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==== ==== This is an excerpt from "BONE PAIN AND HIP FRACTURES", by Kerri Ryan. To find out more click here ==== ==== OSTEOMALASIA From the Latin, this name means bad bones. It is kind of a generic terms for something that has been historically somewhat of a mysterious disease. In Truth, it is simply a lack of Vitamin D that prevents calcium absorption. Often seen in Arab countries and countries where people shield themselves from the sun, signs and symptoms include backaches, spontaneous fractures, and rarefied bones- all of which clear up when Vitamin D alone is given . When we go out in the sun, the cholesterol in the oil on our skin will convert to Vitamin D. Obviously, when someone veils themselves; this blocks the sun from striking their skin, and prevents the Vitamin D conversion. In America, Osteomalacia is also produced by, and associated with kidney disease. Kidney disease can prevent calcium from being retained in the body, and speed up its depletion in the urine and feces . Low fat diets will also inhibit bile flow that will also interfere with Vitamin D absorption. If this is the source of Osteomalacia, some of the signs and symptoms will include spontaneous fractures, aching bones, muscle cramps and spasms, nervousness, and twitching. Under these circumstances when bile is not reaching the intestines, Osteomalacia can be produced even when there is adequate calcium and Vitamin D. Patients recover when the bile flow is again stimulated, and calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D, lecithin and the essential oils are added back into the diet. Enzyme tablets can also be used short term to help stimulate bile flow. Why not a very complicated disease, it is very common. Once the diet is altered, and supplements added, most people can experience relief within a few weeks.

==== ==== This is an excerpt from "BONE PAIN AND HIP FRACTURES", by Kerri Ryan. To find out more click here ==== ====


Bone disease, and sore, aching bones is not a sign that you need some rest- It is a sure sign of early osteoporosis, and should be reversed...

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