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==== ==== Treating Sickness and Disease at the Cellular Level www.Amazon/author/KerriRyan ==== ==== Muscles never push, they only pull. So it takes the biceps to pull the arm up; and it takes the triceps to pull it back down. This fluid and rhythmic exchange of contractions should work without interruption throughout our entire body; throughout our entire lives. Because muscles operate on chemical and electrical impulses, when they dont work the way they are expected to, diet and nutrition should be the first action taken; even in cases where scar tissue is present. Vitamin E has long been known to remove scar tissue, and depending on how severe it is, this should be the first course of action. There are times when surgery is a good option, but not until all others have been tried. Potassium and vitamin E are the main elements that influence muscle contractions. A balanced potassium level is needed for the contraction of every single muscle in the body, including the heart. However, if you are going to take supplements as opposed to getting your potassium from foods, I want to make this clear from the start-ONLY TAKE ORAL POTASSIUM; FROM AN OVER THE COUNTER SUPPLIMENT; AND USE IT ACCORDING TO THE DIRECTIONSAnything else could be disastrous as potassium chloride is what is used to stop the heart while administering lethal injections. It is always best to get potassium supplements from fresh fruit and vegetables first, as these are in the right balance, and will be absorbed slowly to prevent harm. Lethal injections consist of 100 mEq (milliequivalents) of potassium chloride, injected intravenously all at once. This direct amount will cause one of the opposing contractions in the heart to fail, so that the heart muscle will simply cease to beat. Thinking that taking large amounts of potassium at home with the hope of improving your own muscle contractions is at best foolish; and at worst deadly. When dissolved, sodium, potassium, and chloride are the electrolytes needed to conduct electricity in water. 95% of the potassium electrolyte is intracellular (stored within the cell) and only 5% remains outside of it. The frequency and degree of muscle contractions, and the nerves that trigger them, are all closely dependent on these balanced potassium levels. If you would like to know more about how muscles work, and how to get your working better, click on the link below-

==== ==== Treating Sickness and Disease at the Cellular Level www.Amazon/author/KerriRyan ==== ====

The Nature of Muscle Diseases  

Weak muscles and muscular diseases are rarely diagnosed as such until something has gone seriously wrong with them. Because muscles can be f...

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