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Pharma & Healthcare News Alsiano No. 17 • May 2013

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Glatt - integrated process solutions The pioneer in fluidized bed technology offers a broad range of solutions for pharma and related industries

BENEO expands its cooperation with Alsiano.......4

By Glatt

PalatinoseTM - modern energy management...............5

When it comes to fluidized bed technology, Glatt has assumed a pioneering role and is the worldwide leader in integrated process solutions.

Blanver - new supplier of excipients.................................6 Anthocyanin-rich foods may reduce the risk of myocardial infarction..............7 Bestsellers from Vidya Herbs ............................8 Research identifies diabetes fighter - balancing blood sugar........................................9 Danish Deputy Prime Minister Margrethe Vestager visited Alsiano in Birkerød................10 The Alsiano Healthcare team ......................................10

Glatt offers a unique expertise and product spectrum as well as a comprehensive support service for pharmaceutical and related powder processing industries. The support service starts with the product development for solid dosage forms and goes far beyond the required process technologies, optionally even covering the planning and installation of the plant required for said technologies. Glatt is split up into four areas of expertise: • Process Technology Pharma • Pharmaceutical Services • Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals • Process & Plant Engineering

Publisher: Alsiano A/S Circulation: 600 copies Editor-in-chief: Anders Hager Coordinator, text, lay-out: Dorthe Andersson Pharma & Healthcare News is published twice a year and distributed to customers and other interested parties. Reproduction of articles appearing in Pharma & Healthcare News requires prior consent of the author. Alsiano is not responsible for the content of articles written by external authors.


Process Technology Pharma is the original and top-selling area of expertise of the Glatt brand. It includes the core business of fluidized bed systems for which Glatt has assumed a pioneering role and is considered a worldwide leading supplier. In addition to these systems, this business unit develops, manufactures and sells tablet coaters, high shear granulators and devices for product handling of solids. This enables Glatt Process Technology Pharma to offer one-stop total solutions for the production of solids. Pharmaceutical Services develops and produces solid pharmaceutical dosage forms. The core areas here are multiparticulates such as pellets and micropellets as well as granulates. Glatt also offers additional suitable technological solutions, for example, taste masking of human and animal medicines, improvement of bioavailability and chemical stabilisation of drugs. (continues on page 2 >>)

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Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals develops, plans and distributes fluidized and spouted bed systems for the food, feed and chemical industries. This area of expertise also offers process and product development services for the customer’s desired product profile or end product.

Tablet coating system

• May 2013 No. 1No.• 17 February 2004

Process & Plant Engineering plans, installs and realises projects within plant construction worldwide. Its spectrum of expertise ranges from the expansion or reorganisation of existing production plants to the construction of new ones – in part or as a whole. Here, Glatt optionally acts as a planning partner for individual project phases - as a general planner or general contractor. All areas of expertise deal primarily with the processing and refinement of powders. Glatt technology allows for these powders to be dried, granulated, coated or pelletised. Depending on the requirements, this causes the characteristics of the powders to change. For example, the powders may become more easily flowable, more stable or more soluble, or their ingredients may take on certain release characteristics.

Alsiano Alsiano Glatt in numbers Founded in 1954 by Werner Glatt, the company is made up of 14 branches and subsidiaries worldwide. In 2012, it employed about 1,400 people and achieved a total revenue running into hundreds of million EUR.

The products Glatt offers range from lab equipment to sophisticated plants or production series. The design of the user-specific plant often follows an intensive process development period. Here, Glatt utilises its GMPcompliant technology centers and pilot plants, which have authorisation from the European and American authorities EMA and FDA. A comprehensive portfolio of pre- and postsales services rounds out the plant and system offering. Article 382

New: Alsiano-Glatt cooperation Alsiano is new exclusive distributor for Glatt and is in this way expanding its product portfolio with equipment for fluid bed, coating drum and wet granulation processes By Alsiano We are pleased to announce that with effect from 1 March 2013 Glatt has appointed Alsiano as its new exclusive distributor in the Nordic countries. Whereas Alsiano has a long tradition of supplying ingredients and raw materials to various industries in the Nordic countries, including the pharmaceutical industry, Glatt is the leading manufacturer of equipment for fluid bed, coating drum and wet granulation processes. Further, Glatt is providing development and optimisation of processes and products for the entire powder processing industry, including scale-up as well as full range engineering and general contracting activities starting from a first concept up to turn key projects.

