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Altered images is a spontaneous space for experimental film production, videoart, installations and live music. The festival aims to showcase silent or sound movies that are open to a sound reinterpretation. Our showcase is open to artists whose works have an experimental and innovative character. Its goal is to create forthcoming events of live music, projections, performances and art installations where people can enjoy the show in a relaxed and friendly environment within the London artist scene (UK). Miguel Maldonado and Alba Moyano are the co-founders and creators of the festival. They are both artists related to the subjects exposed in the event. Miguel is a video artist and producer with several years of experience in the UK. Alba started her artistic path in London collaborating in different artistic productions mainly as a performer and producer. Their aim is to create a synergy with the artists who collaborate in the event and to learn and grow from the different experiences all of them can offer.

Altered Images Catalogue 2021

FIRST EPISODE MUSIC BY TOM PURCELL London singer with defunct death-folk journeymen "Quiet Quiet Band", now exploring the use of electronic squonk-boxes.

1- FILM “CASIOPEA” 14' Fernando Manso (Spain 2020) Film Description Casiopea is the journey to life itself. A captivating adventure that unravels the eternal question of humankind: What happens before/after life?

Director Bio (Madrid, 1988) Fernando Manso He debuts as a new director with CASIOPEA, an intimate but universal epic. He began his film career with the acclaimed director Javier Fesser as an assistant in 2011 in the animation production blockbuster“Mortadelo and Filemón Contra Jimmy el Cachondo”. He continued as Fesser assistant in advertising productions and other short films for the next 3 years. His first short film directed and written by him was "Poet in the Wagon", an animated existentialist ode which gave him a scholarship to study a Master directing fiction in London. There he made his second work "Yellow Fin " another poetic story about the end of the world told as a bed story from a father to his son. This short film was touring innumerable Indian schools at the hands of the international festival Voices From the Water. There in London he worked in a handful of projects of all kinds. “Mermaids Murmurs”is the next work by Fernando Manso, where he talks about timeless love and eternity; his poetic and existentialist tone are more evolved and tamed. Fernando Manso has been developing his unique way of telling stories, full of beauty and poetics; touching and reverberating humanity in a luminous sense. Instagram: @fermanso.photographer

MUSIC BY OLIVIA EMES AND THIAGO MEDICI São Paulo meets London via Thiago Médici and Olivia Emes. An experimental duo who share a love of synths and creating electronic landscapes.

Olivia Emes: Thiago Medici:

1- FILM “ARTIFICIAL NOSTALGIA” - 1’ 38” Grace Alexander (United Kingdom 2021) Film description A collection of fascinating slides that create a unique visual piece. Director bio Grace Alexander is a student filmmaker and artist, currently studying at the University of the West of England. This film explores the way memories can become distorted or lost over time, and considers how we document our lives to look back on. Instagram: @gracealexanderart

2- FILM “BOOKANIMA”: ANDY WARHOL 4' 48” Shon Kim (2020 Republic of Korea) Film description BOOKANIMA, a compound word of ‘Book’ and ‘Anima’, is an Experimental Animation project to give new cinematic life to books. It aims ‘Book Cinema’ in the third scope between Book and Cinema by Chronophotography Animation, paying homage to Edward Muybridge and Entienne Jules-Marey. BOOKANIMA experiments Chronophotography Animation about Andy Warhol. Directors Bio Shon Kim is a filmmaker and visual artist, born in Seoul, S. Korea. He holds a BA in Law from Hanyang University, BFA transfer in Film & Video from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, MFA in Experimental Animation from CalArts, and Ph. D in Animation Theory from Chung-Ang University. He works in Los Angeles. Contact Phone +1-661-600-3456 e-mail: Web Site

3 – FILM “WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME BUS” – 2' Nuno Serrão (Portugal 2019) Film description We are all on the same bus, but some of us are more awake than others. If we consider Einstein's space-time, we end up with a concept where everything and every time is understood inside. Through it, we are driven by a vehicle, we will call a bus, completely autonomous, that goes in a single direction, forward, and has a single window, the rear. This vehicle, astronomer Arthur Eddington called The Arrow of Time. In this journey, some of us are more awake than others, and artists have a special role to play in the way the journey turns out. Director Bio “Nuno Serrão is a Portuguese photographer, interested in the dialogues between science and contemporary art. Each of his images considers how information is handled, shared, and perceived, framing scenarios as micro-narratives, demonstrating a sensitivity and a curiosity for the planet and its inhabitants.” Kate Simpson, Aesthetica Magazine, 2019 Contact Email: Instagram @nunoserrao

4 - FILM “REVER (SEE AGAIN)” – 3' Raquel Gandra (Brazil) Film description Rever as in seeing for a second time (Portuguese), provided with the prefix of repetition, but also as in dreaming (French), close to theEnglish word reverie as in daydreaming. This palindrome title invites us to see things for the first time, with fresh eyes, and to see them from beginning to end and from end to the beginning. To bring rhythm and ritual to the apparently meaningless and useless gesture so that we can resignify our presence in the landscape and in the image itself. Director Bio Raquel Gandra is a Brazilian visual artist, filmmaker and wanderer. Much more inclined towards a poetic approach, she seeks to create images that would, otherwise, not be seen. Porous and wavering images, that take place between materiality and its transposition, and don't aim to translate the world, but dare to imagine it. Her work doesn't restrain to one medium or one format, whether it be video or photography, film or digital, document, or fiction. The exploration of various analog techniques as a frequent approach comes from the desire to include chance as an inherent part of the process, understanding the image-making device as a place of unveiling and unfolding, conducive to questioning the way we see and perceive reality itself. Contact Email:

Instagram @a.errante

5 – FILM “FEEDER” - 2' 08” Laura Iancu (United States 2020) Film description A girl comes home to her cat. Director Bio Iancu is a visual artist working primarily in hybrid video forms and 3D animation gaming around issues of ecology, civic resistance under totalitarian regimes of power, aspects of aspirational normative femininity and forms of humor as subversion mechanisms for prescriptive discourses and representations. She is currently teaching film production classes at Virginia Tech. Contact Instagram: @aka.squirrelboy


Stefan Smith studied music at Mills college in Oakland, California, where he worked with musical luminaries such as Fred Frith, Maggi Payne, Pauline Oliveros and Roscoe Mitchell. After graduating he was employed as an assistant to the legendary synthesiser designer Don Buchla. Stefan makes his music with synthesiser and drum machines, and when he is not making music he works as a sound designer and composer for films and installations. For 7 years Stefan was the sound designer/ composer on the infamous ‘Dau project‘ - the biggest film project in history (which has currently been in production for 12 years.) For the recent premiere, at the Theatre du Chatelet for the Project he developed (alongside Rob Walker and Brian Eno) a sound Installation that played in the two theatres that hosted the events. He has an ongoing collaboration with sound designer Nicolas Becker (gravity, arrival, American Honey). Through this relationship he contributed sound towards the recent

Philippe Parreno ‘Anywhen’ exhibition in the Tate Modern Turbine hall in London. Stefan and Nicolas are currently working on an album for Sapiens records. He released an LP of his electronic music production through Sapiens records in early 2019 and a new record will be released in October 2021.

