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Hannah Leaman Can Jewish girls have too much fun? Have you got your AGame? Leeds Style Stalker Whats trending now? How much do you know about your sexual health? “UH OH!”


PAGES *3-4 A Game *5-6 60 Second questionnaire with Leeds Carnegie Rugby stars *7-8 Can Jewish girls have too much fun? *9 Inside every man there is a woman, Man VS Boy *10 Leeds Style Stalker *11-12 What was her name again? A scarily real feature on sexual health *13-14 What WE Women Want


EDITORS Emily Levy

Fiona Gribben

Nabeelah Kathrada

Lewis Straughn

This Just in!

Alter Ego is on a quest to dominate the world and turn everyone into slaves for all eternity…..and you thought I was being serious? What’s up guys, here at alter ego our mission isn’t to take over the world although we are on a quest to take over the magazine industry. This being our first issue of many more to come has some real touchy stories, which aren’t for the light hearted. First up our writer Lewis Straughn gives all you lonely men advice on the art of seducing women. I knew that would get you guy’s attention. Our second article is coated with pictures of naked girls, NOT. what do you think we are? A Lads Mag. No my friends we delve into the religious side of things and ask the question “can Jewish girls have to much fun”? Our writer Fiona Gribben delves inside the brain of a female (a very mysterious creature) to find out what women really want from a man.


Finally our sexual health expert Nabeelah Kathrada has been keeping herself occupied by visiting sex clinics in Leeds to find out what the actual sti rates are. Be warned, you will shower in a condom after we tell you what’s actually out there.

y l u r t s r You The Alter Ego Team


Best you bring your A-Game By Lewis Straughn

times promote fictional characters such as James Bond as agents of seduction.



he History of Seducing woman dates back 100’s of years. Many ways of seduction have been discovered and practised by millions of witty males and females across the globe. One of the earliest tactics of seduction can be seen in the bible. If you’re a believer of higher powers, than you will be familiar with Adam and Eve. Within this story Eve offers Adam the forbidden fruit. Eve is not depicted as a seductress but extra art and commentary offer rise to this suspicion. Eve was also seduced by the serpent, understood in Christianity to be Satan. Seduction, seen negatively, involves temptation and enticement, often sexual in nature. In the believable world of history books, we know of other famous experts on the art of seduction like Casanova. But more modern

In the 21st century a new term span from the word seduction. It was promoted as ‘Game’. The term derives from American Urban culture and is best described as the artful inner ability of seducing women. Hopefully by now most of you realise when I say game I’m not talking about monopoly or Call of Duty Modern warfare for the PlayStation 3. I’m talking about a fully functional and inheritable way of talking to any woman by making her feel special, being able to leave a smile on her face and her number in your pocket on departure. The modern way of seducing a woman using ‘Game’ can be broken down into 5 steps. It is something which can be self-taught by everyone and once fully operational It can guarantee you a foot in the door to dating a woman. This method teaches an idea that compliments go a long way when initially meeting a female but that is not enough, you have to have a few rare chat up lines and a bubbly sense of humour to help crack a smile on her face. Being yourself is very important, and engaging in a non-sexual conversation is very effective. Game promotes the idea that most women are like a flower, delicate and need to be watered in small amounts, using game is like water to a flower, you don’t want to water her down with silly amounts otherwise the flower will wither and she may think your used to doing this to women.

