Shanghai Chengtou. The facility is currently under construction and is scheduled for start-up and commissioning by the end of Q1 2013. The project will be processing a variety of hazardous and industrial wastes along with incinerator fly ash. Incinerator fly ash is an increasing issue in China and is currently a high priority environmental issue for the Chinese government as incinerator flyash is considered a hazardous waste material in China. In its first phase the project will be supplying steam to existing power generation at the facility. This project demonstration is the next step in the process for larger scale commercial applications in China.

Russian Federation



Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan

North Korea


Tajikistan Afghanistan Kashmir

South Korea



Wuhan, Hubei



Bhutan India Bangladesh

Taiwan Myanmar

Vietnam Laos Thailand





Conference Updates Gasification Technologies Council (GTC) Conference - Washington, DC Westinghouse Plasma Corp. co-presented with Air Products at the Gasification Technologies Conference (GTC) held in Washington, DC from October 29th to 31st, 2012. Walter Howard (CEO) and Bruce Leonard (Director, Corporate Development) attended on behalf of Westinghouse Plasma Corp. (Photo right) Walter in conversation with fellow GTC visitors.

7th International Conference on Waste Management and Technology (ICWMT), Beijing, China Westinghouse Plasma showcased at the Seventh International Conference on Waste Management and Technology Conference in Beijing, China from September 5th-7th, 2012. Walter Howard (CEO) of Westinghouse Plasma is seen here showcasing our key enabling plasma gasification technology.

Energy from waste Rotterdam, Netherlands Westinghouse Plasma attended the 7th Annual World Biofuels Markets Conference held in Rotterdam, Netherlands from March 13-15, 2012. This is the largest biofuels congress and exhibition event in Europe. Kevin Willerton (Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Business Development) engaging with visitors at the Westinghouse Plasma Corp. stand.

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Alter NRG provides clean energy solutions that are economically viable and environmentally sustainable. Westinghouse Plasma is the industry leading plasma gasification technology that provides clean and renewable energy solutions by converting all types of waste and biomass into high value energy - like electricity, ethanol or syngas. With plasma systems in operation for 20 years and converting waste into energy since 2002, the technology is commercially proven and produces lower emissions than other conventional energy technologies.

NRG Focus - Dec 2012 Edition  

For our 6th edition of NRG Focus we will continue to bring clarity to the experiences and activities that help optimize our Westinghouse Pla...