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Altea Grau Vidal Portfolio 2010-2012

Printmaking has been the fundamental pillar of my artistic practise so far: engraving, embossing, scraping, scratching, acidizing... direct actions that reference to mark and leave a trace. This way of working has directed my thoughts, associating it with writing: how the trace of words –the physicality of the word on the paper– leaves an impression in us which persists in history itself. Marks can be tangible and physical, emotional or sensitive. These impressions that want to present us their materiality move within their own poetic universe where the fragility is inevitable and the language carries us from the cry to the absolute silence.

My time between two waves (detail) Salt etch , screenprint 75 x 82 cm

WORKS 1.Las tres heridas 2.Marking words 3. Words in the drying line

1. LAS TRES HERIDAS The three injured Valencia, 2010 Triptych inspired by the poem Tres heridas de Miguel Hernรกndez. This work reflects on the conditions and stages of life: what we were, who we are, and what we will be. These concepts, states of existence, are necessary inspiration to our walk.

1. Tres Heridas: vida. 2. Tres heridas: amor Woodcut (5 plates). 35 x 105 cm

3. Tres heridas: amor Woodcut and etching(5 plates). 35 x 105 cm

2. MARKING WORDS Woks made during my residency at Seacourt Print Workshop. Bangor, Northern Ireland. 2011 The written word. The printed word. The texts have changed history, our history, the written messages that have not left indifferent to passing events. This series of works aims to be a poetic and artistic reflection/invitation about the permanence of those words that has changed ourselves, those which we cannot escape. I literally tried to mark its trace, fall on, burn it in steel, make evidence in the traces of each letter, evoking through images, lines and color, sowing the words that one day it could germinate and offer the fruits to the world.

4. Jovelanos’s insomnia Salt etch , screenprint and collage 110 x 82 cm

5. My time between two waves Salt etch , screenprint 75 x 82 cm

6.Here we are, despite the fumes Salt etch 75 x 82 cm

7.Marking words View of complete installation Ards Arts Centre, Belfast.

8.Marking words Salt etch on steel 40 x 35’5 cm

3. WORDS IN THE DRYING LINE Bangor, Northern Ireland. 2011

Light words, not weighed, drying in the sun bearing the heat and thirst, waiting wearing out, erased. in a few years will be imperceptible.

9.We exist because this book exists(detail) Etching and acquatint 63 x 32 cm

Write a poem ir repair the essential wound, the tear. Because everyone are wounded.

10.Words in the drying line Etching and screenprint 22 x 22 cm

11.Just by tearing one page Etching, screenprint and paint on wood 65 x 23 cm

12.Letters Etching and embossing on paper and board 22 x 22 cm

14.Wind’s voices Etching and drypoint 23 x 15 cm

13. Wind sounds Etching 23 x 15 cm


WORKS 2009-2012

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