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How to Start Your Own Vegetable Garden Minus the Green Thumb Having fresh vegetables in the backyard is pure joy especially for those who want to maintain a healthy diet. Imagine having fresh ripe tomatoes, all the herbs within arms reach, and a host of other leafy greens for the next scrumptious stew waiting to be turned into a masterpiece. Well, one of the issues that people have with that is the fact that they don't have the illustrious green thumb to help them grow one of these lovely gardens. Growing Your Own Garden Here is a fact that everyone must come to terms with – anyone can grow a vegetable garden>. It is not a far fetched idea and anyone can plant a nice little patch of green with enough determination and patience. No, you don't really need to have a green thumb in order to have the backyard garden of your dreams. For starters, you should think about what sort of vegetables you want to grow in your garden. Remember, you should only plant the vegetables that you enjoy eating. There is far less motivation for planting food crops that you won't even bother putting in your plate when they can be harvested. Plant vegetables that you like and you will enjoy seeing them bud, grow, and eventually become ready for picking. Here's a little hint, choose the patch of earth in your yard that usually gets the most sun. Vegetable plants frolic in the sun and grow best where there is much sunlight. The best thing to do is to wake up early in the morning and find the place in your yard where the early sun usually lingers until noon. Once you find that spot then that is where you ought to plant your garden. The next step is to determine just how big your garden should be. Here's another tip: start small when you're just learning the ropes. When you've become quite adept at planting gardens then you can take larger spaces. Be sure to till the soil and get rid of the debris including the weeds that seem to infest the soil. You can add some compost and fertilizer in order to raise the soil quality. The next phase is sowing the vegetables in neat rows. The rows in your garden don't really have to be perfect as long as the plants are evenly spaced and have enough room to grow in. Be sure to water the seeds or plants in your garden. Take note of the vegetables that will require more water than others. You don't want to put too much water where it isn't needed. As the days go by, visit your garden regularly and take out ay weeds that may decide to join your leafy greens. And that is basically how you grow your vegetables in a garden minus the green thumb. References:

How To Start Your Own Vegetable Garden  

You don't really need a green thumb in order to plant a vegetable garden. All it takes is commitment, effort, and a lot of patience. Remembe...

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