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Events Inspiring Heart, Mind & Soul

Meet the team One of my favourite interpretations of the Chinese Oracular system the I Ching, says “ Until we reach a certain stage in our evolution, not only do we have a need for the support of others of like mind, we have a duty to seek that support”. One of my motivations for the creation of Alternatives was to create a platform for seekers of wisdom. Our talk and workshops are at their best, places of exploration of the spiritual path. We need fellow pilgrims to accompany us as we live out our lives and find meaning in the depths and heights we plumb. I am often humbled at the wisdom and eloquence, not just of our speakers but also when our audience share their experiences. I am grateful for Richard, Venetia, Sangeeta and Susanna and our wonderful team of volunteers who give their all to this worthy project.

Co-Founder and Executive Director Malcolm Stern

Event Team : Gwen Cover Imran Hussain John Sleeman Miriam Montague MaryRose O’Brien Rochelle Cyrus Marta Zdzieblowska Alternatives St James’s Church, 197 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9LL 0207 287 6711 Co-Director - Richard Dunkerley Head of Marketing - Venetia David Office Assistant - Susanna Howe Design & Creative - Venetia David Alternatives is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Registered in England & Wales Company number : 3978199

Our Vision Alternatives is the chosen destination for seekers of wisdom within London, globally and digitally, creating and deepening our community to inspire individual and planetary evolution. We continue to host pioneers in the field of spirituality, wellbeing, personal growth and conscious business. Over the last 33 years we have hosted hundreds of speakers including Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr Wayne Dyer, Thich Nhat Hanh, Ram Dass and Eckhart Tolle. Alternatives aims to become a leading spiritual media brand, creating heart-led collaborations and making positive contributions to the media. Alternatives embodies the spirit of heart-centred service, integrity and the experience of alchemy.

Chairwoman At Alternatives we love working to bring you the very best speakers and workshops from across this magnificent planet of ours! We also want to give everyone who walks through our ‘AlternaAt Alternatives we love worktives doors’, whether you are in the audience or ing to bring you the very best the speaker themselves, an amazing and positive speakers from of all experience, that and goes workshops home with you…most across this magnificent planet we want everyone to feel part of the Alternatives of ours! We also want to give community whether you are on or off-line.

Sangeeta Haindl

everyone who walks through

We are now so inter-connected and that we our ‘Aall lternatives doors’, whethare living in a digital constellation: er you are in the audienceconnecting or us allthe in anspeaker easily explored galaxy…so, themselves, an please do connect with me on Twitter (@SangeetaHaindl) amazing and positive experior say hello to the Alternatives team when you ence, that goes home with see us.

you…most of all we want everyone part the AlWe look forwardto to feel seeing youof and remember ternatives community whether you can follow @alternativesorg

Chairperson Sangeeta Haindl


Our Talks Our talks are in St James’s Church unless stated otherwise. Doors open at 6.30pm. The talks start at 7pm and end at 8.30pm. Vegetarian food and books are available afterwards. Advance Booking Buy your tickets in advance online, and enjoy our discounted prices £12 online £15 on the door, Concessions £8 online £10 on the door (See individual pricing for concerts and special guests). Concessions are for full-time students, over 60s, jobseekers and DLA. Please bring proof to show at the door. Alternatives Friends have priority entry at our busiest talks. Please show your Friends card at the door. A Friendly Disclaimer We take great care in selecting our speakers and equally we ask you to use your discernment regarding opinions and information presented. We recognise that quick solutions to some issues are not always possible. Although St James's Church, in its openness of heart and mind, includes Alternatives, the ideas in this programme are not necessarily representative of the church itself.

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Monday 11 January

Monday 18 January

Discovering The Divine Perfection Even In Your Imperfections!