Now a lot of you out there may think that just having money and a six pack does the trick to attracting women. Game promotes the idea that looks are not all that matters and it’s the content which you verbally communicate which essentially entices the females attraction for you. Seduction, often seen negatively, involves temptation and incitement. Game teaches a whole new form of elevating your status to a woman. Now here comes the really interesting part. How it actually works. There are several key elements of unleashing game on a woman. A step by step guide is crucial to aiding anyone in the quest for the Holy Grail. We’ll take the classical, male spots female in bar scenario. Applying these steps to your seduction of a woman remembering about your game should in theory leave you with no problem when wooing Women. Number 1, The initial phase of attracting a woman is getting over the first hurdle, simple to some, more fearsome than Hitler and his army of Nazi’s to others. And that is approaching the woman. Think of it like this every second

“Game teaches a whole new form of elevating your status to a woman.”

you wait pondering whether to approach her is a second lost to a potentially bigger shark, with more game than the Los Angeles Lakers. You have to take every second like it’s your last. Don’t leave room for others to invade. Number 2, Once you’re in, don’t back out. Your there now, she acknowledges the fact you have approached her. The last thing you want right now is to re-act a scene out of Dumb and Dumber and start start stut stuttering like this. Start with a simple ‘Hey’ (Advanced Game users progress to, “So am I getting your number or are you taking mine”). Number 3, Spark conversation. After introducing yourself spit some game to the woman, let her know your funny side and that your not shy. Let her know your in control for the next 10 seconds. Women love a man who knows what he wants. A good line to use, which usually works is ‘I wanted to be the first to come over before your boyfriend gets here’. 90% of the time if the woman is single she will giggle and tell you she hasn’t got a boyfriend. This then opens up avenues for conversation. You have been there 10 seconds and you already know her name and if she’s single, without directly asking if she has a boyfriend. Number 4, Now this is the tricky part, holding a conversation without getting carried away, remember the window for opportunity in a bar is small, no doubt the music will be loud, so stood talking for several minutes may be kind of awkward if your both struggling to hear one another. You have to hit her with 1 or 2 minutes worth of conversation, usually 4 different topics is appropriate e.g.

“Now a lot of you out there may think that just having money and a six pack does the trick to attracting women” “So before I take your number I should probably get to know you”, “how have I never seen you before, I would defiantly remember seeing your face”, Avoid asking about friends, usually if the woman doesn’t initially take to you she will try offload you to a friend by introducing you. Try to continuously improve yourself, don’t initially tell her your job status unless she asks, women shouldn’t evaluate men on status, and any woman who does doesn’t deserve to have you anyway. After your few minutes of play time are up you should make your exit with a nice goodbye. Let her know your being anti-social to your friends so you better get back to them, don’t spend all night talking to her you don’t want to over water the flower. Don’t forget to ask for the number. If she pulls out a blackberry even better, take the pin instead. Number 5, the easiest step is don’t approach her again all night unless she comes to you. The last thing you want to do is throw yourself on her; take time to let her soak it in. upon you departure from the club a goodbye text is nice. Something like “couldn’t see you when I left, nice meeting you is it ok to call you tomorrow?” remember she is in a bar so may not hear her phone but women usually check there phone once or twice during the night. Any text back you receive is your golden ticket

to the chocolate factory. You’ve officially used game to attract the attention of a desirable female. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither where healthy long lasting relationships. So I’d tell Lamar Odem after 3 weeks of knowing Khloe Kardashian, you missed a step or two, or maybe a country mile when you proposed to her. A famous man, who once boarded the titanic and drowned trying to save a red headed, upper class woman, once said “I’ve never been Romeo who meets a girl and falls for her immediately. It’s been a much slower process for me each time I’ve gone into a relationship”. Good job it was only a movie Leonardo. “One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular” Leonardo DiCaprio


Leeds Carnegie VS

0 6sec Alter Ego

Leeds boys Alex Rieder and Joe Barker on OCD, Vampires and Gillian McKeith!

Alex Rieder

Joe Barker

F:Before you started 60 seconds with Alter Ego what were you doing? A:Gaming (cod) J: Picking up the misses

F:Snog, marry or avoid. Kelly Rowland, Tulisa, Cheryl cole. A:Snog Kelly, marry cheryl, avoid Tulisa. J: Who’d avoid Tulisa? Snog Tulisa, Marry Cheryl, avoid Kelly. F:Who is your man crush? A: Zac efron J: Channing Tatum. Although I haven’t thought about him for a while.