We strongly believe that combining the strengths and experiences of our two companies will make us capable of providing our customers with the optimum solutions - fast and efficiently.

Welcome to Niels Kjær Nielsen In connection with the new cooperation with Glatt, we have appointed Niels Kjær Nielsen as area sales manager for our new department, Machinery. For the past many years, Niels has worked as area sales manager in several large technical engineering companies and has acquired a profound and detailed knowledge about spray drying, fluid bed drying,


powder granulation, mixing and many other applications. We are confident that Niels will strengthen the team and prove a great asset to Alsiano and our partners.

Pharma & Healthcare News

No. 17

May 2013


Nutraceutical inspiration at Vitafoods 2013 Meet many of our principals at the premier exhibition for the nutraceutical, dietary supplement and functional food and drink industries in Geneva By Alsiano

Meet our principals at Vitafoods 2013 A many of our principals will be exhibiting at Vitafoods. At Palexpo in Geneva you can meet the following:

Over 600 suppliers will display their latest innovations and products to more than 12,500 expected visitors at Vitafoods from 14-16 May. The event is co-located with Finished Products Europe, Europe’s leading functional food and drink and dietary supplement exhibition – this year with more than 175 global exhibitors - enabling visitors to see the full cycle of product innovation from ingredients to display counters. Vitafoods Europe Conference which runs in parallel to the exhibition will tackle some of the industry’s most relevant issues and underline key updates with regulations, ingredient innovation and academic research. Among the subjects this year is a special session dedicated to personalised nutrition which will give insight into breaking science and help manufacturers better understand how to create products in line with this trend. New this year, Insights Hub will feature non-commercial seminars and presentations given by industry associations and research bodies, giving visitors the chance to get insight, expert views and assessments of key market trends and issues. Furthermore, VitaTrend, in association with Innova Market Insights, provides an interactive space in which to discover emerging trends that will impact product development, covering various topics.

Afriplex – stand 16069 With its range of unique products and services derived from Africa’s indigenous plants, Afriplex matches the growing need from international markets for innovative, cost effective, natural products for the nutritional and nutraceutical markets. At Vitafoods, Afriplex will display their Pelargonium extract, among others, which has been used for centuries by the Zulu as a traditional remedy for treatment of upper respiratory tract ailments. Today, the extract is also an ingredient in the wellknown German medicinal remedy called “Umckaloabo”. Furthermore, Afriplex will showcase finished foods, beverages and pharmaceutical products to demonstrate the great potential of their extracts. Grap’Sud – stand 11043 Grap'Sud is specialised in the manufacturing and sales of grape and olive by-products for various industries. A wide range of products is offered: Natural colouring, wine extracts, grape juices, polyphenols from grape or olive, grapeseed extract, anthocyanins and olive/grape poly-phenols. Main brands are exGrape, OLIVEX and OLEOGRAPE. Jost – stand W10 Jost’s FDA registered site manufactures more than 250 mineral salts under cGMP that routinely meet very low levels on Pb, As, Hg and Cd. Jost also produces ultra-pure low Al calcium salts


(< 5 ppm). Jost’s minerals comply with the most restrictive regulations in the food, nutrition, clinical and infant nutrition markets. Furthermore, Jost develops customers’ specifications. Quality, purity, ethics and sustainability are the main strategic drivers. Lesaffre Human Care – stand 16059 Lesaffre Human care, supported by more than 150 years of experience in biotechnology, will display the following products at Vitafoods: • Stable probiotic yeasts (Boulardii and pro GI + clinically tested on IBS ) and Bacteriae (B Subtilis) • Mineral yeasts: Selenium, Chromium, Zinc • Inactive yeasts, Glutathione yeast, Vitamin B yeast, Beta-Glucans At Lesaffre’s stand, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about their health concepts. Pulviver – stand W11 Pulviver is part of the Lodewijckx group. At pan-European level, Lodewijckx SA is making a name for itself as a preferred supplier, working only with top-quality eggs and products. Pulviver is a pioneer in the application of instant powder and has also developed a unique procedure for the drying and agglomeration of powdered (continues on page 4 >>)