New Year Concert Heaven’s Mountains, Sacred Lakes, Ancient Lands

jeff foster

michael ormiston & candida valentino

What happens when we stop trying to change, fix or even heal ourselves, and radically embrace ourselves exactly as we are today flaws, fears, doubts and all? In this heartfelt talk, Jeff Foster will share the secrets of his own journey from suicidal depression and self-hatred to spiritual awakening. He will help us re-frame our path of healing, explaining why enlightenment is a present reality, not a future destination

Jeff Foster is a Spiritual teacher and author. He has published four books. His latest book is The Deepest Acceptance. £15 / £10 concs

Michael & Candida have recorded a limited edition album especially for the Alternatives concert. Listen to the voice like tones of the Kyl Kyiak, Mongolian Khőőmii overtone/undertone singing, Shaman drums, Tibetan Singing Bowls & Symphonic Gongs . The audience is invited to bring their own shaman/frame drums to join in with the Sufi Mazaar. Michael & Candida are World renowned musicians, teachers & therapeutic sound practitioners £15 / £10 concs

Monday 25 January Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion

gregg levoy

Through self-reflective writing, discussion, small group work, and brainstorming, Gregg will explore the endless, tugof-war between passion and security in our lives, the wild in us and the tame. Discover where we’re numb, depressed, stuck or bored in our lives so that we can rework these tendencies, claim our rightful inheritance of vitality, and get our spark back. Gregg Levoy is the author of the bestseller Callings - Finding & Following an Authentic Life


Monday 1 February

Mary Magdalene - The Original Feminine Archetype

lars muhl

Join Lars Muhl as he gives you an insight into his life’s work studying the Essenes and the Aramaic New Testament. In the The O Manuscript Lars discusses The Magdalene, which unfolds along two themes: the author’s continuing work with and parting from the Seer and his glimpse into the collective Akasha, where he is confronted with Mary Magdalene as the feminine force’s most outstanding archetype and also as a historic person. Among the book’s high points is the moving description of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s time together and their mutual initiation in the bridal chamber. Lars Muhl Lars is a visionary, mystic and lecturer. He is author of The O Manuscript (The Seer, The Magdalene and The Grail), which has become an esoteric cult classic, and The Law of Light

Monday 8 February

Opening Spiritual Realms with Creative Imagery

martha fiennes

Experience the latest technology with what Martha Fiennes describes as ‘film paintings’ and view her first work, Nativity. This will be a highly immersive new visual experience, which has the potential to shift the viewer’s mood to offer a positive transformative effect . This ‘film-painting’ is self-generating, ‘dynamic’ and never ending. It is impossible to predict what ‘may happen next’ as this is un-knowable. Martha considers that whatever the ‘painting’ reveals at the time of viewing is synchronistic and appropriate. The imagery echos engagement with cosmic intelligence and Martha believes that in the creation of immersive imagery we may trigger associations with timelessness and to universal intelligent energy, which we are all able to access for our well-being. Martha Fiennes is an award-winning filmmaker, director, writer and now artist. ‘Nativity’ has been showcased at the V&A, the National Gallery & Sotheby’s. Martha’s work sits in an evolving space between film, art, technology and conscious wellbeing.

Below: A still from Nativity

RIGHT: Martha Fiennes


Monday 15 February Feng Shui Secrets for Inspirational Living

davina mackail

It’s Feng Shui New Year and time to make your house a home. What are the beneficial energies to harness in 2016? Join Davina for a fun and inspiring delve into the tools of intuitive feng shui, and space clearing. Learn how to make small adjustments that can create miraculous effects in your life. Please bring a hand drawn floor plan of your home (doesn’t have to be to scale!) and a notebook Davina Mackail is a feng shui & space clearing expert and shamanic coach dedicated to helping others help themselves.

Monday 29 February The Universe According to Reiki

torsten lange

Torsten will take you on an amazing journey of discovery: Reiki is not just a complementary therapy but a complete spiritual system. It helps us to see and feel the different levels of existence in the universe. This ground-breaking new understanding of Reiki will be illustrated with pictures and stories from recent visits to Japan. And Torsten will share for the first time the latest research into Reiki history. A milestone in the understanding of Reiki! Torsten Lange is the founder and director of the renowned Reiki Academy London and the author of the Hay House book Reiki Heal Your Body and Your Life with the Power of Universal Energy.