F:If you become a multi-millionaire over night what would you buy? A:I’d pay off the parents mortgage. J: A Porshe. (hesitates) and then I’d drive to my parents to offer them money.

Alter Ego’s Fiona has a laugh with the rugby stars

F:Boobs or bum? A:Umm that’s a difficult one. Boobs. J: Bum, no boobs. No, bum...but you got us there. F: So is that bum? J: Yeah bum.

F:What would be the one and only item you’d take to a desert island? A:Jessica Alba, so I could first have fun and when I’m hungry – eat her. J:A boat, so I could just row back.

F:Big biceps or big dick? A:Big biceps, then youv’e got her and she probably doesn’t care about the size of your Johnson. J: (Laughs) Yeah Biceps. It’s all about the arms.

F:When did you last cry? A: Couple of weeks ago watching the notebook J: Same... my sister’s keeper F:Boxers or Y fronts? A: (looks confused) Boxers. J: Yep, boxers.

F:Tell me something most people don’t know about you. A: I have OCD. J: You have ocd, what, how? A: I can’t have people walking in my room with shoes on. Thats just the start of it. J: Oh shit yeah you can’t. I’m getting a new car next year. No one knows that. F: Who is your most embarrasing crush? A:Margaret thatcher. I love a women with authority. J: Gillian McKeith. We have the same interests. (Laughs)

s d n co F: If you could have any super power what would it be? A: Invisibility. You know why. J: I’d be a vampire or something. Is that allowed?

Barker and Rieder share an intimate moment

F: If you weren’t playing rugby what would you be doing? A: I’d be the British Hugh Hefner. Probably. J: I’d be a chef and own my own resturaunt. F:And finally can you give our readers your best chat up line thats actually worked! A: I occasionally pretended I’m South African. Makes the ladies melt. J: I’ve never used a chat up line. They just can’t resist the face. Nah I’m kidding but I’ve actually never used a chat up line.


Can Jewish girls have too much fun? By Emily Levy


have customs and traditions, but don’t be so naïve- because a Jewish girl really does know how to have fun.

Ties and traditions are one of the basic and most important foundations of Judaism. It is more than likely that Jews around the world, even if not religious, relate to at least one Jewish custom. But at university, how easy is it to live like a party girl and act like a Jewish girl? What do you expect a Jewish girls life at university is like? Yes Jews

Being a reform, Jewish girl myself, combining university and religion is not something I find challenging. Friday night, the one basic tradition I strive to keep as it allows me to spend time with family after a busy, stressful work-and-play filled week. Friday nights at home consist of prayers and a big family dinner including the conventional chicken soup and roast chicken, with an orchestra of loud voices filling a very echoing dining room. A Friday evening like this differs greatly with one I would spend at university. These sorts of Friday nights either involve getting home from a long day of studying and passing out from exhaustion or taking the other route and going out for a standard uni

lenty of people relate differently to the meaning of ‘having fun’. For some people it’s sitting at home and reading a book and for others it’s going out for a drink with some friends. For the latter half, when going out, people usually have various expectations, one being to have fun. But fun can lead to many things, things, which your mother probably told you not to do. Yes it is easy to run away from your mum, but how easy is it to run away from your faith?


‘night out’. Which, majority of the time includes drinking, more drinking, dancing and a complete failure in the morning to remember the night before. The second idea being something that completely goes against Jewish laws altogether. I spoke to 3rd year student Juliet Craig, who is a modern Orthodox Jew, about how she balances her Judaism and her University life. “Of course it is hard to balance the two, but I find ways. I still keep Shabbat, which is easy for me as I live in house with all Jews”. “I don’t go clubbing on Friday nights, but I don’t think that Orthodox Jews can’t have fun. Yes I respect my religion and it is my priority, but there is always the rest of the week to go out, I’m still a girl who knows how to have fun!” However controversies appeared when I spoke to 3rd year student, Hannah Leaman, a traditional Jewish young lady, who tells me that her religion is merely a background and not a lifestyle. Would you call your self a practicing Jew? I like to stick to traditions but it’s hard when it’s not something I really care about. I like having dinner on Fridays with my family but it’s never really the top of my list. What do you do on Friday nights when you are at University?