Contact Instagram @stefansmithstefan

1 – FILM “THE APPROACH” Randall Smith 2' 49” (United States 2021) Film description The Approach uses images gathered by the Cassini probe which explored Saturn and its moons. The journey lasted 20 years and captured over 450,000 photos that were ultimately compiled into a video lasting many hours. From this, my film samples a small section of sequences, glitches, and visual artefacts. Audio includes orchestral sounds, choirs, noises and reworked sections of Debussy's Claire de Lune. They were added to accentuate the barrage of strange, disruptive and amazing images from Cassini's perilous trip to Saturn.

Director Bio Randall Smith currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from the Ringling School of Art and Georgia State University. He has worked as a graphic designer and has taught printmaking as a part time instructor at GSU. Other mediums include painting, printmaking, and photography. His experimental short film “Compression” won several awards, including Visual Music Award (Germany), the Electric Short Film & Music Festival (France) and a Curator’s Choice Award from Otterbein University (USA).

2 – FILM “CORNFLAKES ARE RUBBISH” 6' 32” Charlotte Nind, Jacob Bacon (United Kingdom 2021) Film description From the depths of UK's Covid-19 lockdown no.001 - An experimental short film. Contact Instagram: @dvafilms

MUSIC BY FIRST DREAM THEATRE Pianist Saori Tomoda and violinist Nikolas Jokesz are two halves which comprise the embryonic vanguard duo ‘First Dream Theatre’. The two perform dynamic and uncompromising improvisations executed with an altruistic synergy. A Progressive Reichien approach is adopted to create a unique atmosphere both consecrated and wholly mesmerising. - Introduced by Kurt Krapperz -

1 - FILM “KLAÜD” 3' 21” Aurélia Mengin (Réunion 2019) Film descrpition The stigma of your absence covers my skin… What if this life of memories was just a strange and astounding carnival? Director Bio Aurélia Mengin is a film director raised in Reunion, an island near Madagascar. She grew up surrounded by art, for her parents are the founders of the Contemporary Art Centre of Reunion island. After a master's degree in economics and mathematics, Aurelia turned to film-making. While attending acting schools, she also learned by herself how to make films. Thus, for the past 10 years, she has directed many short films. She creates her phantasmagorical, sensual, horrifying and very aesthetic universe. In each new film, she reaffirms, strongly on the screen, her desire to create her personal, instinctive films, and her own vision of cinema and art. She has made eight shorts. "MACADAM TRANSFERTS" was selected at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011, "KARMA KOMA'', starring two big figures of the French cinema: Jackie Berroyer and Philippe Nahon, was selected at many festivals, such as The International Short Film Festival of Brest, The Portugal International Fantasy Film Festival. "AUTOPSY DES DELICES'' was selected at many prestigious film festivals, such as The PIFAN, The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in South Korea, at HOFER The International New Cinema Festival of Germany, or at PIFFF The Paris International Fantastic Film Festival … Her latest medium-length film "ADAM MINUS EVE", entirely shot in Reunion Island, is an international success and was screened and shown all around the world. It was selected at over 30 film festivals inside and outside of Europe. It also won the Best Medium-Length Film Award at the Open World Film Festival in Toronto, in Canada, and the Best African Director Award at the Nigeria International Film Festival. In 2018, she directed her first feature film "FORNACIS": a road movie where romance and drama meet fantasy and imagination. You will find a colorful cast of charismatic actors, such as Anna D'Annunzio (L'Etrange couleur des larmes de ton coprs, 36 Quai des Orfèvres, France Boutique ...), Emmanuel Bonami (Insoupçonnable, Djinns, Horsehead ...), Philippe Nahon (High tension, Calvaire, Seul contre tous, Irreversible, Les aventures extraordinaire d'Adèle Blanc-Sec ...) and Aurélia Mengin. Fornacis leads the viewer to the real and the unreal, to a poetry of sensations, neon lighting ambience, and mysterious characters. FORNACIS was selected in 18 festivals, and won 5 awards : • Award of the Best Film at the 30th edition of the International Cinema Festival of Girona • Best Photography Award in the USA at the 23rd edition of QFEST Houston, The Houston International LGBT Festival • Best Interpretation in Colombia at the International Fantasy Film Festival of Bogota • Best Editing in Colombia at the International Fantasy Film Festival of Bogota

• Best Fantasy Film in Colombia at the Bogota International Fantasy Film Festival Contact Instagram @aureliamengin

2- FILM “WONNARUA” 2'01” Ryan Adrew Lee (Australia 2020) Film description 'Wonnarua' is a video-based installation work that aims to provoke discussion around themes of Indigenous ways of living in juxtaposition with Western Settler-state system's unsustainable, damaging ways of using stolen lands. In today's current global state of environmental (and cultural, communal and spiritual) emergency, the need to embrace traditional Indigenous knowledge is now more crucial than ever before. The traditional custodians of these lands have sustainably looked after country for 90,000+ years, yet in the short 231 years since colonisation these lands have been abused and sold for profit while the Aboriginal people and culture along with their vast knowledge for country and sustainable land management methods have been suppressed and put to the side.

The video diptych juxtaposes living portraits of five Aboriginal men from the Wonnarua Nation with provoking drone shots of the vast Muswellbrook coal mines, which are situated in the heart of the Wonnarua Nation. This moving image installation advocates for profound inquiry into the events and resulting cultural, environmental and spiritual impacts that have taken place in this country in the short period since colonisation began in Australia. This work is a statement on a way of living; a plea for cultural embracement, reconciliation, and change; a push for government and corporate systems to stop oppressing Indigenous people and culture. It is a plea to listen, learn and implement the vast knowledge of First Nations people in the re-thinking of today's current systems that are clearly not working, in order for everyone to move forward inclusively, together as one. Director Bio Ryan Andrew Lee is a conceptual artist whose works explore alternative ontologies and epistemologies which are strongly influenced by First Nations, spiritual and universal philosophies of life and mind. Ryan's strong background in cinematography and experimental documentary film-making shines strongly throughout his works. Most commonly using the mediums of moving image and installation as his favoured tools of choice, Lee proactively strives to create works that resonate on a deeper level of consciousness with the intent to unify all things. Ryan's works are sometimes factually and historically based (whether that be a positive or negative history) and are always created with the intent to educate, raise awareness on and offer up alternate perspectives on cultural, environmental (and sometimes political) issues in hopes to provoke further discussion on such topics; in a sense we must investigate the past to understand the present. Ryan's work is driven by personal experience and experiences shared by family, friends and the wider community. Ryan holds a BMA Hons (Digital Media) from the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts. Contact Instagram @ryan_andrew_lee

3- FILM “WITHER” 2' 23” Regina Kelaita (Germany 2020) Film description 'Wither' was made during a six week stay on an abandoned industrial area next to a highway, where cement used to be manufactured. I set up my camera at a spot where all the elements that intensely influenced the character of this non-place and the time spent camping there could be seen all at once: The cement, the drastically changing weather and the water that accumulated in gigantic puddles. The resulting animation loop of over 10000 photos is a trip through time and perception, lightly forewarning us of environmental changes to come. 'Wither' was originally shown as a looped exhibition video installation in a shipping container on location during If Paradise Is Half As Nice #10, Rotterdam. Director Bio Regina Kelaita is a German-Assyrian artist working mainly with photography, video and the intersection of the two media. By spending time in all too common or forgotten non-places, Regina has grown a vast archive of images and videos focusing on found details revealing disparities in our urban surroundings. Kelaita aims to alienate the viewer from their everyday perception by meticulously framing these mundane scenes, sometimes poetically sometimes humorously uncovering the absurd and the symptomatic in the ordinary. Her work has been shown for example at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the European Media Arts Festival, the Uppsala Kortfilmfestival and can be found in the Ursala Blickle Videoarchiv Vienna and the NBK Video Forum.