Monday 22 February be ordained priest in the 1990s. Does religion ruin spirituality

revd lucy winkett & malcolm stern Malcolm Stern has worked as

a group and individual psychotherapist

In a world where many people would rather say “I’m spiritual but not religious”, has organised for more than 30 years. He was a religion had its day? Every person is has a unique history and potential, so how can any religion co-founder of Alternatives, runs groups hope to express the hopes and desires of the human soul? internationally

In the setting of St James’s Church, which is part of the Church of England, Malcolm Stern, the co- founder of Alternatives who sees himself having trodden a spiritual path for 35 years, is in dialogue with Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James’s and one of the first generation of women to be ordained priest in the 1990s. In a spirit of honest and open conversation, they will explore both the delights and catastrophes that can befall religious communities and take an unflinching look at the place of religion and spirituality in our own individual lives and in society today. How we are able to explore the deepest mysteries of our own souls is one of the greatest challenges of being human: come and join the conversation. Revd Lucy Winkett is Rector of St James’s and one of the first generation of women to be ordained priest in the 1990s Malcolm Stern has worked as a group and individual psychotherapist for more than 30 years. He was a co-founder of Alternatives, runs groups internationally



Monday 7 March

Monday 14 March

Thursday 7 April

Salvaging The Sacred

My Spiritual Journey

The Dee Rendall Psychic Experience

marian partington

How can we refuse to dehumanise those who perpetrate brutal, brutalising atrocities? Marian’s story treads this painful territory as she reclaims her sister Lucy from her murderers, Fred and Rosemary West. In the wake of shattering loss, she learns to pay attention to her reactions as they arise, to investigate her defended, fearful, prejudiced self. She discovers a shared humanity, cultivating compassion for herself and those around her as an everyday spiritual practice. Marian Partington is the author of the acclaimed Guardian essay, Salvaging the Sacred and her more recent book If You Sit Very Still was chosen by Rowan Williams as his Book of the Year. stories/marian-partington-england

satish kumar

dee rendall

journey, our soul is on a spiritual journey.

lady with an extraordinary gift for

“As our bodies make a physical The two journeys complement one another but often we forget the spiritual dimension of our journey and we get bogged down in the problems and trials of the physical journey. By making a spiritual journey, the physical journey also becomes joyful, Satish Kumar will relate his own journey both physical and spiritual in this talk.” Satish Kumar Satish Kumar is an renowned activist. He has been a Jain monk, nuclear disarmament advocate, pacifist, and is the current editor of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine which

A genuine caring spiritual

connecting you with spirit. Dee has dedicated over 25 years of her life so far to guiding, helping and connecting others. Highly respected and loved, Dee is able to confidently and accurately pass on messages to loved ones. Dee Rendall’s gift to connect with spirit is natural and she has had no formal training or mentoring. Dee has been actively helping others as a professional psychic medium for over 25 years.

celebrates it’s 50th anniversary next

year. Satish is the author of many books

£20/£15 7pm - 9pm

including Soil, Soul & Society.

The Columbia Hotel ,

95 Lancaster Gate, W2 3NS



Thursday 24th March

An Evening with

marianne williamson

We are delighted to welcome Marianne Williamson back for this evening seminar. Drawing on her perspectives on A Course In Miracles , Marianne seeks to inspire you with her practical application of these spiritual insights. Marianne Williamson is one of the worlds’ most respected spiritual teachers who has helped millions re-connect to their spirituality and find inner peace. In 2014, she stood as a candidate in the elections for the US Congress. Her many books include A Return to Love, The Law of Divine Compensation, Illuminata and A Year of Miracles. £30 / £25 concs 7pm - 9.30pm Logan Hall, The Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL

Monday 11 April

The Answer is YOU!

rev michael beckwith

This talk will be richly complemented by the soul-stirring music of Rickie Byars Beckwith. In times of challenge and change, there are key questions pulling at our consciousness and our conscience: Do we search for meaning, or grasp at survival? What is authentic happiness and how may we experience it? Visionary spiritual teacher Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith describes such questions as a celebration of human inquiry that births a deeper awareness of the purpose of existence. “When you begin to see your life in a context of oneness with Source,” he says, “You will discover a meaning & purpose for being alive that far transcends any sense of limitation.” Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith is an American New Thought minister, author, and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California, a New Thought church with a congregation estimated in excess of 8,000 members. £20/ £15 concs



