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Finger Pulse Oximeter and Its Working Principle Why Pulse Oximeter? Pulse Oximeters has become a common device in hospitals and it is mostly used to monitor the vital signs of the patients like heart pulse rate and the percentage of oxygen in the blood. It is an addition to the regular health monitoring equipments like ECG and heart rate monitor. Oximeters help to measure the oxygen saturation in the finger and it also indicates whether all the important organs in the body receive sufficient oxygen. In case if the oxygen level is low beyond the normal level then the patient must be given supplemental oxygen otherwise the health condition can deteriorate and lead to critical condition. How a finger pulse oximeter works? Finger pulse oximeter device has a probe and it is usually fixed to the finger of the patient to measure the percentage of oxygen in blood. If you have ever placed your finger on a strong source of light then you must have noticed your fingers turning red, this is because light passes through the blood in the finger and gets it red color. In a pulse oximeter normally two types of lights are used, red and infra-red light are passed through the finger. Difference in light absorption between the oxygenated blood and non-oxygenated blood is calculated and this output would give the percentage of blood oxygen saturation in the blood. Oximeters are commonly used in various places and here we will have a look at few of them where they are most commonly used. Hospitals It is one of the common places where you can find oximeters in emergency rooms. It is used in ICU and emergency rooms to keep an eye on the body condition of the patients. The oxygen level and pulse rate of the heart change frequently on patients suffering from heart and lung related problems, handheld pulse oximeter with alarm facility will be highly helpful to keep an eye on these patients. Dentist office Patients are administered sedative to avoid pain while extracting a teeth or filling a deep cavity. The dentist use oximeter to measure the oxygen and pulse rate of the patient. In case if the dentist finds the oxygen level dropping below the normal level then he will provide immediate treatment to the patient.

Athletes and mountaineers During strenuous activity athletes gets deprived of oxygen and a wrist pulse oximeter can help them to save their life. Moreover mountaineers trekking in high altitudes get deprived of oxygen and in some rare cases they keep on trekking without aware of the low oxygen level. A portable pulse oximeter will be highly useful to measure the oxygen level in the blood and to know the pulse rate of heart. Author Bio: Portable pulse oximeter makes it easy to measure the pulse rate of the heart accurately. You can know more about wrist pulse oximeter at the author’s website:

Finger pulse oximeter and its working principle  

Pulse Oximeters has become a common device in hospitals and it is mostly used to monitor the vital signs of the patients like heart pulse ra...

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