4 – FILM “PROCESS OF LIBERATION” 3' 25” Alla Chiara Luzzitelli (Italy 2020) Film description "Somewhere, I went back to the origins, the origins of life. I get lost in the void and then comes the feeling of seeing clearly, and comes the liberation. Breathe the light, the vision! That follows me from afar, the knight of purification. Untouchable is the mood that accompanies me in a white dress. Somewhere I went back to the origins, the bases, maybe I’m a birch, maybe I’m the sea, I’m here. A constant balance. I transform myself into the earth, to give birth to a tree with solid roots. I get lost in the order of disorder, in the courage, in the perseverance that I returned to the origins I get lost in the order of disorder, in the courage, in the perseverance that I returned to the origins, I returned to the origins. “

Alicka is in search of her own liberation. She does not go back, she dances, runs, walks in the middle of nature that allows her to see "beyond", she ignores her present, she does not see the future and perceives time in her own way. The knight of purification appears as a savior to her but she soon discovers with time and experience that she is herself the saviour. Director Bio Alla Chiara Luzzitelli aka Alicka, class 98, was born in Lipetzk, a small town in Russia. She began her artistic career at the age of 14 with photography that in the following years became her main communication technique. Alicka’s projects are based on the interpretation of human emotions, a theme very dear to her that she studies and carries on for several years, through photography, art videos and various cinematographic experiments. Alicka, is not defined in any of the arts mentioned but is a set of needs that leads her to use the different artistic techniques, including writing in the latest period. Contact Instagram @allachiaraluzzitelli


King of More (Dane Lukic) is an immersive performer, actor, dancer and all around jester. His focus is people's growth, love and connection through humour and energy filled immersive performances. King of More's philosophy is that life is short and each moment could be appreciated and lived at least 5% more. He discovered the talent and gift of making people smile and live/dance their fuller self so he is on a quest of spreading love through his art and expert improvisation work. King of More performs in immersive theatre shows, festivals, movement art pieces, parties, hosts and comperes cabaret nights and adds an explosion of life to cobwebbed Zoom events. He performs both as part of collectives and ensembles and develops his own acts and characters.

Contact Instagram @kingofmore

1- FILM “SHE WHO EATS HER OWN TAIL” 8' Marina Shaltout (2019 United States) Film description She Who Eats Her Own Tail is a contemporary version of the Ouroboros, or the snake who eats its own tail, symbolising the cycle of life and death. In this version, the snake woman makes numerous attempts to fit her own foot into her mouth through various contorted positions. She Who Eats Her Own Tail is part of a larger series titled Snake Woman, which explores the conflation of serpent and woman as a problematic dichotomy between virtuosity and evil. The feminised serpent in Snake Woman uses a contemporized style to reference proverbial

snake-related mythologies. Throughout each narrative, she clumsily and awkwardly does her best to fulfil the heavily symbolic gestures of each myth she is performing. By associating women with fantastical creatures, we create an unrealistic expectation of how femininity should be conducted. Through the use of parody, I shed light on the dualistic pressure that is placed upon women to exist as virtuous or evil or even both, simultaneously. Director Bio Marina Shaltout’s work combines video, photography, sculpture and installation to create experiential environments. Using parody, her work critiques representations of women throughout mythology, popular culture, and cinema. Shaltout received her MFA from the University of Arizona and her BFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has completed residencies at the Creative Centre in Stodvarfjordur, Iceland and at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. She has exhibited work nationally and internationally in venues such as Alte Munze in Berlin, the Cinematograph in Innsbruck Austria, the Living National Treasure Museum in Tokyo, the Czong Institute in South Korea, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, the Red Room in Baltimore, and on a billboard in Hollywood California (as part of the Billboard Creative). Shaltout is a recipient of the Marcia Grand Centennial Sculpture Award, a Creative Achievement Award, two Medici Scholar project grants, a Helen Gross award and the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award. Contact Instagram @marinashaltout


The Circus Of Bones are a 3 piece British/New Zealand punk band based in London. Their sound stinks of the blues, tastes like rock, feels like punk and is garnished with a generous dollopping of Cave-esk preaching.


Instagram @thecircusofbones

1- FILM “GLACIER/NO GLACIER” 2’ 40” Georg A Koszulinski (United States 2021) Film Description

Video glitch as a formal means of erasing glaciers from mountains, projecting an image of impending future. Many human beings fail to see the implications of industrialised society on Earth systems, to our collective-multispecies peril.

Director Bio Georg has been making films and videos since 1999. Of late, his work focuses on issues of the Anthropocene and the multispecies effects of industrial societies on Earth systems.


2- FILM “COVID SUMMER” 3’ 11” Todd Verow (United States 2020) Film Description

Shot on super8 film using single frame photography, COVID SUMMER condenses all the anxiety, insanity and stir crazy sexual tension of the COVID-19 summer of 2020 into just over 3 minutes.

Director Bio Todd Verow was born in the town of Bangor, Maine on November 11th 1966. He studied film making, acting and directing at Rhode Island School of Design, Brown University and the

AFI Conservatory. He made short experimental films and worked as a cinematographer before making his feature film debut with "FRISK" in 1996. Starting his own production company Bangor Films, Todd has directed over twenty-five features and numerous shorts, establishing himself as the most prolific auteur emeritus of the New Queer Cinema. Fiercely independent, Todd Verow produces his films using whatever money he has. He was one of the first filmmakers to embrace video as a cheap and easy means of production famously declaring that “film is dead '' way back in 1997. He proudly describes himself as an underground film maker in the tradition of his idols George and Mike Kuchar, Kenneth Anger, Jack Smith and Andy Warhol. Contact Instagram @toddverow

3- FILM “CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY pledge” 6’ 40” Allison Tanenhaus, Doug Bielmeier (United States 2020) Film description

"Corporate Responsibility Pledge” (2020) by musician and composer Doug Bielmeier ( and glitch artist Allison Tanenhaus ( is a multimedia work that identifies the conflict between corporations and communities of people. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the movement in business to take responsibility for the role of corporations in the quality of life of the communities they serve and operate in. The piece asserts that as either a marketing tool or as an altruistic effort, CSR has both a positive and negative effect on the lives of people and their communities. Musically, the work explores a combination of a fixed macro-musical structure with that of performer-determined micro-musical structure. The piece evolves over 6 minutes by predetermined decisions by the composer and the performers, who determine the repetition and ordering of small musical phrases within the middle of the piece. The fixed computer and video part serves as an anchor for timing and dynamic/rhythmic growth. The aim is to allow the performers to become co-authors of the work, making each performance unique, yet having a similar over-arching shape. The video is an assemblage of public domain footage from the mid-twentieth century—industrial shorts, advertisements, PSAs, environmental films, and home movies—that has been ripped, glitched, and restitched. The resulting narrative originates with the golden potential of capitalism for the American nuclear family, and quickly deteriorates into a neon-tinged, retro futuristic miasma of big business’s shortcomings. With an eye on economy and ecology in equal measure, the video both celebrates and laments the premise and promise of commercial progress.