Pharma & Healthcare News

No. 17

May 2013


BENEO expands its cooperation with Alsiano Alsiano is new exclusive distributor for BENEO in Sweden. In addition, the cooperation in Denmark has been extended to include BENEO’s ISOMALT and Palatinose™ By Alsiano We are pleased to announce that as from 1 January 2013, Alsiano has been appointed new exclusive distributor for BENEO in Sweden. At the same time, the representation in Denmark has been expanded to also include BENEO’s sweeteners ISOMALT and Palatinose™. This means that Alsiano now represents the following BENEO companies in both Denmark and Sweden: • BENEO-Orafti inulin, oligofructose food & beverage, supplements, nutraceuticals applications • BENEO-Palatinit ISOMALT, PalatinoseTM food & beverage, supplements, nutraceuticals applications • BENEO-Remy rice derivatives and concentrates food & beverage, supplements, nutraceuticals

>> egg albumin, which only very few companies offer. Today, their egg yolks, albumin and whole egg powders enjoy an international reputation and are distributed in over 60 countries worldwide. Seppic – stand 22051 As part of the Seppic group, Seppic-Nutrition fosters innovation in nutraceutical and functional food industries by helping its customers worldwide integrate exclusive active ingredients with demonstrated health benefits (beauty from within, stress, cardiovascular health, digestive health, etc.) into their products.

Alsiano has represented BENEOOrafti and BENEO-Remy in Denmark for many years, and looks forward to also serving the Swedish manufacturers with the excellent BENEO products. At the same time, we are very pleased that our range of sweeteners and functional carbohydrates has been strengthened with BENEO’s ISOMALT and Palatinose™. BENEO – connecting nutrition and health BENEO offers a range of ingredients with nutritional, health and technical benefits derived from natural sources. These ingredients provide food manufacturers routes to develop tasteful products that are nutritionally optimised with less or no sugar or fat, fibre-enriched or gluten- as well as dairy-free and more. And, BENEO takes it further: energy management (see p. 5), digestive, bone and dental health, are concepts where BENEO’s ingredients can play a decisive role. In addition, they improve the taste and texture of food and beverages.

Seppic also provides stevia sweetener, SEPICOAT™ and SEPIFILM™ coating solutions for tablets. Last but not least, a new coating from the SEPI FILM range, specifically designed for nutrition, will be presented at Vitafoods 2013. Vidya Herbs – stand 14030 Vidya Herbs is a leading manufacturer of 100% natural extracts and essential oils from herbs, spices, and botanicals. With access to the world’s rarest herbs and with offices around the world, they are able to provide exceptional quality products and service to customers all over the globe.


The BENEO effect Formed by Orafti, Palatinit and Remy in 2007, BENEO is a 100% subsidiary of the Südzucker Group and has together more than 100 years of experience in developing and producing functional ingredients. It employs approx. 900 people and markets its products in more than 80 countries. Production sites are located in Belgium, Chile, Germany and Italy, whereas its sales offices are in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Brazil, US and Singapore. Through a connected chain of expertise, including the BENEO-Institute and the BENEO-Technology Center, the company supports customers throughout the entire product development process: from new product ideas and concept development, based on consumer insights and market research, through to nutritional science, providing regulatory advice and facilitating the formulation of successful products.

Article 378

Vidya Herbs has 3 manufacturing facilities, one of which is a brand new supercritical CO2-extraction facility. Top products are: Turmeric 95% extract, Saffron 20% Crocin extract, Pomegranate extract 40% punicalagins, Bilberry extract, Coleus Forskohlii extract and Green Coffee extract. Article 383


Pharma & Healthcare News

No. 17

May 2013


PalatinoseTM - modern energy management The functional low glycaemic carbohydrate enables manufacturers to offer beverages, energy bars and other health products with a prolonged glucose supply By Beneo