Thursday 28 April

Monday 16 May

The Meaning of Life

How to be More of Who You Really Are

Through A Near-Death

michael neill


Michael Neill is an internationally renowned success coach

mas sajady

and the best-selling author of You Can Have What You Want, Feel Happy Now! He has spent the past 19 years as a coach, adviser, friend, mentor and creative spark plug to celebrities, CEO’s, royalty,

In this fascinating Seminar Mas

and people who want to get more out of their lives.

will help you understand the Meaning

£20 / £15 concs 7pm - 8.30pm

of Life, by revealing the truth about the unseen forces behind the life that you may think you have created. Mas will expand your awareness by exposing the flaws in popular spiritual beliefs, and will introduce unconventional spiritual concepts obtained during his near-death experiences that may negate your entire value system. Mas Sajady was gifted with intuitive and healing abilities after his second near death experience, From these NDEs Mas brought back a divine wisdom and the ability to see and alter frequencies in people - frequencies that have been holding us back from our true potential.

Monday 6 June Regenerating the Body of Love

shiva rea

Shiva Rea is Movement is life for Shiva Rea, M.A, global yoga teacher, activist, and innovator in the evolution of vinyasa yoga around the world. She has taught thousands of students, teachers,

and movers and shakers how to integrate yoga as a way of life. £20 / £15 concs 7pm - 8.30pm £30 / £25 concs 7pm - 9.30pm Tuke Hall ,

Thursday 23 June

Regent’s University London,

An Evening of Mediumship

Inner Circle, London NW1 4NS

tony stockwell

Tony Stockwell has been a Psychic Medium for over 30 years

and is the author of many books including ‘Spirited’. £25 / £20 concs 7pm - 9.30pm Tuke Hall, Regent’s University London, London NW1 4NS


11 weekly from Wednesday 6 January

The Community Choir

sarah warwick

Singing is uplifting! It is energising, relaxing, heart-opening, immune-boosting and builds community easily and effortlessly. In this weekly evening session you will move, breathe, tone and sing gorgeous harmony songs and mantras from around the world. It will be both fun and profound. The songs will be taught by ear and will include beautiful rounds, Taize, African, gospel, jazz, pop, spirituals, and more. Everyone welcome, no audition or previous experience necessary. Sarah Warwick is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, workshop facilitator and soundhealer. 7pm - 8.30pm every Wednesday evening - dates below £75/£50 concs for each 5 consecutive sessions 1st five sessions Jan 6/13/20/27 Feb 3 2nd five sessions Feb 10/17 Mar 9/16/23 Colet House, The Study Society, 151 Talgarth Road, W14 9DA

Saturday 23 January Find What You Love, Love What You Do

julian russell

Imagine what your life would be like if you were following a life-long vision that filled you with passion, humility, curiosity and excitement. In this workshop we will explore and uncover the deepest truth of your heart, bringing it out into the open to have a chance to shine. Julian Russell Julian Russell has been an international speaker, trainer and coach to senior executives since the 1980s and helped introduce NLP into the UK. He is founder of the Life Talent programme 10.30am - 5pm The Columbia Hotel , 95 Lancaster Gate, W2 3NS

Saturday 6 February

Stillness of the heart: a healing workshop on Yeshuas Aramaic teachings

lars muhl

Yeshua (Jesus) spoke aramaic.

Behind this language lies a secret message, that turns central themes in the New Testament upside down. Based on The Law of Light Lars Muhl will run a healing workshop based on Yeshua’s teachings. During the workshop Lars will introduce you to an old healing method, used by Yeshua and The Essenes. Lars Muhl is a visionary, mystic and lecturer. He is author of The O Manuscript which has become an esoteric cult classic 10.30am - 5pm Park Crescent Conference Centre 229 Great Portland Street, W1W 5PN

Our workshop prices unless stated otherwise are: £65 Standard £55 Visionary £50 Concessions (full-time students, over 60s, job seekers and DLA)


Saturday 13 February


360 WISDOM Programme

claire chidley This master class with Claire Chidley introduces you to the 360 WISDOM Circle and it’s four Quarters: THINK, FEEL, CREATE, BELIEVE. You will gain understanding about how each Quarter functions across a range of behavioural states and what this means for you. 360 WISDOM will be applied in fun and imaginative ways to workplace scenarios so you will learn how to get the best out of yourself and colleagues in a balanced, authentic way to help you be an inspirational leader and entrepreneur Claire Chidley is a transformational trainer, coach, mentor, entrepreneur and public speaker. £60/ £50 concs 1pm - 5pm Park Crescent Conference 229 Great Portland Street, W1W 5PN