Directors Bio Allison Tanenhaus Allison is a Boston-based digital glitch artist who specialises in abstract geometrics, vibrant colour fields, optical perspectives, playful patterns, mind-bending motion, and unexpected dimensional qualities. Her source material consists of daily photographs, previous glitch works, and vintage artefacts that she digitally alters via smartphone. Created with equal parts deliberation and experimentation, the results are rainbow-hued, architectural, fantastical compositions that take on a psychedelic life of their own. Doug Bielmeier Doug Bielmeier creates commercial drone/experimental electronic music featuring lap steel with live processing. Bielmeier’s music is “drone work meant to shake you out of your shell (Midwest Record)” and “hypnotically static yet ever moving within itself (Classical-Modern Music Review).” Albums include Beast of Bodmin Moor (Noisy Buffalo, 2019), Costa Mesa Rocking Chair (Ravello, 2018), and Betty and the Sensory World (Ravello, 2017), performed internationally at the Unheard//of Ensemble’s Collaborative Composition Initiative (New York), Circuit Bender’s Ball (Nashville), Brooklyn Arts Gym (Brooklyn), and Muse Gallery (London) and broadcasted on WMBR (Cambridge), KALX (Berkeley), WUTL (New Orleans) heard by +10K listeners (Drone Zone, Contact

Instagram @atanenhaus @dougbielmeier

4- FILM “THE RED GLOW” 5’ Pete Burkeet (United States 2020) Film description They were sent to find the source of the red glow, things didn't go as planned. Director Bio As a child Pete saw a lot of bad behaviour in adults who he didn't know. He began making things as a response to his distrust of human intention. As an artist he collects images and sounds, everything he makes contains a reflection of the visceral reaction he has to the human impact on the world. He makes physical paintings and digital collages. He photographs and digitally manipulates his paintings as an augmentation of his painting process. As pixels become like molecules digital images are free to be more like paintings. He hopes they will be. He has exhibited internationally at festivals, museums, and galleries. Past shows include CutOut Festival Mexico City, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, London Experimental Film Festival, and Plexus Projects in Brooklyn, New York; as well as shows in Houston, Barcelona, Taiwan, and many others. Contact email




instagram @pete_burkeet

5 - FILM “WHEN THE SUN CAME” 3’ 21” Martin Mcnally (United Kingdom 2020) Film description Using found imagery to take a journey through our enduring reverence for the sun.

Director Bio Mixed Milk is the name given to the creative juice that flows through Martin McNally. Typically finding it's expression through film, animation, illustration and sculpture. He graduated from Winchester School of Art (Southampton University) with a 2:1 Fine ArtBAHons. Now based in Birmingham (UK), he has worked in community, commercial and arts sectors creating films, artworks and creative projects. Work has been seen in diverse locations such as Moscow, LA, New York, Taipai and Siena. His practice explores different avenues of expression as a means to reflect upon the nature of experience, it usually manifests with a fixation on progression, change, mutation and transition. ​He enjoys collaboratively using visual communication to tackle meaningful issues as well as using the arts to strengthen well being and encourage self-exploration. His work and practice includes illustration, animation, filmmaking, sculpture, design, and teaching all of the above. He is interested in the sublime, the transcendent and anything that cultivates a harmonious relationship between expression and impression. Contact Instagram @mixed_milk

LOS PUSSATAS FRITAS Los Pussatas Fritas are orishas from the rainforest in the middle of the desert. Their global blend of rhythms and grooves will take you to the dance in the dunes.

Thiago Medici – Vocal, Keys Koichi Sakai – Bass, BV Adie Emanuel -Drums, BV Plinio Ferreira – Percs, BV Mao Yamada – Guitar Contact Instagram @lospussatasfritas

1- FILM “HIJOS DEL CUERDO (INSANE BROTHERS)” 6’ 15” Borja Santomé (Spain 2020) Film description Insane Brothers is a story about travelling and changing. A young explorer unveils for us the most disturbing part of our inner world in a psychedelic trip around the mountains. The idea is to show how our conscious mind filters everything we see, leaving only certain things to occupy our awareness. While simultaneously, the unconscious mind is taking it all in, creating situations that pose more questions than they answer. Director Bio In 2015, Borja Santomé began to work with experimental animation, starting with Historia Cerebro (Brain Story) a collection of stop motion short films that has been his main activity since then. His second animation, Rueda Cabeza (Wheel Head), got the award for the best short film at the Curtocircuito International Film Festival 2016 (Santiago de Compostela, Spain), and after that, his work has been screened in exhibitions and festivals around the world. In 2019 he finished his fourth short film Joven y Carmen thanks to an artistic residency grant at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome. At the beginning of 2020 he was awarded the Grant FormARTE for Plastic Arts and Photography to make his fifth animation piece at the College of Spain in Paris, where he currently lives and works. He uses stop motion animation to create surreal tales based on his own daily life and dreams, a dimension where thoughts are allowed to take visual form and conventional laws of physics have no ruling effect, producing something he calls biographical kaleidoscopes. Contact Mail: Website: Facebook: Borja Santomé Rodríguez

2- FILM “ABSOLUTE DEAFENING VOID” 5’ 35” Juan CarlosReyes (México 2021) Film description "Absolute deafening void" is an experimental short film mostly made with diverse stock material about 3 particular moments after my father's death. An absolute bewilderment in which nothing made sense and passed quickly and abruptly without even realising it. A second in which the experience of pain numbs the body and spirit to the point of profound alexithymia. And the third, that it is not a feeling of relief, but of deep sadness in which you realise that nothing will return to its place, and that you will never be whole again. Director Bio Born in México City in 1981, but living in Puebla City, as a filmmaker he has directed and written more than ten short films that have gone to national and international festivals as official selection in competition. Some of them are Acaso Silencio – Silence Perhaps (2018), Así comienza una montaña – So it begins a mountain (2015), Silla eléctrica para moscas – Electric chair for flies (2010), Barro - Mud (2009), Lo demás es olvido – The rest is oblivion (2005). He has also made the music or the screenplay for several short films. He is also the author of the books of narrative Imagínate Lejos. Cuentos Cortos – Imagine yourself away (2002), Circo de Pulgas – Flea Circus (2010), Iktumbe (2013), Para subir y caer – To rise and fall (2015), Impala (2021). Contact