PalatinoseTM allows and optimises the development of functional drinks, sports drinks, energy bars, etc. thanks to its nutritional and technological benefits. PalatinoseTM (isomaltulose) is the only functional carbohydrate which is fully and yet slowly digestible, providing the full carbohydrate energy over a longer period of time in the form of glucose. Glucose is provided in a more balanced way without peaks and troughs. A new approach to energy management PalatinoseTM provides a sustained glucose release. It is hydrolised and absorbed 4-5 times more slowly than sucrose due to the stronger binding

of its glucose and fructose component. In this way, it supplies glucose as fuel for body and brain when the digestion and absorption of sucrose or pure glucose has long been finished. For muscles and brain, this means a constant stream of glucose over a longer period of time compared to quickly absorbed carbohydrates. Furthermore, specific release profiles can be achieved by combining PalatinoseTM with other carbohydrates. The next generation sugar PalatinoseTM is slowly but fully digested and is absorbed in the small intestine providing the same calories as most other sugars (4 kcal/g). After absorption, glucose and fructose from PalatinoseTM are metabolised following the same classical routes as glucose and fructose from sucrose. As PalatinoseTM cleavage and absorption is slow but complete, the gastrointestinal tolerance of PalatinoseTM is the same as with sucrose. The physiological benefits of PalatinoseTM have been proven in various scientific studies. Additionally, its tooth-friendly and low glycaemic

Technical properties of PalatinoseTM • • • • • •

Non hygroscopic Very pH stable in solution Mild sweetness Taste profile like sucrose Good solubility Stable osmolarity


PalatinoseTM is perfectly suitable for: • • • • •

Beverages Sports nutrition Cereal and energy bars Instant beverages Clinical and special nutrition

characteristics (GI of 32) have been positively evaluated by EFSA as health claim. Applications PalatinoseTM allows and optimises the development of wellness and functional drinks – both instant formulas and ready-to-drink beverages. But also sports nutrition aiming at extending and completing their approach from “fast and instantaneously available” to “slow release” carbohydrates can benefit from this ingredient. PalatinoseTM can also with great advantage be applied in, for instance, new energy and cereal bars and can be used in clinical and special nutrition. Article 384

Pharma & Healthcare News

No. 17

May 2013


Blanver - new supplier of excipients Blanver offers microcrystalline cellulose and a wide range of other excipients where high uniformity and consistency are core competences By Alsiano We are pleased to announce that Alsiano has entered into an agreement to represent Blanver, Brazilian manufacturer of excipients, in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The company is particularly strong on microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) sold under the brand name Microcel®. Blanver’s products are renowned for consistent performance and high uniformity. Microcel® MCC Microcel® MCC is the preferred excipient for use in tablets, capsules, granules, pellets, spheres, and adsorption of drugs for solid dosage formulations.

As a result of its many characteristics, Microcel® is able to function in many different applications. Blanver offers the following grades of MCC: • Microcel® 101 • Microcel® 102 • Microcel® 12 • Microcel® 200 Consistent performance and specifications Blanver carries out unique performance-related tests on each and every lot. This guarantees the performance of all lots delivered. Furthermore, their long experience in manufactur-

ing excipients guarantees high uniformity and consistency. Highly consistent material is owed to strict in-process control during its manufacturing and execution of final quality control tests before release. Regulations and standards All Blanver’s products are manufactured in accordance with the international Good Manufacturing Practises and comply with the most used compendia such as: • USP/NF • Ph Eur. • JO

Article 385







Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC)

Sodium starch glycolate

Croscarmellose sodium

Co-processed MCC + CMC

Co-processed MCC + guar gum

Effervescent co-processed

Compression and compaction agent

Disintegrant and dissolution aid

Super disintegrant and dissolution accelerator

Suspension and tixotropy agent, thickener and stabiliser

Compressibility and mouthfeel enhancer

Effervescent base


Pharma & Healthcare News

No. 17


May 2013


Anthocyanin-rich foods may reduce the risk of myocardial infarction The possible benefits of anthocyanins on the cardiovascular system are well known. Now, a new study also shows a positive impact on the risk of myocardial infarction By Epo Srl HEART HEALTH - According to a new study1 published in Circulation, Journal of American Heart Association, combined intake of two anthocyanin rich foods such as blueberries and strawberries, tended to be associated with a decreased risk of myocardial infarction (MI), commonly known as heart attack. Anthocyanins are a subgroup of dietary flavonoids, namely polyphenolic compounds responsible for the blue-purple-red colour in higher plants. The study examined the data collected during 18 years of follow-up on 93,600 women (aged 25 to 42) of the Nursesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Health Study (NHS) II, healthy at baseline (1989), in order to assess the relationship between flavonoid intake and MI risk. The questionnaires about flavonoid intake and frequency were collected every 4 years. During this period, 405 cases of MI were recorded. The authors observed that the women with the

