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Raw beauty

Ancient hills and modern architecture. Sunny walkways and frozen house fronts. Strength and sensibility. Roughness and beauty. Alta Quartzite is all this and much more. You will find it all over the world, as tiles, paving facades, fireplaces, blendings,walls, pedestrian areas, walkways, swim­ming pools, steps and stairs. Let yourself be inspired!

Private cottage, Fitjar, Norway

Hard work can move mountains

Quartzite is the bedrock of Alta, in the north of Norway. We harvest it in the mountains before cutting and shaping it with care and respect. Each stone is unique and ever­lasting – as a piece of art. Alta Quartzite is well known worldwide for its strength and quality. Today, our products are just as attractive for interior as exterior use, but it was the manufacture of roofing tiles that set off the quartzite industry in Alta, several generations ago.


Alta Quartzite is durable and un­change­­­­­­­­able. Should you need to extend a walkway, roof or wall, you will find that the new quartzite has exactly the same colour and texture as the old one.

Foto: Frikant

The roof is the fifth facade of the house, and maybe the most important one.

Foto: Frikant

Boston. Beijing. Barcelona. Bergen. For centuries, Alta Quartzite has been utilized as a building material in Norway, and it soon became sought after in the rest of the world as well. Today, a third of our quartzite is exported, and you will find it on traditional roofs in Italy’s Aosta Valley, in Dutch train stations and along Barcelona’s beachfront.

Alta Quartzite is not a result of product development or industrial production. Using traditional craft and knowledge, we gather it from the mountains in its original form, following the natural layers of the quartzite. Then we cut each stone individually, so you will have your own piece of our mountains, to look at, to touch and to walk on.


Privat hytte, Fitjar Private cottage, Fitjar, Norway

Altaskifer kommer aller best til sin rett Perfect complements. nĂĽrWhen den kombineres combined med withandre other materialer. materials, Alta Quartzite is at its best.

Alta Quartzite has a smooth and comfortable anti-slip surface, which makes it perfect for swimming pools as well as baths and wet rooms.


Alta Quartzite reflects the light differently throughout the day and throughout the season, making facades come alive.

Residential building, Bekkjarvik, Norway

Tiles with a natural surface give a solid and rustic impression.

Private home, Moscow, Russia

AB Shabolovka LLC ArchiTile

Children’s feet on warm tiles. Your grand­ mother’s. Your mother’s. Yours. Alta Quartzite is everlasting and unchanging. But walking barefoot on a warm tile floor, it will never feel like one of the hardest building materials in the world. Private home, Alta, Norway

Sense and sensibility. Alta Quartzite is virtually indestructible, but you may as well choose it only because of its looks.


Inside and out, quartzite tiles create a seamless and harmonious totality.


Alta Quartzite has been created during millions of years with extreme temperatures and enormous pressure. It has been exposed to all kinds of weather, and a climate maybe only enjoyed by the people living up here. It has an incredible strength, but it must be handled with skill and care. A light touch with a hammer and chisel is often all it takes.

Design: Neue Design Studio

Solid rock, gentle touch

Altaskifer Raw beauty  
Altaskifer Raw beauty