Instagram @unapiedrasobreotrapiedra

3 - FILM “KOPACABANA” 9’ 37” Marcos Bonisson, Khalil Charif (Brazil 2020) Film description Experimental film made through a collage of current and archive images in Super 8 and digital, set in a Copacabana as an epicentre of intercultural, social and sensory experiences. Narrated by the significant speech of the poet Fausto Fawcett, and sonorized by the musician Arnaldo Brandão. Directors Bio Marcos Bonisson is an artist with a Master degree in Science of Art (UFF). He participated in the 27th São Paulo Biennial (2006) and BIENALSUR (Argentina, 2019). He published the books: Arpoador (2011), Pulsar (2013) and ZigZag (2018). His most recent solo exhibitions were at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro (MAM-Rio, 2013) and the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP-Paris, 2015). Khalil Charif, artist, born in Rio de Janeiro, attended the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, in his hometown, and obtained a postgraduate degree in Art History at PUC-Rio. Among his exhibitions are: “Triennial of Contemporary Art”, Czech Rep., 2008; "Dublin Biennial", Ireland, 2014; "XIX Bienal de Cerveira", Portugal, 2017; "BIENALSUR", Argentina, 2019. Contact Marcos Bonisson Instagram - Facebook - Site - Khalil Charif Twitter - Linkedin - Site -

4 - FILM “BOCA” 2’ 30” Oscar Salamanca (Colombia 2020) Film Description Boca is a video performance made from the biblical passage that says “everything that comes out is impure”. In this audiovisual essay, the mouth becomes a kind of image with a high pictorial plastic content, which circulates from personal memory and daily experience. In this video performance the body occupies an important place as a sign of constant transformation and movement. I like the idea of ​causing strangeness and many questions when cropped images occur, all within a scenario of constant mystery and seduction. Director Bio Oscar Salamanca Born in Bucaramanga- Colombia in 1968 Live and Work in. Pereira Colombia Bachellor in Fine Arts specialty painting, National University of Colombia Art Student League, New York San Carlos academy, UNAM, Mexico City

Ph.D in fine art University of Barcelona Collective exhibitions in the United States, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, Portugal, Principality of Andorra, Spain, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Israel and Colombia. 23 individual exhibitions in the following countries: Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Spain. He has won the curatorial research grant of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia 2008 (Región imaginada) and 2014 (estar en situación) Carolina Oramas artist grant from the Colombian government; Unesco scholarship; grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico; II prize of the 1st young art room of the Santa Fe Gallery, Colombia; Generation 2003 awards and scholarships of the Madrid, Spain Honourable mention in the XVII, Salón F.A. Cano of the National University in Colombia. Contact Email:, Link instagram

CARLOSEASTLONDON DJ Carloseastlondon is a very eclectic dj. He started djing very young with music cassettes at friends' parties. By the late 90’s he was part of Automarte collective in Murcia. Few years later, he ran Bar Ocio, one of the hotspots of the Murcia alternative music scene. In 2002 he moved to London where he has been living since then. There, he collaborated from time to time with different collectives such as Dike, GIiddy Upi. His main musical influences are 60’s music (Ye-Ye), punk, power pop, disco, punk rock and electro. Trekkie to the bone, science fiction, Russ Meyer and John Waters are key in his music and life.

Contact Instagram @carloseastlondon

1 - FILM “A COLLECTION OF ATTEMPTS IN ASTRA TRAVEL” 7’ Ryan Betschart, Rachel Nakawatase Film description In 1990 parapsychologist D. Scott Rogo, an expert in the study of astral projection and an accomplished oboe player, was murdered in his Northridge home. The crime remains unsolved. A fleeting glimpse into a world of vibrant colours and luscious curves. Images glide, swell, and envelop one another to a tempestuous original score of looped and delayed oboe and sonar pings. Shot and printed on 16mm. Director Bio Rachel and Ryan are a wife and husband team that as curators created and run the San Diego Underground Film Festival, and both program at Slamdance Film Festival. As film creators their works have played at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Chicago Underground, and have won awards at Slamdance, Indie Memphis, and Arizona Underground. Contact | IG: @shrine_maiden666 @sdundergroundarts | IG: @shrine_maiden666 @yunglilith

2 - FILM “FLYING WATERS” 2’ 25” Peter Klausz (Hungary 2020) Film description A song to the fading of memories. Various cameraless techniques applied on 8mm found footage and transparent film, 35mm negative film and 35mm slides. Director Bio Peter Klausz has been experimenting with found footage filmmaking and cameraless techniques. He is also interested in the possibilities of using film as an educational and art therapy tool, especially combined with psychodrama. Contact

3 - FILM “LA SANTA E LA PUTTANA (THE SAINT AND THE WHORE)” 6’ 30” Francesca Lolli (Italia 2021) Film description "La santa e la puttana" (The saint and the whore) talks about the circularity and the eternal return of the patriarchy. Director Bio Francesca Lolli is an Italian Perugia-born performance artist and actress who currently lives and works in Milano. After graduating at 'Teatro Arsenale' she attended the 'Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera', graduating as a scenographer. Her research is focused into performance & video art. Her work is aimed on gender and socio-political issues mainly linked to geopolitical problems related with women.

“All my soul searching leads me to the same end, one word: urgency.The urgency for me to express my thoughts and ideas through video and body. Through these mediums I try to be the vehicle for emotions, to bring the spectator to a destination I prearrange, filtered by their own experiences of life. My artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues, it pretends to be a sublimation of the weaknesses of contemporary man, of his fears, of his intimate obsessions”. Contact

4 - FILM “WAKE UP! IT’S YESTERDAY” 10’ Julieta Tetelbaum (United States 2021) Film description ‘Wake Up! It's Yesterday’ is an existentialist-queer-feminist short film directed by Julieta Tetelbaum. It was filmed in New York City during the pandemic in 2020. ‘Wake Up! It's Yesterday’ is a journey to the mind of a cotton candy vendor on her way home from work. Director Bio Julieta Tetelbaum is a 30 years old film director, cinematographer and choreographer. Julieta was born in Argentina and resides in New York and London. The main themes of my work are gender, feminism, childhood, violence and sexuality. Cinema is a fundamental part of my life. I am convinced that memories are akin to films: they are made of abrupt changes of frame, skewed perspectives, juxtaposing images, distorted sounds, alteration of time and space… there are no rules and that fascinates me! Memories are akin to films → Human mind is cinematic → Cinema is in our mind → My mind is absolutely visual → When I remember I learn how to film. Contact Instagram @julieta.tetelbaum

5 - FILM “DREAMSCAPE #1 - LOVERS” 7’ 23” Nataša Prosenc Stearns (United States 2019) Film description Dreamscape #1 - Lovers is an experimental film, which integrates the human body with the organic world. The process of layering connects the visual elements and leads to fragments of narration. Inspired by Fragments of Lover's Discourse by French philosopher Roland Barthes, the film ploughs into the elusive substance of fantasies and dreams of lovers. Director Bio Slovenian born visual artist and filmmaker Nataša Prosenc Stearns graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She moved to Los Angeles on a Fulbright Grant for her MFA at California Institute of the Arts School of Film/Video. Nataša works with video, film and digital techniques, exploring innovative strategies in visual and narrative expressions. Her body of work ranges from single and multi-channel videos, video installations, short and feature films, video objects and print media. She is known for creative use of non-gallery spaces and large multi-channel projections. Nataša's work has been featured in numerous festivals, museums and galleries around the World. She exhibited twice at the Venice Biennale and is a recipient of the Durfee and Soros Grants among others. Her feature film Souvenir is available on Netflix and on Amazon. Recently Nataša completed a new body of work for an original opera code L composed by Milko Lazar. She lives in Venice California and in Ljubljana Slovenia. Contact