Extractive processing harmonising with nature EPO, Italy, manufactures a wide range of plant extracts. All the extractive processes (both dynamic and static), concentration and drying (by atomisation or by traditional methods) used by EPO are set up and optimised in such a way as to fully respect the integrity of the phytocomplex. EPO's entire production cycle is validated and characterised by the use of the most modern technology available, to ensure a minimum impact on the environment. EPO is UNI EN 9001-2008 certified.

highest intake of blueberries and strawberries (at least 3 servings a week) had a 32% reduced risk of suffering a heart attack compared to women who ate a diet rich in other fruits and vegetables. On the basis of the finding in the study, the authors concluded that a high intake of anthocyanins may reduce the risk of MI in young women. However, interventional trials are needed to further examine the relationship between the increasing intake of anthocyanins rich foods and MI. Bilberry extract standardised on anthocyanins EPO offers a wide range of bilberry dry powdered extracts, non-standardised (E/D=1/4) and standardised with an anthocyanins content of 1.0% or 4.0%. Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) has a long history of medicinal use in Europe, especially in the treatment of diarrhoea, thanks to its astringent properties. More recently, research has focused on the strong antioxidant properties of the main bilberry constituents, the anthocyanosides, and on their possible benefit on the cardiovascular system and on metabolic disorders: the anthocyanins inhibit platelet aggregation, improve microcirculation and reduce hyperglycemia2. The long use of bilberry as a food suggests evidence of its safety: in fact bilberry consumption is regarded as very safe2.


Berries rich in anthocyanin The genus Vaccinium, belonging to the Ericaceae family, is one of the richest in anthocyanins; it includes many species of edible fruits, such as blueberry, cranberry, bilberry and lingonberry.

Bilberry vs blueberry Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) is a wild plant growing in Central and Northern Europe and differs from blueberry (Vaccinium corymbusum), today a cultivated hybrid. Bilberry differs from blueberry in the colour of the internal part of the fruit: both have a blue-purple skin, but the meat is blue-purple in bilberries, while it is white-greenish in blueberries. References: Cassidy A et al. High anthocyanin intake is associated with a reduced risk of myocardial infarction in young and middleaged woman. Circulation, 2013 Jan 15; 127(2):188-96


Anonymous Vaccinium myrtillus (Bilberry) Monograph. Altern Med Rev, 2001;6(5):500-4 Article 386


Pharma & Healthcare News

No. 17

May 2013


Bestsellers from Vidya Herbs Right now, cocoa, pomegranate and green coffee bean are hot extracts, each with their own strong record of health enhancing properties By Vidya Herbs Vidya Herbs offers a wide range of high quality extracts produced both conventionally and by the gentle and environmental-friendly supercritical CO2-extraction method. At the moment, particularly cocoa, pomegranate and green coffee bean extract are hot with many application possibilities - e.g. beverages, dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.

Researchers at the University of L´Aquila in Italy published findings last September that suggest cognitive function in the elderly improved by ingesting high levels of flavanols found in cocoa (90 individuals with mild cognitive impairment), American Association journal Hypertension, September 2012;60 (3):794801. Pomegranate extract 40% ellagic acid

Pomegranate contains a high content of punicalagins which play a key role in the antioxidant activity. Punicalagins are also known to break down into smaller polyphenols such as ellagic acid and provide plenty of health benefits as well. As with other polyphenol antioxidants, ellagic acid has properties reducing oxidative stress. Its rich dietary content may help benefit heart health, blood pressure, cognitive function, diabetes and much more. Cocoa bean - new study on cognitive health

Cocoa bean extract 10% theobromine/20 % polyphenols

Cocoa is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Multiple scientific studies show that consumption of cocoa is beneficial for cardiovascular health, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. Containing a high level of flavanols, a class of polyphenols with high antioxidant properties, cocoa may help reduce the risk of heart disease and protect against damaging free radicals. Cocoa extract may also help raise levels of HDL – good cholesterol – which is known to reduce risk of heart disease. Diets rich in flavanols help protect against blood vessel damage in people with diabetes. Further, cocoa is one of the few ingredients to have all types of antioxidants (water and fat soluble) important for human health.

