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Alstrong Enterprises India Pvt Ltd Partition Panel for Office

Alstrong Partition Panel for Office Alstrong provides a wide range of selection of Office Partitions & Dividers where you can Easily divide office space into distinct rooms and cubicles with adjustable and semi-adjustable walls. Here you can choose the right partition panel for office with the help of Alstrong India. They offer cost effective and aesthetically pleasing partition panels for offices which are washable, stain resistant, 100% waterproof & maintenance free.

Features of Alstrong Aluminum Partition Panel ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

The panels possess the ability to withstand any method of wearing down or rubbing away. 2. BFT Guard and Convex and Concave Bending 3. They do not require rigorous maintenance. 4. The panels are water-resistant under most of the conditions. 5. Excellent Thermal and Sound Insulation 6. Stain Resistant 7. The panels are washable & recyclable. 8. Environment-Friendly 9. Excellent Flatness

Advantages of Aluminum Partition Panel ● ● ● ● ●

As the cross-section is thin they occupy less area of the floor. Offers required privacy for the inhabitants of the building. The panels can be easily constructed. The panels are lightweight. Provides the privacy that the customer is striving for.

Aluminum Partition Panel

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