Instagram @natasastearns

6 - FILM “EXCERPT” 5’ 26” Martin McNally (United Kingdom 2020) Film description Made in response to the Birmingham Museums and Art Galleries online digital collection. Director Bio Mixed Milk is the name given to the creative juice that flows through Martin McNally. Typically finding it's expression through film, animation, illustration and sculpture. He graduated from Winchester School of Art (Southampton University) with a 2:1 Fine ArtBAHons. Now based in Birmingham (UK), he has worked in community, commercial and arts sectors creating films, artworks and creative projects. Work has been seen in diverse locations such as Moscow, LA, New York, Taipai and Siena. His practice explores different avenues of expression as a means to reflect upon the nature of experience, it usually manifests with a fixation on progression, change, mutation and transition. ​He enjoys collaboratively using visual communication to tackle meaningful issues as well as using the arts to strengthen well being and encourage self-exploration. His work and practice includes illustration, animation, filmmaking, sculpture, design, and teaching all of the above. He is interested in the sublime, the transcendent and anything that cultivates a harmonious relationship between expression and impression.

Contact Instagram @mixed_milk

7 - FILM “NARCISI” 2’ 56” Rebecca Lejić-Tiernan (United States 2020) Film description Narcisi (2020) is a suspenseful and alluring Super 8 short film, which explores the delusional formation of a Narcissistic identity. The film stars a pair of nearly identical twins, where the spectator witnesses several manifestations of Narcissism until their wounded self appears to take control. Director Bio Rebecca Lejić-Tiernan (U.K. b. 1989) is a Serbian/Irish/American interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Her work explores how the camera can replicate and expand the psychological and phenomenological tensions experienced between staged and natural realities. Utilising the female form as subject and object, Rebecca highlights the internal ambivalence that current social behaviours and constructs create and how they redesign themselves within an individual on an intuitive level. She has exhibited her works internationally including Cannes Film Festival, Cornwall Film Festival

UK, Back_Up Film Festival in Weimar Germany, AXW Film Festival, IMC Lab + Gallery NYC, and Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena CA, among others. Contact instagram: @rebashebaaa

8 - FILM “ZOMBIE ZAPPING” 4’ 16” Luca Sorgato (Italy 2020) Film description This film is a medley of ten TV networks. A lame, inconclusive zapping in which the characters, similar to zombies, appear trapped in an eternal loop. I found an old Thomson TV set, with an integrated video-recorder. I started watching VHS of various kinds and during the pauses, I pressed the stand-bybutton and noticed the strange wobbly effect that was being generated. The film is made exclusively of freeze images, taken from VHSs of various genres.

In order to film the TV screen I used a Huawei smartphone, positioned on a random support. The characters look like zombies and represent a gangrenous society. The dynamic effect takes the repetition of gestures to extremes, highlighting the chronic instability that characterises the human being and the frenzy that pervades his self-assured and homologated everyday loop. Director Bio Luca Sorgato is a film director born in Milan in 1985. His filmic research moves between the exploration of bodies, places and forgotten objects, with a constant reflection on time. His films have been presented and awarded by museums and festivals such as MOCAK (Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow), Lamezia International Film Festival, Festival des Cinéma Différentset Expérimentaux de Paris, Laceno d’oro, Collateral 102 Cinefest and Strangloscope Festival. His works are distributed by Collectif Jeune Cinéma. Contact

Instagram @urca_sgolato

9 - FILM “COSMOS OBSCURA” 4’ Katherine Balsley, Irina Escalante Chernova (United States 2018) Film description In Cosmos Obscura, the universe is at once known and unknowable. New patterns, rhythms and metaphors are born from old ones, and familiar celestial bodies are refracted into strange and unusual forms. The visuals were created from photographs taken from the Voyager II spacecraft. Photographs of the planets and their moons were abstracted and animated in order to create various patterns, rhythms and images. Other images were inspired by astronomical charts and diagrams, and were created through Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. This video contains flashing images. The musical work was originally created for 8 channels and subsequently adapted to the stereo version. The music focuses on the work from different backgrounds with the noises of nature and those which have an electronic source. Different techniques of electronic experimentation are used such as subtractive synthesis for filtering and modelling of the white noise, as well as granular synthesis, additive synthesis, phase vocoder; in addition to effects with some filters. Technique: Sound Forge 4.5, Ableton Live, Keyboard DX-7 and Soprano voice. Director Bio Kate Balsley (United States, 1981) was born into a family of artists and had an interest in cinema from a young age. After graduating with a BFA in film production and studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, she lived briefly in New York City and Barcelona before earning an MFA in mass communication and media arts from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in 2009. Her narrative, documentary, experimental and animated films have been exhibited throughout the world in venues such as the Museum of the Moving Image, the Anthology Film Archives, and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. She is currently an assistant professor of film at Georgia Gwinnett College near Atlanta. Irina Escalante-Chernova (Cuba, 1977) is a composer and pianist born in Cuba. In 2000 she received the “Residence” award at the 27th International Competition of Electro Acoustic Music and Sonic Art, in Bourges, France, for her first electronic piece "La Primavera del Angel.” In 2001, she obtained her Bachelor of Music degree in composition at the Higher Institute of Arts in Havana. She continued her studies at Dartmouth College where she was awarded a Master of Arts degree in electro-acoustic music. She finished her doctoral degree in music theory and music composition at Florida State University in 2009. Since 2012, she works as assistant professor of music at Georgia Gwinnett College. Contact

10 - FILM “BODIES VS” 5’ 44” Nicola Fumo Frattegiani (Italy 2019) Film description Two human bodies. Two anonymous and unique entities. This is a short narration of the struggle and conflict first, and of the discovery of knowledge and reconciliation then. A paradigmatic axis of every human relation told through the exteriority of the animal behaviour. This is a story of strangeness bearers of violence and those misunderstanding which creates obstacles and makes people blind. This piece draws on the exploration, the circumspection and the diffidence which guide the path to knowledge up to both the reconciliation and the osmotic fusion, as well as the feeling of getting lost into another entity and lastly to the sublimation of the human relation taken to the extreme. Finally, this is a tale about the reacquisition of individuality, the re-appropriation of one’s own integrity ready for a new journey where the atavistic process repeats itself tending to infinity. A tale built by corporeal shapes, by the organic movement of muscles and skin, and by the altered and nobilitated concreteness of the flesh. Director Bio Born in Perugia, Nicola Fumo Frattegiani graduated with highest honours from D.A.M.S. (Academy of Arts, Music and Show) at the University of Bologna, with a thesis on Luigi Nono’s work “Intolleranza 1960”. Later he has advanced post-graduate degree on “The musical cultures of 1900’s” at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, a bachelor’s degree cum laude on “Electronic Music and New Technologies” (course electroacoustic composition) at the “Francesco Morlacchi” Conservatory of Music of Perugia and a Master’s degree cum laude and special mention for artistic merit on “Electronic Music and New Technologies” at the “Licinio Refice” Conservatory of Music of Frosinone (course digital audiovisual composition).

