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Steven Madden Candence Knee High Boots Review I highly recommend you start looking for a pair of great quality knee high boots no further than the highly popular Steve Madden range. An exciting collection of high heels, or if you prefer flats, the choice is yours. The entire Madden collection can be worn with practically any type of dress sense. Furthermore, there are a fantastic range of colours to excite you. Founded in 1990, Steve Madden's suede knee high boots models are extremely popular in the US and UK, and he boasts several celebrities who just love his styles. Finding a snug, comfortable and stylish pair of high length boots couldn't be easier with the Steve Madden Candence Boots collection. These boots are cleverly designed with the perfect heel height, which is just the right size allowing you to get through your working day without any discomfort. They are also surprisingly lightweight but very tough wearing. This tall 'shafted' leather pull-on boot is a truly stunning design. Half inch heels with a durable sole are incorporated, and you have a lovely round shaped toe area that gives you plenty of breathing space. All Candence boots are extremely easy to slip on as the rear of the boot has a slightly wider opening. You will find that there is no needless pressing on your knee area because of this handy addition to the style. You could walk around all day wearing these boots and feel absolutely no discomfort anywhere on your foot or upper calf area. Comfort is obviously given a very high priority from Steve Madden's designers with their women's boots. The ruffle design is an inspired thought, which makes this boot really look the finished piece that stands out from the rest. It's pleated touch design adds naturalness to this already fantastic boot that you should consider adding to your wardrobe just for this feature alone. Tan leather, stone coloured or black leather are available to choose from with these very reasonably priced knee high boots. The top of the Steve Madden boots can easily be folded down, which is great as you also have the option to wear them at full height so they touch your knees. These boots look very slim line although there is enough room for movement inside the foot and leg area. The main structure of the knee high boots are very sturdy leather with no sign of sag and will keep that support for as long as you wear them.

The best feature of knee high Cadence Boots is that you can wear almost anything with these superb quality robust boots. Your favourite dress for the weekend, look fantastic around the office, casually strolling around the supermarket or just wearing jeans around town. They are a great look with short or medium length skirts too, if you dare to show your lovely legs. The only difficult part for you is choosing the colour as these knee high boots are so versatile, simply use your imagination. Suede Knee High Boots UK

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