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Modern-Day Knights Minus the Shining Armor Back in the day when people used to hack and stab one another with swords, halberds, spears, morningstars, and what not, the first line of protection for the brave knight on horseback would be heavy plated body armor. The prospects of surviving any battle in those days without wearing one aren't that good. Trust me–you don't want to be in the receiving end when a really furious guy swings a heavy bladed weapon. The same is true today for people who have to charge into danger in the line of duty. These folks have to walk right into danger just in service and protection of the lives of strangers. Hats off to people like that and it's a really good thing they're not just wearing hats when they run off to perform their duties. The weapons of today are far deadlier than sharp two-edged swords during the medieval ages. Real Life Savers Riot shields, bullet proof vests, and other protective gear are real lifesavers for people whose lives are on the line. Since the 1970s more than 3,000 human lives in the line of fire have been saved by today's modern armor. Now that's a lot of lives saved in the past 30 years or more simply because they wore protective combat gear. It all started when the National Institute of Justice began creating performance standards for these types of protective gear. That was way back in the swinging 70s when drugs, sex, and rock and roll were the order of the day. Nowadays, the protective gear that is used by law enforcement officers has taken on various forms. Basically, there are two types of protective armor that are in use in our day – there's soft armor and there's hard armor, neither of them are shiny by the way. We've all seen what riot armor looks like. Well, they also come in various forms but they generally look pretty much the same. Hard armor looks pretty much like what ancient knights have to wear. They protect the vital parts of the human body. The entire protective outfit is a system of ceramic plates or even metal. Police officers usually put on this gear when they expect a really good chance that they will be attacked, like in a riot or similar incident. This protective gear incorporates both a helmet and a shield, which are truly effective where it counts but are just bulky and cumbersome to carry around on a daily basis. You especially don't want to go driving around while wearing your entire riot gear. Ceramic plates are absolutely lighter than metal plates. However, they weigh around six pounds a piece and can become a considerable weight to carry around. Soft armor may also be included in anyone's riot gear. You might have heard of Kevlar but there are other types of material that are in use today. There's Gold Flex, Spectra, Gold Shield, and Twaron to name a few. Please remember that no protective armor is truly "bulletproof." Technically speaking, they should rather be called bullet resistant. Being bulletproof or not, today's knights wear all the protection that is available especially when mob violence wreaks havoc. They are afforded every bit of protection necessary to keep the peace and perhaps maybe save a life. References:

Modern Day Knights  

Modern-day knights don't wear bright shining armor but they still wear protective gear nonetheless. Body armor has been around since the med...

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