Saturday 20 February

Feng Shui Secrets for Inspired Living

davina mackail

This fun and inspiring workshop explores the tools of intuitive feng shui, enabling you to create an inspirational living environment that fully supports your health, wealth and happiness. We will explore the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution and how to create a safe space to sleep. Join Davina as she distils twenty years of feng shui wisdom into powerful highlights to that will fast track you to a healthier, happier, wealthier life. It will help to bring a hand drawn floor plan of your home (doesn’t have to be to scale!) and a notebook Davina Mackail is a feng shui & space clearing expert and shamanic coach dedicated to helping others help themselves. 10.30am - 5pm Unitarian Church, 112 Palace Garden Terrace, W8 4RT

Saturday 27 February

Conscious Meditation

tony samara

Whether you’re interested in your own transformation or want to learn the latest in mind-body medicine to help your clients, Conscious Meditation will help you create a lifestyle that supports your deepest intentions to become more vibrant, healthy, and alive – at any age. You will gain practical tools and an understanding of meditation so as to make the most relevant and discerning healing choices. Tony Samara is the author of ‘Shaman’s Wisdom,’ ‘The Simplicity of Love Meditation,’ & ‘Ancient Wisdom for Reality Creators. 10.30am - 5pm Colet House, The Study Society, 151 Talgarth Road, W14 9DA

Saturday 5 March

IN THE BODY OF YOUR VOICE Discover Self-Leadership through Sound

chloe goodchild

The Naked Voice inspires three realms of understanding: Sound Awareness – living in harmony with your true nature. Sound Intelligence – creating emotional health and well-being. Sound Wisdom – transmitting the spirit of compassion. Chloe’s work is fun, interactive including solo, paired, triad, and whole group work, that is confidence-building & transformative. This workshop will give you: 1) A direct and embodied experience of your own authentic voice. 2) Sound principles and practices to integrate your inner-outer life. 3) Transformative vocal tools for healthy and loving relationships. 4) Energy movement practices to embody purpose and presence. 5) A new relationship between silence, speech and song. 6) Empowering practice for self-leadership & conscious communication. Chloe Goodchild is an international singer, voice pioneer, author, presenter and founder of The Naked Voice. 10.30am - 5pm Unitarian Church, 112 Palace Garden Terrace, W8 4RT


Saturday 12 March

Soul Trader

rasheed ogunlaru Join leading life coach, speaker and business coach Rasheed Ogunlaru for this inspiring and practical session that will help cut the financial and emotional costs of business - and to create a unique, authentic ‘stand out from the crowd’ one that is fulfilling personally and financially. Rasheed, author of Soul Trader – Putting the Heart Back into Your Business will help you cut the complexity and cutthroat mentality out of business, introducing an easy, painless and economical way of being building your business through rich relationships, harnessing seven ‘heart centred’ principles :Clarity; Customers; Courage, Co-operation, Conversations, Creativity, Compassion...and a concluding principle; Change. Rasheed Ogunlaru is a leading life coach, speaker and business coach and author of Soul Trader. £60/£50 concs 1pm - 5pm The Columbia Hotel , 95 Lancaster Gate, W2 3NS


Saturday 9 April

Sacred Oils Saturday 19 March

Better Eyesight Naturally

peter grunwald

In this workshop, you will learn that it’s not the eyes that see, but the brain. Peter teaches that brain function can change, therefore eyesight and vision are flexible and can follow the changes of the brain. The Eyebody Method coordinates physical, emotional,mental and spiritual aspects of seeing. Glasses or surgery address the symptoms, not the causes of visual dysfunction. Today, you will learn how to begin to replace these with: visual and mental clarity; strain free reading and computer use; improved posture, coordination and well-being; and increased attention and presence. Peter Grunwald is the founder of the Eyebody Method. Based in New Zealand. 10.30am - 5pm The Columbia Hotel , 95 Lancaster Gate, W2