Most of the time, if I’m not too tired I will go out. I do live in a house with all Jewish girls, but none of us see Friday nights as a religious thing, we see it as a good night out! Do you ever feel a sense of guilt when going out and drinking during the Sabbath? No, I tend not to think about it. It doesn’t bother me at all, I don’t think it means I’m a bad Jew I’m just not religious. In terms of drinking, it’s actually a good deed to drink during Shabbat so I’m not being that bad! However, I’m sure the Rabbis wouldn’t get in the state I get myself into sometimes!

“I’m still a girl who knows how to have fun!”

Research has shown that the majority of Jewish girls studying in Leeds do not live by the Torah, which is basically the Jewish constitution. But how do these views differ from the views of the Rabbis and religious leaders. Well the answer is, very much. The Torah states that the human body was created Bi’tzelem Elokim, in the image of G-d, and is the property of the Creator. Man is given custodial rights to his body, and has no more right to harm or destroy his body than the superintendent has to ransack the building he is hired to maintain. Tattoos are forbidden, so why do plenty of Jewish girls go out and get them? In addition, a large number of these inks are written in Hebrew, which completely disrespects the bold

numbers, which were tattooed on the Jewish people who entered the death camps during the Holocaust. Today, the consumption of alcohol is vastly growing, and has become a scarily regular in our culture, especially at university. Drinking alcohol harms your body, so why is this not frowned upon? Going back to biblical times, plenty of stories relate to alcohol, remember when Jesus turned water in to wine? The story of Adam and Eve is yet another biblical story which can be associated with alcohol. In the Talmud, Rabbi Meir says: “That tree‚ from which Adam ate was a grapevine, for there is nothing that brings calamity on a person more than wine”. That says it all really! From speaking to a number of Jewish girls who study at university it is quite evident that they live a similar lifestyle to non-Jews, some of whom are not driven by religion. “I guess if you know and believe that the Torah’s values are absolute truths than the tides of the today’s societies don’t really effect you so much.” Says Rabbi MelechDovid Tzofia Kanter. “The Jewish faith is more so up to date now than it has ever been, and Jewish values are more important now than they have ever been.’’ As much as Jewish values are important and up to date, so is the pressure to conform to other things surrounding a young Jewish girl at university. I am almost certain that her religion is not a motive to impress, but her perfectly straight hair, her flawless complexion and what car she drives is. Is this why so many girls are almost abandoning their culture and their foundations? Is there a constant pressure put on us to impress through other means? At

present, I live my life as a Jewish girl at University. My religion is a huge part of who I am, I don’t necessarily practice to my full potential but I also don’t run away from it. I am able to talk about it with other Jews and I am able to teach the people who don’t know. “My non-Jewish friends seem more interested many times that my Jewish friends! They ask better question and I feel they actually have a better understanding of the deep significance.”- Rabbi MelechDovid Tzofia Kanter. “The Rabbis Daughter” is an incredible story about a girl who turns to a corrupt lifestyle after being under so much religious pressure from her father. If you do grow up in a religious family, there are always pressures to conform to. But it isn’t just Jewish girls who relate to pressure. Girls every day are faced with various sorts of forces. Women today are constantly under scrutiny over how they act and how they carry themselves. These ideas have changed dramatically over the past 50 years, lets hope there is room for improvement. Model: Hannah Leaman Photographer: Lee Isaacs


Man VS Boy By Nabeelah Kathrada

Inside every man, there is a woman

By Emily Levy Hello boys, Emily here whats on the agenda today?

