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Hunter Rain Boots For Women Review

Why should you buy a pair of Hunter rain boots for women? Because they are extremely high quality boots from a company who have over 150 years experience making these now very fashionable, and sought after boots for adults and children alike. Every woman should have a few different coloured pairs of these fine boots in their home, which are so effective if you live in a wet or cold part of the world. You can expect to get decades of use out of these stunning upmarket wellies without the upmarket price, because the Hunter rain boot company use only the highest grade fabrics and rubber in the production of their boots. Traditional and just plain old-fashioned are two words that come to mind when relating to this Scottish boot manufacturer. A high satisfaction level for comfort and fitting is standard with these popular rain boots, and they can be worn on practically any occasion or even the workplace. If you live in the countryside, then these boots are a must have fashion statement mixed with practicality, as you can dance around in the mud and rain, or even milk your cows. Colourful Rain Boots If you are daring enough, there are a huge range of colours to choose from, including your standard darker boot colours, to the very shiny bright pink, lemon, electric green, glitter, turquoise, polka dots, patterned variations and many more. You can get the ideal pair that suits your own personality as you have so many to choose from. Hunter rain boots are fun, fashionable and functionable. The green coloured boot is their standard brand footwear, but now they have a vast range of rain boots, shoes, wedges, lace-up boots, slim and wide fitting gumboots, socks, umbrellas, bags, hats, scarves and gloves. Hunter rain boots originate from Scotland, and were formerly named the North British Rubber Company who were founded in 1856 and have since renamed to 'Hunter Boot Ltd'. They have certainly come a long way since then and are now a global brand. At that time they were mostly making boots for builders and farming workers in the countryside. Women's knee high boots.

Who Wears Them? Now a very famous family wear them on a regular basis. Yes, it's the British royal family, who wouldn't be seen without them on their frequent trips to Balmoral, and tending to their beautiful horses in the country. They are often spotted in Scotland sporting Hunter boots while on fishing trips and hunting exploits, as you can easily observe the famous square shaped Hunter logo which has a red border. If 'Hunter wellington boots' are good enough for royalty, then why not for you or me? Hunter boots are very comfortable footwear for everyday walking, and the inner material is made with special layering that acts as a moisture barrier and stops your feet sweating inside them. The toe space in all their boots is spacious enough for your toes to feel free but comfortable. The insoles are made with a triple layered absorbent material construction that is based on an orthopaedic base, so that any sudden shock or bump when walking will be cushioned, and your feet will be totally protected. The exterior sole material is made with a high quality rubber, which gives you plenty of grip that will ensure that you are safe if it's icy underfoot. In very wet weather these boots will not let any water or moisture in as they are completely, and professionally sealed to a very high standard. Some people wear very thick knit long socks with Hunter wellington boots for 'chunky' effect and comfort. Whichever way you wear these stunning high quality boots, you certainly will not regret purchasing a pair of fantastic Hunter rain boots for women. Suede knee high boots

Hunter Wellington Boots  
Hunter Wellington Boots  

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