felicity warner

Working with sacred oils is a 4,000 year old mystery school tradition. These oils are nothing to do with modern aromatherapy oil but are powerful tools for deep transformation, healing and consciousness. The knowledge of this secret tradition are passed from master to master -only a handful of people across the globe currently hold the knowledge of working with these exquisite oils . This workshop offers a rare glimpse of the potential of this work. Felicity Warner, well known for her pioneering soul midwives work with the dying, is a mistress of the oils.. or “ myrophore” ( one who works with Mryrhh). Following the Mary Magdalene lineage she uses oils to heal soul wounds , heal the light-body, to work as psychopomp and shape shifter. Felicity Warner is the Founder of SOUL MIDWIVES™- a pioneering movement in holistic and spiritual Palliative Care & author of Gentle Dying A Safe Journey Home The Soul Midwives’ Handbook £60 / £50 concs 1pm - 5pm Colet House, The Study Society, 151 Talgarth Road, W14 9DA



Sunday 10 April

How to teach and lead meditation

william bloom

In this workshop, William Bloom will teach the core concepts and strategies for leading people into silence. During the day you will be given a holistic and modern perspective on the major meditation forms. These may include Vippasana, Zen, mindfulness, TM, guided visualisations, mantras, mandalas, raja and agni yoga, journeying, seed thoughts, inner dialogue, deep relaxation, healing and prayer. You will clarify the chemistry, psychology and health benefits of meditation.

WilliamBloom is one of Britain’s most experienced mind-body-spirit educators, with over thirty years of training people in this area. 10.30am - 5pm Heythrop College 23 Kensington Square , W8 5HN

Saturday 16 April

The Life Visioning Process

rev michael beckwith

Michael Bernard Beckwith, originator of the Life Visioning Process, will explore:

How to identify your gifts, talents and skills and deliver them in the world Learn how to access the evolutionary impulse of the Universe, that awaits your conscious realization of its individualized expression of your life, thus enabling you to unfold into the highest purpose of your being. Plus, there will be a guided Life Visioning exercise that will provide you with tools to incorporate the changes you desire into your highest vision for your life This day will be richly complemented by the soul-stirring music of Rickie Byars Beckwith. Rev Michael Beckwith is an American New Thought minister, author, and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California, a New Thought church with a congregation estimated in excess of 8,000 members. £75 / £55 10.30am - 4.30pm Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL


Saturday 23 April

The Feel

Saturday 8th May

Good Factor

The Way of Rest: Falling In Love With Where You Are

patrick holford

Do you suffer from low mood, a lack of motivation or depression? Are you gaining weight and losing energy? Discover simple things you can do today to feel better tomorrow from UK’s leading author on the link between nutrition and mental health, nutritionist and psychologist, Patrick Holford. Patrick has identified the ten most common triggers for low mood, low energy and weight gain, and how to find out which might apply to you. Patrick Holford is a pioneer in new approaches to health and nutrition. He is the author of 36 books, including The Optimum Nutrition Bible, 10.30am - 5pm Unitarian Church, 112 Palace Garden Terrace,

jeff foster Jeff Foster will invite you to a paradigm shift in your understanding of awakening and healing. He will explain why healing is not a destination or a goal, but an ever-present reality. And why you are already enlightened, even if you don’t believe that. And why even your doubts and fears contain great intelligence.

Through heartfelt talks, intimate dialogues, guided meditations and restful silences, Jeff will guide us in his own unique, compassionate, humorous way back to the Home we never left the present moment. He will hold a safe, loving, agenda-free space where even the most intense thoughts and feelings can be welcomed, and we can remember our original wholeness.. 10.30am - 5pm Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regents Park Road, London, NW1 7AY

W8 4RT


Saturday 25 June

Who Would You Be Without Your Story

byron katie

Sunday 15 May

Super Genes - the key to health and fulfilment

deepak chopra

Join Deepak Chopra today as he shares a bold new understanding of our genes and how simple changes in lifestyle can boost genetic activity. The leap into “radical well-being” is a promise waiting to be fulfilled. For decades medical science has believed that genes determine our biological destiny. Now the new genetics has changed that assumption forever. When you make lifestyle choices that optimise how your genes behave, you can reach for a state of health & fulfillment undreamed of even a decade ago.