Some say you’re not a man until you’re married, some say boys think about sex every seven seconds and some say men regardless of age will always have a young childhood version of themselves living within. But is there really a difference between what a man is and what a boy is? From a woman’s perspective, personally, I don’t think there is much of a difference. Ok, so maybe as the years go on you boys out there realise there is a time when going out every night and getting hammered has to stop. Yes, it probably is because you’re older and your liver isn’t as tough as it use to be back in the day but deep down, there is a part of you that quite likes the idea of waking up at 7am and having to get out that grey suit that you’ve been eagerly anticipating to wear.


What about men? When does a guy become a man? Now, I’d think it would be somewhere your late 20’s, when you are finally in a stable job, got your life together and possibly living in your own, place providing for the ones you love? Or is this just hopeless thinking? In todays society, we are experiencing a role reversal in man and boy. Students seem to be the ones flashing their cash and living in their own flats, where as, your average man is struggling to make ends meat, so where does he turn? To the pub to get wasted of course! Those were the days when men were men for being the macho, bread-winners and boys were boys for being young and reckless.

Let me see, i know some people believe the most important thing about being a man is portraying this stereo-typical image that displays only muscles and a football kit, but you are wrong, well sometimes anyway. There are these things, could be a bit taboo, called emotions, lets use them! You don’t have to be Iron Man, why can’t you be Heathcliffe, or Mr. Darcy? What ever happened to the romantic heroes we read about in novels? I’m sure they would sit down with a box of tissues watching Titanic with me? Anyway, lets just say the facade that is often ‘‘expected’’ of men, doesn’t have to be there at all. Some of us like them with a bit of ‘‘sweet’’ inside.


Luke Turner, 23 Wearing a Barbour Jacket, Addidas Trainers Levi Jeans

Jamie Pattinson, 21 Wearing a red Topman Shirt Officers Club, cut off jeans Maroon Converse

LeedsStyleStalker Tom Ainsley, 22 Wearing Jack Wills gilet Hollister trackies and hat Tom’s shoes

Jack Kelly, 21 Wearing Topman T Shirt Burton Jacket Topman Skinnies


What was her name again? By Nabeelah Kathrada


t seems that Sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) isn’t included in The Male dictionary these days but alcohol, sex and one night stands should sound more than just familiar.


Living in the 21st century, it seems that the topic surrounding STI’s are a sexual taboo amongst men. With statistics highlighting that STI’s are up on the increase, if forms the question; why do men purposely steer away from this extremely serious issue? Yes, diseases are something no one wants to talk about it, let alone experience it. A survey published in late 2008 by Bradley University, stated that the UK was the number one capital for one night stands. Going out with the lads, weights and protein shakes is the ‘in’ thing today especially, in university students and sleeping around is now the

new norm. If this is the case, selection of these included, the then men should, if anything, be ever so popular NUTS magazine aware of the impending dangers and ZOO. What I found was the that are attached to being sexuusual themes in these particular ally involved in an unsafe way. types of magazine, girls, skin and Yes, wouldn’t everyone love to a lot of boob. Quite expectant use the excuse ‘blame it on the for this genre, as I looked deeper alcohol’ however, the reality into the magazine hoping to find of the situation is much more some kind of articulated written daunting…guys, article, all there was put the macho man to read or look(in my front aside and opinion)was mainly “I wasn’t think about your about different women, own health, getting expecting to something about the checked out after a trending clothes pull at all” latest naughty night is not and a few bits and a big deal. It could bobs about sports. Fair save your life one enough, magazines are day. created for a specific audience and these magazines are To get inside the male brain, tailored to entertain but it makes and to figure out what they’re one think if these magazines are actually thinking, I took the in other words glorifying naked initiative to look at a few women and drinking alcohol then stereotypical ‘lads mags’. A it makes sense why men are so

