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How a Clinometer is Utilized If you want to measure objects from a distance, you must know how to use a clinometer. This instrument can be used for measuring buildings, trees and poles among other objects. Step 1 Place yourself at the appropriate distance from the object that has to be measured. This is called the baseline distance. This will vary depending on the device. For a metric clinometer, it is usually 15 m. Step 2 Hold the device with the right side facing up. The case will indicate which is the right side up. Unless you hold it this way, the information will not be accurate. Step 3 Look with one eye into the lens. The unit’s scales will be set on the object being measured. Place the object against the scale which you can see on the lens. Take note of the values for the top and object base. If you are measuring a pole, you will see that the base corresponds with the #3 on the lens scale. The topmost portion of the pole matches with #6. Step 4 Deduct the value at the bottom with the top one. This will provide the object height. The measurements will be displayed in the units the instrument uses. In this example, you subtract three from six. The result is three meters. Other units use feet for measurement. Types Before you start using a clinometer, you ought to become familiar with some of the variants available. Two of the most widely used are the Suunto Model 43895 and Brunton CM ClinoMaster. Both of these devices are designed for forestry use. Their baseline is 66 feet. This means the data provided by the device presumes there is a 66 foot distance between the operator and the object being measured. If the distance is not accurate, the results will be incorrect. Application This device is used mainly by engineers and scientists to calculate and determine angles. For instance, a biological scientist can use the instrument to determine the height of a tree. As described earlier, the formula will be the total height percentage multiplied by the baseline distance. The result is the height of the tree. The same formula is used for other objects. For this to work, the scientist must be in the proper position.

The device is also used by foresters. Aside from tree heights, it can be used to determine volume data. This can be useful when studying wildlife and plant growth. References:

How To Use A Clinometer  
How To Use A Clinometer  

A clinometer is a device used for measuring the height of faraway objects. To use the clinometer properly, the operator must use the baselin...