Deepak will inspire you to make the best choices for your health and teach practical ways to experience higher consciousness, transformation and healing. Deepak Chopra is an expert in the field of mindbody healing, Deepak Chopra is a world-renowned speaker and author on the subject of alternative medicine. 10.30am - 4.30pm Logan Hall, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL £125 / £95 / £70 concs

The Work of Byron Katie has been called the most powerful self-realisation technique ever developed. A simple yet powerful process of inquiry that teaches you to identify and question thoughts that cause suffering in your life. In this seminar, Katie, with her humour and lovingly incisive clarity, will introduce you to The Work and show you how self-inquiry can bring you a joy-filled life. Byron Katie has one job: to teach people how to stop suffering. In 1986, at the bottom of a ten-year fall into depression, anger, and addiction, she woke up one morning and realised that all suffering comes from believing our thoughts. Katie is the author of many books including ‘Loving What Is’ £85 / £65 concs 10.30am - 5.30pm Logan Hall, The Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AL

calendar MONDAY TALKS pay on door / advance booking Jan 18 11 Discovering The Divine Perfection Jan 18 New Year Concert - Heaven’s Mountains Jan 25 Vital Signs - The Nature & Nuture of Passion Feb 1 Mary Magdalene - The Original Female Archetype Feb 8 Opening Spiritual Realms - Film Paintings Feb 15 Feng Shui for Inspired Living Feb 22 Does Religion Ruin Spirituality? Feb 29 The Universe According to Reiki Mar 7 Salvaging the Sacred Mar 14 My Spiritual Journey Mar 24 An Evening with Marianne Apr 7 The Dee Rendall Psychic Experience Apr 11 The Answer is YOU Apr 28 The Meaning of Life through NDE’s May 16 How To Be More Of Who You Really Are June 6 Regenerating the Body of Love June 23 An Evening of Mediumship

Jeff Foster Michael Ormiston/ Candida Valentino Gregg Levoy Lars Muhl Martha Fiennes Davina Mackail Rev Lucy Winkett/Malcolm Stern Torsten Lange Marian Partington Satish Kumar Marianne Williamson Dee Rendall Michael Beckwith Mas Sajady Michael Neill Shiva Rea Tony Stockwell

SEMINARS advance booking May 15 Super Genes - The Key to Health & Fulfilment June 25 Who Would You Be Without Your Story

Deepak Chopra Byron Katie

WEEKLY GROUP advance booking Jan 6th The Community Choir - Wednesdays

Sarah Warwick

WORKSHOPS / MASTERCLASSES advance booking Jan 23 Find What You Love, Love What You Do Julian Russell Feb 6 In The Stillness of the Heart - Teachings of Yeshua Lars Muhl Feb 13 360 Wisdom programme Claire Chidley Feb 20 Feng Shui for Inspired Living Davina Mackail Feb 27 Conscious Meditation Tony Samara Mar 5 In The Body Of Your Voice Chloe GoodChild Mar 12 Soul Trader MasterClass Rasheed Ogunlaru Mar 19 Better Eyesight Naturally Peter Grunwald Apr 9 Sacred Oils Felicity Warner Apr 10 How To Teach and Lead Meditation William Bloom Apr 16 The Life Visioning Process Michael Beckwith Apr 23 The Feel Good Factor Patrick Holford May 8 The Way of Rest: Falling In Love With Where You Are Jeff Foster

Talk, Workshop and Seminar bookings To book a talk, workshop or seminar, you can pay by debit/credit card/PayPal at our website or by cheque payable to Alternatives. Send cheque to our office with your name, email address and phone number. Cancellations If you need to cancel your workshop or seminar booking then please notify our office at least 14 days before the event. We do not give refunds but we will transfer your booking to another event or give you a credit against a future booking. We do not give refunds or credits for talks. Concessions Concessions are for full-time students, over 60s, those in receipt of job seekers allowance and DLA. Please send photocopied proof of status. Our workshops Alternatives provides an educational space for personal and spiritual exploration. You may find that taking one of our workshops can facilitate a powerful experience and we encourage you to take care of yourself during and after the workshop. Data protection We do not pass on your personal information to anyone. We do not sell our mailing list. We do not give your email or address to workshop leaders without your permission.

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