reluctant to read about pressing issues such as STI’s. Surely, there had to be articles written about one night stands or unsafe sex at least? I came across, not exactly ‘lads mag’ but I needed to go by something. Similar themes run through this online magazine, women and sport being the most popular, but it seemed slightly more smarter than the other two magazines I reviewed. I went to archives section and typed in sexual health, where surprising I found myself looking at a few articles about men and their sexual health yet there was still nothing about STI’s and one night stands. I looked further into the archives and came across two articles, one about STI’s that appear on a man’s face and another about keeping sexually fit. The content in both these articles were basic and didn’t really emphasize the fact that STI’s are increasing in men, or that one night stands are a serious issue. Statistics from The Health Protection show that Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Genital herpes and Genital warts are all on the increase amongst men. A very worrying issue and highlights that unsafe sex is becoming more and more popular. I conducted an interview with a male(20), a Leeds Met student who contracted an STI through a one night stand, he is kept anonymous as the content is so controversial; Did you consume more than your average amount of alcohol on this night? “Yeah I was highly intoxicated, to the stage where I couldnt really remember anything the next morning.”

Did you go out with the intention of going back with someone? “I wasn’t expecting to pull at all” Was this person a stranger? “Yeah, I woke up the next morning, like who the hell are you? She werent even right hot” Did you go back to her house or your house or was it another location? “Her house. Didnt have taxi money to get home apparently” Did you use protection when you were having intercourse? “ No we didn’t. First thing she said in the morning was something about the morning after pill” Why not? “Too drunk. Cant really remember it happened although, im pretty sure I would have had protection in my pocket” When /where did you go and get checked out? “Got checked out at college. We got 50p off out lunch for doing it a test.” Is it important that men get tested? “Definitely, I know someone who can’t have kids now because of Chlamydia” When you found out you had Chlamydia what was your initial thought? “What is it? I was only young and we didnt really know” By contracting this disease has it made you more conscience of going out, getting drunk and being sexually

“Yeah, I woke up the next morning, like who the hell are you?” involved with strangers? “I definitely just avoid one night stands now. It happens but not unless I’m in control of myself and know whats going on.” In your opinion would you go out and do the same thing after your experience? “Only if i wasnt aware I was doing it again. I try not to get so drunk *laugh*” From the interview, one can come to many assumptions about one night stands, for example, alcohol is the main reason behind this act. However, that shouldn’t stop a man or a women, if faced in a position where sex is on the cards and the debate of protection pops up. Even if it means ‘killing the buzz’ or it happened because it was just ‘going with the flow. STI’s are an extremely serious issue and are increasing amongst young people especially, men. Other sources have confirmed that using condoms kills the male libido. Putting on a macho front for the ladies could lead to detrimental effects, we have come to the conclusion that unprotected sex should be considered. Men and women nowadays should be cautious on nights out. Model: Ahmed Huss Photographer: Nabeelah Kathrada



ouch me. Tease me. Do anything to please me and I’m all yours. That’s what they say. Read any ‘What women want’ headline and what follows? ‘How to turn her on’, ‘Sex secrets,’ and ‘Mastering the ‘O’. As women, and 21st Century women, we’ve become sick of seeing countless articles in the history of men’s magazines dictating what women want, which despite being referred to as ‘universal truths’ they really won’t have you put at the top of the leader board of Britain’s most irresistible men. Here at Alter Ego, we think it’s time we gave you honest weighty advice straight from woman to man, because after all don’t you have to get there first? We know we’re complex creatures and operate differently to you, but it’s important to realise that we want different things at different stages of our lives - like any man would do too. Relationship expert and professor of anthropology at Rutgers University, Helen Fisher says, ‘What a woman looks for in a partner changes as she ages’.