His works have been presented at various national and international festivals including ICMC International Computer Music Conference (South Korea), NYCEMF New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, ICMC-NYCEMF, New Music Miami Festival ISCM, Electroacoustic Barn Dance, WSU ElectroAcousticMiniFest, The 15th International Gothic Association Conference, STUDIO 300 Digital Art and Music Festival (USA), SMC Sound & Music Computing Conference (Cyprus), Atemporánea Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea, Foundation Destellos art, science and technology (Argentine), Festival Futura Mondes Parallèles, Finale Prix Russolo (France), Synchresis Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro y Música Electroacústica (Spain), Evimus Saarbrücker Tage für elektroakustische und visuelle Musik (Germany), MUSLAB Muestra Internacional de Música Electroacústica (Brazil), Echofluxx International Festival of Experimental Film, Music, Dance and Poetry (Czech Republic), Audio Mostly a conference on interaction with sound, BFE/RMA Research Students' Conference, Convergence International Conference/Festival of Music, Technology and Ideas, Noisefloor Festival, SOUND/IMAGE Exploring Sonic and Audio-Visual Practice (United Kingdom), WOCMAT Conference NTHU International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Tecnology (Taiwan), ACMC Australasian Computer Music Association (Australia), XIV Festival Internacional de Musica Electroacustica y Electrónica Primavera en La Habana (Cuba), Matera Intermedia Festival, Diffrazioni Firenze Multimedia Festival, XXII CIM Colloquium of Musical Informatics, SMC Sound & Music Computing Conference, Venice Biennale of Architecture, Soundscape of Work and of Play 9th International FKL symposium on soundscape, Moon in June, Macro Asilo Museum of contemporary art, Corsie Festival, Segnali Audio-visual arts and performance, Premio Nazionale delle Arti, Elettronicamente Beyond the Borders (Italy). Author and performer, his research deals with electroacoustic music, sound for images, video, art exhibition and electroacoustic compositions for contemporary theatrical performance. Nicola collaborates with many artists and performers in several productions of live electroacoustic music, with whom he experimented many types of generation and manipulation of sound dimension.

Contact e-mail: website: phone: +39 328 27 41 750

O’TRASH An eclectic music selector and video producer making people dance with his no-disco-post-punk-electro-bizarre music since 2009.

1 - FILM “RESERVOIR” 8’ 01” Micah Weber (United States 2021) Film description Image—terror—sculpture—slaughterhouse—garden—animation. From the politics of the slaughterhouse to vanishing in the wilderness: An archive of images harmonise into an ambience of violence, disengagement, and disappearance. The tone of this work should be read as an object. Director Bio Micah Weber is an independent artist and filmmaker. He runs a small imprint, Huner Francis Publishing, and writes for Missing Observer Studies, an online cinema/journal/diary dedicated to the elongation, suspension, and untimeliness of time. Weber's work in animation has screened internationally at the Holland Animation Film Festival; the Ann Arbor Film Festival; Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival; and FRACTO Experimental Film Encounter. He currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Contact Web: Instagram @micah_wbr

2 - FILM “EVERYBODY DIES” 8’ Anderson Matthew (United States 2020) Film description Utilizing Super 8mm with quick, short shots to build idiosyncratic rhythms via rapid editing techniques which Matthew has been exploring in his recent work, time, space and the body fold in on themselves in. Everybody Dies (2020). The experimental film is a poetic journey into the desert - it’s a reflection on the the queerness of existence and the nature of death as something not to be feared, but embraced as a part of an intimate and universal human experience. Director Bio Anderson Matthew is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. His work centers on film experimentation and queer perspectives. His short, experimental and documentary projects have shown internationally, including work commissioned by the Staatsoper Stuttgart. He is the writer and director of the upcoming feature film Baja Come Down and creator of the essay anthology Deviant Proposals: An Anti-Binary Journal published by Candor Arts. His first solo exhibition Some Things Hidden / Some Things Undone took place in Los Angeles at Flower Head in 2021. Anderson is co-creator of Shadow Kitchen, a Los Angeles filmmaker collaborative, and is co-creator of the LA Cinema Calendar. He holds a BFA from Chapman University. Contact Instagram @and.matthew

3 - FILM “QUEEN OF DOTS” 2’02” Michael Lyons (Japan 2020) Film description The Queen of dots is also a queen of Instagram and Tumblr. Completed 02022020. Two minutes and two seconds. Love forever. Director Bio Michael Lyons (Canada/Scotland) is a researcher and artist based in Kyoto, Japan. He is currently Professor of Image Arts and Sciences at Ritsumeikan University. Contact

4- FILM “COLLAGE 25” 4’ 04” Luis Carlos Rodríguez (Spain 2020) Film description Audiovisual entertainment. Intervention, in the form of an audiovisual collage, on the film in the public domain: Carnival of Souls de Herk Harvey (1962). Collage 25 is a collage from the ani series, and is part of a broad experimental audiovisual research project that tries to explore, from the point of view of artistic-expressive activity, formal, structural, narrative and aesthetic issues. For this we intervene and construct variations, spatial and temporal, of mythical scenes from the cinema that have passed through the public domain. We modify its previous meanings, amplifying or varying its narrative value and its audiovisual aspect. Finally, we make sincere tributes of recognition to films and indelible sequences in our memory. Our response is to generate new visual structures and variations, sometimes reinforcing or breaking the original narratives at other times. It is an exercise in evocation of memory and a productive and narrative ecology. Director Bio Luis Carlos Rodríguez García. Avila Spain. I reside in Valladolid, Fine Arts. University of the Basque Country. Currently a professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Valladolid. I Have maid individual and collective exhibitions of painting, photography, video art, cinema experimental, installations and audiovisual performances: Alicante, Avila, Barcelona, Bilbao, Girona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, Valladolid (Spain). París, Toulouse, Nice, Aquitaine, Aveyron. Decazeville, (France). Monterrey, Guanajuato y México DF (México). London, Morecambe, Walthamstow, Cambridge, Folkestone (UK). New York, Atlanta, Burbank, Venice. Tampa, Asheville. Los Angeles, Las Vegas. Illinois, Ohio. (USA) Roma, Forlí, Bari, Milan. Lecce. Modena. (Italy). Callcuta, Bengal, Maharashtra. Pune. (India) Lisboa, Oporto y Coimbra (Portugal). Caracas, San Cristóbal, Maracay, (Venezuela). Montreal, Toronto (Canada). Buenos Aires, Paraná, (Argentina) Tokyo, Kyoto (Japón) Warsaw (Poland). Berlin (Germany), Guanzanghou, (China). Sofia (Bulgaria). Timisoara (Rumania). Belgrado (Serbia). Cusco (Perú). Moscú (Rusia). Rio de Janeiro (Brasil). Cúcuta, (Colombia). Phnom Penh (Cambodia) , Atenas (Grecia). Lugano (Suiza), Asunción, (Paraguay), Gante (Belgium). Split (Croacia) Santiago de Cuba, (Cuba). 2 Contact

