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The Pope, the Vatican City, Rome and You The Pope is a central figure in the Catholic Church in that he serves as the Bishop of the Holy See which gives him the highest position in the Catholic Church. In conjunction with this his position, the Pope also serves as Head of Vatican City in Rome – an independent state in the city of Rome. Now, where does the pope live? Being Bishop and Head of Vatican City, the Pope has to reside in Rome – within the enclave of Vatican City. His official home is what is known as the Apostolic Palace. Also referred to as the Papal Palace, the Pope has an appointed apartment within the building complex to serve as his official residence. There are also a number of offices within the palace building for various functions of the Vatican City government. Rome and the Vatican City A visit to Rome wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Vatican City. The buildings within the enclave are truly a sight to behold; with their beautiful architectural designs that enhance the sacred aura of the place. The square is usually where the Catholic faithful gather during special events in the Roman Catholic calendar. It is during these special dates in the Catholic Church that the Pope holds masses for the public. You can visit the basilicas as well as the smaller chapels plus the museums where you can get more information about the history of the Catholic Church as well as the beginnings of Vatican City. Working in Italy Now, if you wish to become an expat in Italy, and you want to stay close to the Vatican City, your best bet is of course staying in Rome. You should know however, that the cost of living in this country is pretty steep where an average of about two hundred Euros per month is spent by locals on food alone. If you wish to dine out, your monthly food budget can be easily wiped clean with just one or two trips to the restaurant. However, since you will be moving here as an expatriate, your food and lodging might already be part of your contract; in which case, you will be given a monthly living allowance. To help you adapt to your new environment, there are language schools all over Italy where you can learn how to speak the country’s native tongue. Communication is key in forging friendships with the locals as well as in helping you better understand local culture and customs.

A Visit To The Vatican  

Where does the Pope live? The Pope lives in Vatican City, an enclave within Rome in Italy. Whether you are going to Italy for a short visit...