In order to succeed you must recognise what she values at the current stage of her life. In previous surveys, large samples are taken from women across the country, across numerous backgrounds, and across various paths in life. From these samples, an average is calculated. Now imagine a survey where of a thousand

What WE W By Fiona Gribben

women asked, half of those were over fourty, a third had already married, and a quarter had divorced. Is that the kind of sample you want to take guidance from? We answered that one for you already and thus tailored our survey to females between 18 and 24, in and around Leeds, to ensure that the results would be fitted to our Alter Ego reading man.

“When asked if sex played any importance at all, 45% of women said no”

previously as ‘they would have no respect’ for her and vice versa. ‘While it’s a bit of fun now, I am always on the lookout for a long term boyfriend and I wouldn’t want him to have experienced my wild side just yet.’ Research commissioned by London South Bank University found that one in four graduates found their future husband, wife, or life partner at university, and of all 1624 years old that aspire to go to University, one in three expect to meet their lifelong partner there, indicating that both men and women want more than just sex fuelled antics out of their university relationships.

Findings from our survey show that while for centuries, men’s magazines have been concentrated on improving your performance in the bedroom; our Leeds ladies are seeking much different things in their man. In fact, rating in the bedroom fell at fourth place after ambition, looks, and personality, and when asked if sex played any importance at all, 45% answered no.

Despite the 21ST century seeing an increase in the number of one night stands, only 4% of our women asked preferred the frisky frolicing to a long term boyfriend (56% ) and casual dating ( 40% ), and when asked where they want to be five years from now, 45% answered in a relationship, 40% wanted to be engaged and 10% wanted to be married. So where does this leave you? Well unless you want to be left with just the 5% of singlebees we’d suggest you take some advice.

One respondent, Leeds met dance team member Kat Simmons, said that although she has taken advantage of the social relationships with men that university has offered, she would ‘never consider going out with’ any of the men she had spontaneously slept with

A top notch personality will certainly leave you high up in the most wanted category as 90% of our respondents voted a good personality as the first most important factor in a man. By a good personality we don’t mean you have to be as polite as the queen and as at-

Women Want tentive as her butler, cos’ even we know that we have a tendency to throw Mr. nice guy in the gutter. But we do mean have respect; for us, our friends, our parents, listen to us, have a sense of humour and make us laugh. In fact, the ability to makes us laugh, the one that’s been sought after since woman first set eyes on man, is still the biggest factor in defining a good personality, and the reason being is that laughing elicits a positive mood and comes as a sign of confidence and intelligence. When asked to answer on looks alone our women said they wanted a man over 6ft with an attractive face and a nice smile. We believe that height is a sign of masculinity, thus allows a woman to feel protected and small, and when asked what an attractive face consists of, it proved to be very ambiguous. (Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and all that) But anyway if you don’t think you’re all that in the looks department, never fear, 50% of our ladies said a sense of style on a man is one of the most important traits, 30% seek a sense of individuality and in order to be regarded as sexy, 70% said the man just needs to have confidence. By confidence we don’t mean we like arrogance, dominance, one-upsmanship, useless bravado and macho heroics. We mean, and speaking on behalf of the alter ego team and the hundreds of Leeds females behind our survey, we just love truly confident men.

“One in four graduates find their future husband, wife or life partner at university” London South Bank University

And aside from personality and looks? Qualities. Ambition was rated the most important quality with 85% saying they wanted a man with future ambitions and, if not already, an aspiration for a good job. Thus, a good job was voted the top most important factor if they were at a time of their life when they were looking for a husband, and thus why it is likely that students meet at University. Over the last decade, the importance of romancing a woman has inevitably changed. Modern times have influenced how men meet women. No longer does a man ask a woman out on a date, take a few blow outs before the first kiss and then advance on to a relationship. Instead, we have seen a frenzy of friends with benefits, no strings sex and one night stands. Which fuels which, we don’t know, but what we do know is that our women still want a chase, they still want to be taken out on a date, and romance does still matter… No excuses now. Model: Nabeelah Kathrada Photographer: Fiona Gribben


Alter Ego  

This is a not a Lad Mag, this is a Man Mag