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Dust Mite Allergy Solutions - Effective Home Eco-Cleaning Guide

Dust mite allergy problems are rising steadily. Unwelcome mites just love our warmth and hospitality because we feed them and keep them nice and warm in our beds and pillows at night. This is not the most appetising of conversations to bring up before dinner, but it's one that needs to be addressed quickly and effectively, because the common dust mite is becoming much more of a problem in every home than ever before. This is no fun for the millions that endure dust mite allergy symptoms like sneezing, a running nose, nasal congestion, streaming eyes, skin rash and breathing difficulties. Nearly 33% of the population in the UK have some type of allergy, and there is no sight of this trend slowing down. Dust mites are microscopic critters that originate from the 'arachnid' or spider family of insects, and they are responsible for over half of all household allergies in the UK. Allergy UK maintain that over 20 million UK residents have some form of allergy. There is no doubt about it - we must banish these unhealthy and unwelcome visitors from our home. They love to take up residence in our carpets, pillows, mattresses, sofa, and especially everywhere around the bedding area - oh yes! and in it too. Removing dust mites and harmful allergens in your bedroom dramatically reduces allergy symptoms and improves your health. So how do we get rid of those '0.02mm' micro sized mites from our home? You will never completely get rid of them all from your home, but you can reduce their numbers to such an extent that you will find that your breathing at home becomes much easier, and those with allergies will find a marked reduction in the severity of allergy symptoms that they normally endure on a daily basis. Avoid Chemicals For Dust Mites Dust mite allergy symptoms can be difficult to cope with, but never find yourself tempted to use any chemical based cleaning solutions in your home, as this will simply add or multiply the amount of allergens and chemicals that are potentially inhaled by members of your family.

Carpeting in your home is the best place to start, because dust mites like to bury themselves in the warm, humid pile. If your home is wall to wall carpeting throughout, then there will be billions upon billions of them breeding in the carpet fabric. Many of those with allergies prefer rugs scattered around on wooden floors, because you can take them out to the garden and use a carpet beater to get all of the dust and debris out quickly and effectively. House dust mites prevention is also important. Tiled or wood flooring is an option worth consideration if your symptoms do not improve with cleaning. Effective Dust Mite Vacuums Start dusting your room from top to bottom so that it all falls on the carpet. Wipe off dust from tables, furnishings etc. Next you will need a competent HEPA vacuum cleaner to give the carpet a thorough clean. This should trap a high proportion of dust and their mites/faeces in the filter. Do not buy a HEPA vacuum if it does not have 'EN1822' authentication. Many unscrupulous vacuum manufacturers will not divulge this information, and try to pass off an inferior HEPA vacuum as a 'true HEPA' cleaner. To be very honest about vacuums now, there is no point in buying a cheap vacuum cleaner, because they are more likely to emit more of the debris and dust that they pick up back into your home atmosphere - which defeats the whole purpose of dust particle retention. I could ramble on all day about the importance of purchasing a high quality vacuum cleaner for your home. My opinion is that if you suffer from dust mite related allergies, you must have one of the better micro filtration or S-Class filter vacuum cleaners for your home. They are very effective in trapping the tiniest particles from your carpets and your home atmosphere. 'British Allergy Foundation' seal of approval vacuum cleaners are worth your consideration too as they have been tested for their filtration qualities, and how well sealed the unit casing is for minimal leak back of unhealthy particles. Yes, Sebo and Miele vacuums are more expensive than others, but they are quality machines that you can rely on for years and years. Even if you do not suffer from dust mite allergies - it's still wise to buy a vacuum cleaner that traps over 99.98% of all dust, pollen, smoke particles, tiny hairs and those invisible pollutants that float into every home. Vacuums with a high filtration technique literally clean the surrounding air in your room as you vacuum your carpet. Invisible dust and chemical particles are filtered through the machine, ensuring that you do not inhale dusty, stale or used air.

Some people buy 3 cheap, poor quality vacuum cleaners in 1 year because they break down after a short time, and they usually come with no warranty to fall back on. A premium vacuum manufacturer will supply you with a high quality cleaner and a long guarantee at the same time. Therefore you will always be in possession of a competent vacuum that gets fixed immediately if something goes wrong. You really can't afford to buy cheap, especially when you or your family's health is in question. We spend most of our time at home, and we really should be sitting in a clean, fresh, hygienic atmosphere breathing in nothing but pure fresh air, rather than enduring nasty dust mite allergy symptoms. Steam Clean Dust Mites After you have dusted and vacuumed your entire home - it's time to get out the steam cleaner. There really is no better way to clean your home than with the natural power of pure, hot, dry steam without any caustic cleaning solutions that are on sale in the supermarket. There are some fantastic steam cleaners on the market that efficiently manage carpets, upholstery and hard flooring. Steam cleaning in your home is environment friendly, safe, and yields effective dust mite allergy relief. It effectively kills dust mites and eliminates allergens and chemicals, leaving very high indoor air quality. Many modern steamers come with every accessory that you need to clean your home from top to bottom. Look for those with the 12 - 15 piece accessory set which enables you to steam the following - Windows, mirrors and glass, clean grout in between tiles, porcelain sinks, chrome objects, shower doors, plastic glass fittings, curtains, lamp shades, mattresses, bedding, all round the bed area, vinyl fabrics, synthetics materials, cotton and leather upholstery, window blinds, kids cuddly toys, cooker surfaces, oven interiors, garden furniture, jewellery, straighten out wrinkles on your favourite clothing, vegetation, clean algae on decking and exterior wooden surfaces. Always use as little water or moisture as possible when applying to any surface, especially the carpet as this will take longest to dry naturally. Let dry naturally and ventilate your rooms for as long as you can. Most good steam cleaners come with a full set of instructions guiding you best on how to clean practically anything you desire in your home.

After you have vacuumed the entire house and finished steam cleaning curtains, carpets, soft furnishings etc - and everything has dried sufficiently, you will have a much fresher, cleaner, more hygienic home to enjoy with all the benefits that comes with living in a healthy atmosphere, free of dust mite allergy problems, stale air and allergens. Dust mite allergy solutions are only a click away. With helpful information on how you can directly benefit from good advice - please feel free to have a good look at my Allergy Relief Cleaning Guide. It's packed full of info on reducing those nasty allergy symptoms. The best information is a powerful medium, especially if you are looking for effective allergy relief.

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Dust Mite Allergy Solutions  

This article shows you the best methods to eliminate dust mites in your home. These methods are highly effective and 100% environment friend...