5 - FILM “TUNABLE MIMOID” 7’ 13” (Australia 2020) Film description This video demonstrates the most recent research achievements of the Centre for Mimoid Studies (CMS), a group from the Giesean Institute of Solaristics. According to their recently published paper, the scientists have discovered that tissue of the extraterrestrial organism (mimoid) regenerates after being exposed to the harmful effects of both ionising and non-ionising radiation. For the experiment, mimoid samples were cryogenically transported from Solaris to Earth. In a noninvasive live-cell imaging solution, the mimoid’s tissue was bombarded with the real-time customizable metamaterials and exposed to the time-varying electromagnetic fields. The researchers claimed that “mimoid samples not only behaved as tunable living systems, but they also exhibited self-organising behaviour while mimicking patterns of the controlled electromagnetic fields.” This video was produced for the general public in order to promote the benefits of extraterrestrial studies on the Sustain Earth initiative. The research results have opened up new myriad pathways, options and possibilities for modern science and its recent Sisyphean efforts in saving us from the sixth mass extinction. Director Bio Vladimir Todorovic is an artist and educator living in the Whadjuk region, Australia, where he teaches fine arts in the School of Design, at UWA. He works with new technologies for

immersive and generative storytelling. His art explores our relationship with the changing environment and our misuse of past, current and future technologies. His projects have won several awards and have been showcased at various festivals, exhibitions, museums and galleries including 60th Annecy, 18th Vienna Shorts, Visions du Reel (49th, 46th, 44th), IFFR (42nd, 40th and 39th), Cinema du Reel, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, BIFF, SGIFF, L’Alternativa, YIDFF, Siggraph, ISEA, Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Centre Pompidou, House of the World’s Cultures, The Reina Sofia Museum and Japan Media Art Festival. Contact

6 - FILM “NOÖSPHERE” 4’44” Miles Sprietsma (United States 2020) Film description no·o·sphere /ˈnōəˌsfir/ noun a postulated sphere or stage of evolutionary development dominated by consciousness, the mind, and interpersonal relationships. "creatures evolve: a new biosphere emerges, and with it a new noosphere" source: Oxford English Dictionary A playful take on an outdated anthropocentric philosophy, Noösphere juxtaposes the beauty of a supplanted landscape against the inescapable detritus of a self-absorbed species. Director Bio Miles Sprietsma is a Portland based experimental-filmmaker/artist/musician whose films have screened in numerous programs and festivals around the world. His celluloid-based works seek to explore the temporal nature of cinema, attempting to render a tactility to the most elusive of perceptible dimensions. Contact Instagram @milessprietsma Facebook

7- FILM “APOCRYPHAL TOME” 6’09” Miles Sprietsma (United States 2015) Film description Inspired by the kinetic-sculpture films of Marcel Duchamp, the animated mandalas of Jordan Belson, and 70's grind-house theater intros, Apocryphal Tome utilizes a readymade-assist, (assembled from a lamp-shade, turn-table, and multi-colored light-bulbs) triple-exposed on 200ft of 16mm film, resulting in a hypnotizing kaleidoscope of colors. Set to a contemporary psych-rock track from Portland's Lunar Grave. Director Bio Miles Sprietsma is a Portland based experimental-filmmaker/artist/musician whose films have screened in numerous programs and festivals around the world. His celluloid-based works seek to explore the temporal nature of cinema, attempting to render a tactility to the most elusive of perceptible dimensions. Contact Instagram @milessprietsma Facebook

8 - FILM “OMORFIA” 2’ 37” Victoria Marin (United states 2021) Film description Omorfia (ομορφιά) means beauty in Greek. But what is beauty exactly? By definition it means: “a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that is pleasing to the aesthetic senses, especially the sight”. It was this definition that inspired me to start creating my film. Experimental art has a unique beauty all its own. I felt that this name, Omorfia, was appropriate given that 3D allows me, as an artist, to produce my vision of beauty in any way I can imagine it. Omorfia is an artistic exploration of shape, texture, and form used to create a visual journey of beauty in a three-dimensional space that engages the audience and pulls them into a sensory journey. The forms predominantly take a rounded more organic shape to create a fluidity with a mixture of textures, metallics, and colours. Utilising experimental techniques and forms within Cinema 4D, I made each scene as individual parts to create a mesmerising whole. Director Bio Victoria Marin is an Animator, VFX artist, and a native Bostonian. She attended Lesley University, recently graduating in 2021. Victoria has always known she had a passion for animation. As a child, she always appreciated animation and VFX in films, always questioning "how did they do that?!". As a post-grad she's looking forward to creating more films in the future. Contact Instagram:

9 - FILM “SPATIAL” 4’34” Miles Sprietsma (United States 2015) Film description The streets of Portland become a physical adventure through the collapse of cinematic time and space. Shot on two rolls of Super8 film, all images captured in-camera with no post-production effects applied. Director Bio Miles Sprietsma is a Portland based experimental-filmmaker/artist/musician whose films have screened in numerous programs and festivals around the world. His celluloid-based works seek to explore the temporal nature of cinema, attempting to render a tactility to the most elusive of perceptible dimensions. Contact Instagram @milessprietsma Facebook

10 - FILM “ENVELOPE/ECSTATIC” 11:58 Max Breakenridge (United Kingdom 2020) Film description At a time of distance and digital communication, this is an attempt to articulate feelings of a hybrid digital and physical existence, seeking to establish new concepts within the area of audio-visual art and bodily perception. The video explores ideas of distance, presence, embodiment and digital abstraction through image and sound. We follow a figure through various experiences as it abstractly rediscovers movement, perception and touch, using experimental practice to investigate new ways of experiencing through the body. Throughout the video, the figure shifts in and out of view as it experiences isolation, alienation and abstract freedom, reflecting the changing relationships we now have to sense and bodies. The boundaries between non-physical states of disembodiment, and the tactile relation to the world around us (or lack thereof) evoke notions of loss of perception, rebirth, and ultimately a new presence and sense being formed. This piece operates on physical response as much as logical, with the primary experience intended for the viewer being that of their own journey. Directors Bio Max Breakenridge is a filmmaker and artist based in Glasgow. His work often deals with embodiment, mysticism and materiality through immersive image and sound. Contact:

11 - FILM “I HAD TO MUCH TOO DREAM LAST NIGHT” 3’25” Miguel Maldonado (Spain 2020) Film description Experimental video based on a cabaret girl dream Director bio Miguel Maldonado is a Spanish London-based film-maker who works in several media formats (Super 8, 16mm, video). Some of these works have been submitted, shown and awarded in different festivals and exhibitions around the world. In addition to his films, he also makes multichannel installations and still photographs, working as first assistant director for different projects too. Contact Instagram: @m_maldo_filmmaker

CREDITS Directors: Miguel Maldonado & Alba Moyano Video operator: Miguel Maldonado Graphic Design and Motion Graphics: Alixe Lobato Sound Technician: Simon Gill Camera operators: Pablo Robertson & George Williams Door Manager: María Jesús Fernández Compere: Alba Moyano

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