A study presented at American Urology Association’s annual meeting in 2009 showed that men treated for localised prostate cancer could benefit from pomegranate juice consumption (48 participants over six years), Patrick, A et. Al. J. Urol. Suppl. 2009, 181,4, abstract 826. Pomegranate - newer study on prostate health

Green coffee bean - for slimming

Green coffee bean extract 50% chlorogenic acid

Green coffee beans have high antioxidant properties and include polyphenols which help reduce free oxygen radicals in the body. It also contains chlorogenic acid, a compound that has beneficial properties that absorb free oxygen radicals and help prevent degradation of cells in the body. Studies show that chlorogenic acid from green coffee bean extract may help reduce blood pressure and aid in weight loss1. Other studies show that higher levels of total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol are present in people drinking coffee. Low levels of HDL cholesterol are associated with the risk of atherosclerosis. Green coffee extract with its nutritional properties may help reduce the risk of atherosclerosis by increasing high density lipoprotein cholesterol. All the mentioned extracts are certified as kosher and GMO free. Article 387 References Dellalibera, Lamaire & Lafay: Placebocontrolled study of coffee bean extract, Phytoterapie , Oct. 2006



Pharma & Healthcare News

No. 17

May 2013


Research identifies diabetes fighter - balancing blood sugar The herb Rooibos is found to have the ability to lower blood glucose levels By Donnie Malherbe, Technical Director, Afriplex New evidence of the anti-diabetic potential of Rooibos has emerged from a study conducted jointly at the Diabetes Discovery Platform of South Africa’s Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Agricultural Research Council’s (ARC) Infruitec-Nietvoorbij Institute. Afriplex has over the years developed a green rooibos extract for use in natural remedies – a drug master file is under development.

Rooibos extract could achieve a glucose lowering effect comparable to known diabetic drugs. “Our work confirms that the constituents present in Rooibos could prove beneficial in the fight against diabetes,” says Doctor Johan Louw of the MRC, who led the study.

Researchers have found that an aspalathin-enriched extract of green Rooibos is able to lower raised glucose levels in the blood of diabetic rats. Aspalathin is a unique antioxidant, found in nature only in the Rooibos plant (Aspalathus linearis). When combined with rutin, another key compound in Rooibos tea, the glucose-lowering action was further enhanced.

Prof. Lizette Joubert of the ARC, who collaborated on this project states: “Our Rooibos research to date focused mostly on the antioxidant activity of Rooibos, but this evidence of its ability to lower blood glucose levels opens up new and exciting possibilities for this unique South African herb,” Prof. Lizette Joubert continues: “We now need to dig deeper to determine the optimal combination and ratio of the active compounds such as aspalathin and rutin in controlling blood glucose levels, and also to understand the exact mechanisms involved.”

Working with diabetic rats, the researchers were able to show that the

Follow-up studies indicated that other compounds are also important.


Green Rooibos The unfermented Green Rooibos is developed to maximise antioxidant levels. The Rooibos is collected from the mountain sides in small batches and taken directly to the drying facilities, thereby “freezing” any enzymatic action in the plant prior to drying and thus ensuring that no fermentation and subsequent loss of antioxidant value can occur.

This Rooibos and diabetes study was funded jointly by the National Research Foundation of South Africa, the Medical Research Council and the Agricultural Research Council, with contributions to post-doctoral fellowships from the Department of Science and Technology. Prof. Stephen Fey from the University of Southern Denmark also collaborated on the study. The study has been published online in the Journal of Phytomedicine, on 19 October 2012. Article 388

Pharma & Healthcare News

No. 17

May 2013


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Pharmaceuticals - cosmetics health & nutrition

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Danish Deputy Prime Minister Margrethe Vestager visited Alsiano in Birkerød Danish government has launched a series of growth initiatives aimed at helping businesses grow and create jobs On 29 April, Margrethe Vestager, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior and Economic Affairs, visited the ProviNord group to which Alsiano belongs. The owner of the group, Erik Bang Christensen, had invited her for a discussion, promising to create new jobs provided the climate for business is improved further. The management and directors of Alsiano, Alsiano’s subsidiary Kryta A/S as well as Alsiano’s sister company

Grathwol, presented the Minister with a number of cases in which the authorities had made some unreasonable rulings, where several ministries came to different conclusions, costing a lot of time and money, thereby hindering growth. Businesses of the size of Alsiano, Kryta and Grathwol need the authorities as efficient and rational partners to maintain international competitive advantage.


The Minister promised to look at these cases and consider possible improvements in the authorities’ handling of such cases.

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