Page 1 Quiet Vacuum Cleaners Please! How Many Decibels? Buying Guide Cleaning and vacuuming in your home could be a much more enjoyable experience, if only your vacuum cleaner was not so loud and irritating. You would probably be able to hear the doorbell or telephone ring if you had a quieter vacuum. Furthermore, the loud noise from vacuuming in your home would not distress everyone, and that includes your cats or dogs. Purchasing a high quality quiet vacuum cleaner is something that should be top of your shopping list. Family members would be less reluctant to get the vacuum out, and you may find yourself living in a cleaner fresher environment. There would be no reason to keep delaying the vacuuming for another few days. The health benefits of regular vacuuming in your home really improves your indoor air quality for everyone under that roof. Surveys in last few years by the large electrical and vacuum manufacturers, found that most consumers wished they had thought a little more about the high noise volumes that their own vacuum cleaners made before buying them. Consumer surveys also disclosed that given the option, most buyers would select a less noisier vacuum, even if it was more expensive than their previous vacuum cleaner. Adding to this, it also concluded that most people also strongly connected quiet vacuums with high quality products, far more reliability, better cleaning efficiency and gentler to the environment in general. Thanks to advanced vacuum engineering technology, there are lots of very high quality quiet motor vacuums on sale that are not too expensive, offer good suction and have excellent overall vacuuming performance without those annoying loud motor sounds, that could give you a headache. Importantly, many of us would like to know how quiet is a quiet vacuum cleaner? Conventional vacuum cleaners have a motor noise output of approximately 74-81 Decibel's. This is not satisfactory for a vacuum in your own home to command and pollute your home atmosphere to such an extent because newer vacuum cleaners models are much quieter than this unhealthy noise output. In general you will find that canister vacuums and quieter upright vacuums might operate at around 72 dB. But this decibel range is 'exponential', as this volume decrease means that the audible noise levels of modern quiet vacuum cleaners on the market have been reduced by 50%. They emit a low humming type of noise, which is very comfortable to live with and much quieter than previous noisy vacuums. Having large noisy motors installed in your vacuums are not required in this modern era, because technological improvements in the vacuum engineering industry are always finding better methods to create a better customer experience, which does relate to improving features such as suction ability

without the demand to install higher wattage motors in vacuums. Keeping vacuum performance high can be performed by creating specialist tapered fans, which function by enhancing the air suction power without the need for a 2000 + Watts vacuum motor. Lesser Wattage, quiet vacuum cleaners can have higher suction power than other vacuums with powerful motors installed, and still keep the decibel level at a low and comfortable vacuuming range. Possessing a quiet vacuum means you can vacuum and clean your home whenever you find the time, and without disturbing other family members in your home. Maybe vacuuming while others are reading a book or watching television might be going too far. Not so long ago, vacuum cleaner sales staff were misleading potential customers into believing that buying a high wattage vacuum/motor would provide you with better dust/debris suction power, which of course is nonsense. Modern high-tech 'quiet' vacuums today use less power but still provide you with high suction. The quietest vacuum cleaners use varied techniques to reduce machine noise levels, starting with designing the turbine in a manner to decrease highpitched noise emission. This noise is extremely irritating and often produced by motor parts spinning at more than 30,000 revolutions per minute. Vacuum motors inside the quietest vacuum cleaners are mounted on noise-softening brackets, and enclosed in sound-muffling substance. The vacuums 'Air Flow' is a key factor in determining the quietest vacuum cleaners. Vacuum engineers intend to reduce air turbulence at two important places, the motor air inlet, and also the vacuum air exhaust. But in general, the motor's air inlet in the dust bag container is large, and has an aerodynamically funnel shape structure. Reducing air turbulence reduces noise levels from your machine. Cylinder vacuum cleaners are mostly quieter than uprights, but the noise levels between different canister models and vacuum producers vary quite a lot. Before buying any vacuum machine, it is worth asking a few questions first. It is in your interest to find out about the vacuum motor power, as it does not have to have high wattage power to have high suction ability, and low watts will mean less decibel's or noise level. As far as the environment is concerned, noise pollution is something that is mostly overlooked in today's society, but it can cause hearing problems for everyone, not just the elderly. You should be aware of this fact, especially if you have any noisy machine functioning in your home. Loud noise from neighbours, cars, lorries, loud music, jet aeroplanes, loud vacuum cleaners, air conditioning units, televisions, dishwashers, washing machines and other high decibel home appliances can affect your health and may cause early hearing problems. Thinking about purchasing a quiet vacuum cleaner? Then you really should be aiming at a canister vacuum cleaner that will output under 70 decibel's. You must realise that upright vacuums will be a few decibel's noisier than canister or cylinder vacuums, but fortunately there really is a very wide selection of quiet vacuums to choose from on the internet and in stores.

Highest recommendations go to Sebo and Miele, because they manufacture nothing but the highest quality quiet vacuums, that do provide excellent performance. Doing a little homework on quiet vacuum cleaners first will help in your final buying decision, so you have a quieter environment at home. Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Quiet Vacuum Cleaners Please! How Many Decibels? Buying Guide  

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